Off we go for a fun day out

Off we go for a fun day out

zeb and I have decided that we could all do with a day out to take our minds off our aches and pains. So.... tomorrow we are planning a trip to the Zoo. Please feel free to come and join us, we are planning a picnic on a bring and share basis, so let us know what you are bringing please, and also it would be lovely to know which of the animals you would most like to see.

We plan to leave here at about 10.30 so we don't have to rush to get ready , so do please join us, there are no limits on numbers, so all of you are very very welcome to join us,

look forward to seeing you tomorrow ( Thursday ) :-) :-)

Foggy x

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  • which zoo??? x

  • Ah ha pondminstrel, it's you will have to check in in the morning........ :-) :-) :-)

  • As we speak Zeb is gathering her fluffies together to bring along to keep us comfy, I have my doubts though, those fluffies have been known to get up to some tricks and pranks, so I hope she has them all on tight reins, so they don't run never know...... ....

    See you all in the morning with your goodies for the picnic and I will make sure the sun is shining on us........onwards and upwards as they say :D :D

    Foggy x

  • Yay zoo here we come x

  • Sooo pleased you're joining us chell, it's going to be fun :-) :-)


  • Aww,that sounds great! :),I really can't wait.Iam planning to go to a Pilates class around that time,that's if I can pull myself out of fibro flare hibernation lol.So will have to join you when I get back.I can't wait to see all the animals and iam so excited that zeb is bringing her fluffies :)

  • Awwwwwwww you can be with us in spirit haribo, and when you've finished Pilates you can join us. :-) :-)

    Foggy x

  • Thank you so much,please save me some food.What shall I bring?How about some lovely cakes,we shall need the sugar to keep us going.I can bring some marshmallows for the fluffies?:D

  • hurray we all going to the zoo today!

    We can see the hephalumps and the kangaroos

    were all going to the zoo

    How about you?

    I would like to see the owls and hear the fluffie howl (Oh No) it was only cause it rhymed sort of.

    To feed the monkeys is a must then the sea lions ,

    I am ready all ready It is only eight but I will wait till 10,00

    Zeb you will want the zebras No

    Foggy whats your favourite ?

    I am bouncing up and down - I shall dash and make my wonderful chocolate surprise there is just time.

    Who has got the lemonade?

  • I wll bring the lemonade :)

  • Thanks chell, that will be great,, I've ginger beer and homemade elderflower cordial and sparkling water, so we can pretend its champagne :-)

  • That sounds like a fantastic plan x

  • Sorry chaps a tad overslept as I didn't get off till nearly 5.00, the coach doesn't leave until a bit later so make yourselves comfy, cups of coffee, tea, hot choccy or whatever you like are provided, on the house of course. Make sure you've got your cameras........ especially you pip !! I've just got to dash and make final arrangements and will be back before you know it.

    Sings .... "We're all off to the zoo toda-ay....etc " :D :D :D

    Foggy x

  • Hurray here we go here we go

    Oh will there be otters pronounced hotters I just luv them

  • Can you lead the singing gins, on the coach, to get everyone going.......then perhaps I could persuade Gareth Malone to come along and we could be the next big thing since he Military Wife's, .......Fibromites Unison........

  • I'll have a go foggy clears throat - Okay every one are you ready for a sing song- Were all going to the Zoo Today (better than tomorrow) Oh do sing up you lot that was a bit .............

  • Was that you Chellshock? no who was it?

  • Im bein good not me

  • Haribo sing up oh you dont sing you will by the end of today

  • Haribo sing up oh you dont sing you will by the end of today

  • Gins wants me to do a role call..... Hhuumm... (Clears throat)

    Pew, Pew, Barley, Magrew, Cuthbert, Dibble and ??? They're not here???? Right, gins, gins, zeb, and chell, haribo, foggy and pip.........where's pip??? Anyone seen her.....can't go without our professional photographer.......hang on, suck on a sucky sweet I'll be back in a flash *¥*^>*

  • that was fine foggy pass the sweets out are they jelly babies I like to eat them head first how about you?

