Hi i keep seeing alot of people are leaving and still worrying about the awful things that were being blogged on the weekend but come on guys it happened it has been dealt with it was awful too and hope we never se that sort of thing on here again they were wicked words that were being said and not deserved but it is thursday tomorrow so lets all start afresh and put it all behind us and hope that we can get back to how we were before all that upset

solets all be happy happy happy and be ther for each other as we always have been love to you all my special fibro friend s diddle xxxxxx

p.s i have not written this to be cruel or have i written this directly at ny member in particular i have written it for all of us including myself to start thursday as another day a fresh new startfor the forum lets not mention or talk about the weekend anymore

love diddle xxxx

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  • :) hugs diddle xxx

  • Thanks for posting that diddle - lovely post :)

  • Thankyou x jus hope no one is upset by it i hope not love diddle x

  • Thankyou bless ya xxxx love diddle x

  • Yes I agree, well said Diddle, let's move on and get back to being the lovely forum we all know and love! Here's to the future! :) :)

  • Yes lets raise our glasses tothe future lol love diddle x

  • Thanks diddle for your very kind words they are truth so here's to. Thursday take care xxsue

  • well put diddle, hugs, xxx

  • lvly post diddle xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • well said diddle petal

  • water lol i am teetotal love diddle x

  • Right there with you all on this one,a good day yesterday at fm meet up and today off to my daughter's school sports day and can't wait to see her ,big smile on my face and I hope it shines on you all xx

  • Hi Diddle

    That was a lovely what you wrote and no it didnt offend.

    Guess what its Thursday!!!!!! lol

    Jo xx

  • Lovely post Diddle,just what the Doctor ordered!!! xxx

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