  • Ooh yes definitely!but when I was a kid I used to feel bad when I ate the poor jelly babies head,hehe :O

  • I like the boy jelly babies :P there's not that much difference - but there's that much more jelly :)

  • Didn't realise that there were boys and girl ones?chuckles :D

  • Sounds like it will be "Fibromites Unsung " at this rate........

  • "We're off to the zoo zoo zoo how about you you you?"sings in a croaky small voice.Sorry about the rubbish singing,we need a professional :)

  • Gareth Malone is meeting us later hoorah :-). ( foggy thinks Mr Maloney is a bit of a dish ;-) ;-) )

  • Has foggy come back yet?anyone for a lovely cake?who has a flask of tea?iam gasping :P

  • green tea with cherry blossom alright for you ? :)

  • Aww,your back zeb,Gins said you went swimming with the fluffies,how was it :D I've never tried green tea but is it supposed to be good for you?x

  • I would like to see the monkeys,they are so cheeky and mischievous,oh damn,forgot to bring the monkey nuts :(

  • Whoops I'm going to have to sign off for a minute or two ......we're having a huge thunderstorm here and I must unplug my modem.....carry on I will be back....sorry :-(

    Foggy x

  • I was about to say are we nearly there but we better have a loo stop till foggy is back with us. I could do with a Pee!

  • I'm here. I fell down between the coach seats so you couldn't see me Foggy. Have managed to extricate myself.

    I have brought some flasks of coffee and some curly wurlys to eat as we walk around.

    My camera is at the ready. I have spare memory cards and batteries as I would expect to take a few thousand pics, mostly in trying to get that one cute shot of the meerkats. Also, getting up close and personal to the giraffes will be amazing! I know it's obvious, but how tall are they!!!

    Pip xx

  • morning Pip so glad you brought the drinks I was just given a bottle of cherry brandy think we will save it for way home :D

  • So nice to see you pip,did you bring any tea as well?:)

  • Yep. I've got flasks of hot water with tea bags, milk and sugar in separate tubs so you can make it as strong, weak or as milky as you like :)

    Soft drinks available for those who don't like hot drinks too (like my weirdo OH) ;)


  • Thanks pip,I was hanging out for half an hour now for a cuppa,iam tea mad.Only caffeine free though and stevia sweetener,hehe,just to be awkward :D

  • Ah, thankfully (in this virtual trip) I have caffeine free bags too :) I'll get you a nice cup of tea. Someone must have some nice cake to go with that hopefully xx

  • Yes pip,I've got some lovely cupcakes and I think someone has got some scones :)

  • Foggy's just made a dash to the shop to get more jellies, so if anyone needs to 'spend a penny' now's your chance. The rest of us could always have a sing song while we're waiting.

    At ideas..? xx

  • "Polly put the kettle on,Polly put the kettle on,we'll all have tea".Has ANYONE got any tea?iam gasping :P

  • On its way :) xx

  • Are we nearly there yet? Surprise! Zosie hid in the baggage hold and been secretly recording your singing in case mr Malone doesn't show (sorry foggy!) we can send him the tape. I would suggest you all make some novelty outfits for the video...perhaps out of sweet wrappers? :)

  • Hey Zosie. Are you still in the baggage hold? We've arrived and are making our way around the zoo ;) Come out, come out, wherever you are ;)

  • just packing my picnic now

  • welcome to the fracass

  • thank u iv picked my warm socks with a selection of cakes and sandwiches oh and my favorite sald cream u either love it or hate it

  • Ooh, anything nice to go with coffee and tea packed in there :) xx

  • frech cream for coffee

  • Now you're talking :)

  • only way to have a good coffee

  • Hmm,now let me about a lovely dress made out of the curly Wurly wrappers?:D

  • ...or a nice jacket :) xx

  • I recall singing the quartermasters store? I also recall the verses used to be made relevant to people on the coach and be rather rude.

    There was Foggy... Foggy

    She's ill and feeling groggy...

    Hey, I could have made that much worse you know ;) xx


  • Form a queue you know one behind each other everyone grab a bag we are off....through the gate lets go by the lions ok follow me

  • Can I just take a quick photo of the lions..?


  • Take lots pip especially that big one who keeps pacing up and down - oops i think he is marking his territory hehehehe what a sight ! Watch out girls dont get caught

  • That just missed me, but got a great photo :)

  • iv brought some cca cola with me and some ice cubes

  • Keep the ice cubes away from Foggy! She can't be trusted and will be up to endless mischief with them :) xx

  • I was thinking the same myself with the ice cubes,hehe :D

  • That's a few of you to watch out for then ;) Be vigilant everyone who doesn't want an ice cube down the back. Mind you, I could some great photos of anyone who does - we could call it the icy zoo dance xx

  • dont worry brought my big cat george with me he abig cat problem is hes a fluffy pillow so il watch the ice cubes i guess george too soft to protect his own food

  • He'll have had a bit of a shock seeing the lions just now I imagine ;)

  • he scared of the kittens weve got at home they only day old lol

  • Awwww

  • mind u he is eating my grated cheese at the moment

  • O.k gins,slurps away at 5th cup of tea and 3rd curlywurly :D

  • youre going to need the loo again!

  • Oops,sorry,didn't think of that gin :O

  • Eat some cake to soak it up :)

  • Zeb,did you bring the fluffies?:D

  • the fluffie had to go swimming with Zeb they will join us soon

  • no no swimming bad for fluffies, gins :o

  • The RAFF (royal air fluffie force) has just dropped me off :D

  • Any one seen an Icecream van I would love a 99 yummy yummy ooh

  • Where next?cant wait to see the monkeys and the meerkats :)

  • I think they're getting closer. I can hear the "ah ah ah oo oo oo" sounds. On no sorry Haribo. That's you needing the toilet ;)

  • fluffie cushion pip? xx

  • Well I won't say no :) xx

  • round this corner monkeys apes looks like little and large look that Gorilla is beckoning us over go on Pip you first

  • OMG he made me jump when he banged on the enclosure window then. Nearly dropped my camera xx

  • thinkmy black forest gateau gone through me need the loo now

  • Me too oryan,I didn't know that a gateau could make you wanna pee?:D

  • not a pee it time for u too clear the area people i might explode

  • Oh I see :O...chuckles :D mines the other end of the scale :(

  • There's the ice cream man! Who's been good? You get a flake...who has been naughty? Foggy and those ice cubes!

  • Meeeee please dont know if Ive been good but hey you have to have a go at life dont you

  • iv been goodish

  • Can I have a large 99 with extra ice cream and two flakes. All this photography is making me hungry and I can't find the curly wurlys (Haribo, I'm looking in your direction!) ;)

  • Not me,I've scoffed all the curly wurlys and drank all the tea :O

  • So it was you! You won't be wanting any lunch at this rate. I now really want a curly wurly :(

  • Sorry pip,what can I say?:D I have a very sweet tooth and coccyx addiction :P

  • I meant choccy addiction!damn iPad keeps changing words!

  • Oo-er, just as well you said ;)

  • ooohh blushes Oh well you knew what I meant

  • You all get flakes, my treat!

  • Yum. Might have a coffee to go with that too, if there's time before we move on to the meerkats.

  • well done thanks Zosie I luv coccy

  • Aww thank you! I must say it's my first virtual trip and iam thoroughly enjoying myself and I actually feel loads better.I thank virtual trips should be prescribed to everyone!:)

  • glad you like it come on lets go find the dolphins I think they do a show at 12,00

  • Haribo, Gins and Oryan, you should all sit near the front... of course the dolphins don't splash ;)

  • I could do with cooling off hahahah

  • Ooh,that sounds lovely.Would love to swim with dolphins :)

  • Has zeb returned back from her swim with the fluffies?Iam a bit worried now :O hope she hasn't got carried away by the storm :(

  • Sounds rough down there, but sure Zeb and Foggy will be with us soon :)

  • I'm going to put in an early request that we allow enough time to go to the gift shop, it's my favourite bit!! I want a rubber animal and one of those bendy rulers. Pip, you might find a curly whirly there too x

  • Good idea Zosie. I might be able to get a Feast too :) yum!

  • Not unless I get there first :P

  • Pip did you remember to bring your under water camera? Good, go n then, hop in the tank and take some good ones!!

  • The zoo keeper said I wasn't allowed after what happened last time. Poor Donny the Dolphin never recovered :(

  • The dolphins were marvellous and I did not get wet (sticks tongue out at Foggie and PIP)

    Can we see the snakes and the bats now it says they got fruit bats I thought we were fruit bats chuckles off leaving wet sploshy marks

  • Or we can ask zeb seeing as she is already in there swimming with the fluffies? :D

  • Snakes were great. That big one that got into a tussle with Haribo over that last curly wurly she'd hidden was sooooooo funny ;)

  • That mite have been funny for you but it was an ordeal for me you know :O

  • I think we should put together a photo album of our trip?what does everyone else think?:D

  • absolute must! Hey I wonder how we woke the bats there not supposed to be awake I reckon it was the smell of the curly wurirlies You have still got some havent you! (Points a finger at haribo )_ Have you got one?

  • Cowers away in the corner shaking :O

  • Yep and don't worry, I did capture the snake episode!

  • We've had a lot if sugar but not much else. Shall we go to the cafe for jacket potatoes and tea?

  • Good idea we can let Zeb know where we are after you!

  • I might grab a burger and some fries. I've built up quite an appetite :)

  • Who is still with us have we lost anyone Chell are you there? Can everyone say Aye!

  • Mmmm,lots of sugar and carbs.We will all be sleeping on the way home!No singing I guess :D

  • wish they had sharks here but with all the human rights guess not fair tease them witgh fresh meat and i love sharks

  • If you keep eating sweets you'll be grouchy on the way home, in which case I'll sit in the baggage hold again! Where did chell go? I hope the lions didn't get her!

  • I've found this giraffe - please may I keep it?

    I've brought my famous cucumber sandwiches :P

  • Luve your sarnies now the giraffe we could ress him up as one of us and smuggle him into the coach - right I will give you my scarf and Hat and welly boots ayone got a skirt?

  • This is turning out to be a fun day out, just what was needed. Can someone pass me a sweet coffee please :) x

  • sharks I think there are baby ones in the Aquarium but they look cute like the sea horses.

  • oh coooooeeeeeee Puffs Foggy, wait for me, sorry got caught in a thunderstorm........puff puffff........... Right, where are you all now ????

  • nice to have you back we havent managed to find the meerkats shall we all go there

  • It's horrible weather here,raining like mad :(

  • Righto, have we all finished lunch? What's left to see?

  • I've got a pashmina.

  • ugh lucky you Oh for the giraffe brilliant I reckon we can hide him lets see the meerkats first

  • Can we go see the meerkats now? Sooooooo cute :)

  • Yes I also want to see the meerkats,they are so funny :D

  • Have we been to see the big cats the tigers....always wanted to show zeb the tigers ;-)

  • We met the Lions but no tigers or leopards so after those Meerkats Ok

  • Got lost had to finish ironing plus it take all my time trying catchup ith u all on here I have to eep leaving the post to renew the next answer lol or ami dong something wrong, have you seen the elephants yet or the white tigers...Dee x

  • we are off to the leopards and tigers next :D

  • Righty Ho!

    I'm back but it looks like you all enjoyed without me :( sob sob

    Too late with the fluffie cushions too so sorry guys! :o


  • Brilliant to see you we are off to the tigers this way :P

  • and I missed lunch :(

    I may as well stand in front of a heffalump and get squished :(

    ;) :p

  • Still plenty to see. The meerkats are putting on a good show turning their heads this way and that in time with each other. I'm happily clicking away madly here ;) xx

  • Did you enjoy your swim with the fluffies?:D

  • Methinks I'm off again more thunder just started.....sorry chaos enjoy...".before I go I'll start another thread so it doesn't take so long to load, I will call it At The Zoo part 2.......

    Yours somewhat Foggy the Frightened x

  • We mite need some coudle couches for the journey home zeb as I don't know about everyone else but iam shattered :(

  • Too much of a sugar rush has made me tired...sobs :( can I have a rest somewhere? :O

  • Can we all go to Foggy's new post. This is taking an age to load for me, so I can't join in :( xx

  • im not feeling to good gona have have a rest whole body ina gony may get some cocodamol as cant take fibro meds till tonight

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