Again mouth is in a mess

Well that's 4 times in the last 8m Ive had oral thrush, the pharmacist says its not normal. Its extremely painful & the inside of my mouth is covered in tiny wee ulcers, I can't get Dr appointment so all I can do is drink loads of water & apply bonjela every 3 hours. I don't know how much longer I can take this, can't eat having to drink my tea through a straw, anyone else had this issue.

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  • Hi that's so painful, I had to have antibiotics/antifungals last year which cleared it up, have you got a good pharmacist maybe he can recommend something until you see your Dr, take care

  • Hi I also suffer from a sore mouth and on my tongue

    It keeps recurring anyone know why!!

  • I get it because of my crohns disease but also it also happens when you have antibiotics or if you have an inhaler for astma ,its best to use a spacer device for your inhaler if you use one an also rinse your mouth after use,its a horrible thing people don't always realise how painfull it is I like a lot of cold drinks etc,you would think you could buy nystatin over the counter

  • I get thrush in my mouth a lot also but the doc says its my crohns disease,the prescribe a liquid medicine called nyststin,they give it to babies fr oral thrush but I don't think you can get it over the counter unfortunately :o( I don't know what else to suggest except obviously avoid hot foods an drinks and anything spicey or salty,oh iv just remembered live natural yogurt helps a bit the kind of keep it in my mouth for a few mins when I eat it ,it might give you some relief till you can maybe see s doc,I know its really painfully I feel for you x

  • Are you using any artificial sweeteners?? As I have the same problem if I take artificial sweeteners believe it or not and yes extremely painful!

  • I have actually been naughty & ate to much sweet stuff but I do use sweetner in mu coffee & breakfast so trying to cut it out I read somewhere it thins your gums

  • Hi dizzylynn

    I had exactly the same problem a couple of weeks back.

    Tongue swollen,and sore and ulcerated.Very painful and all I could seem to manage were cup a soups and ice lollies.Not a very balanced diet,but thats all I could get down me.

    Rang docs and she said she was not surprised as I had just finished taking antibiotics for an infection,and had taken them for 3 weeks.She prescribed a drug called nyastatin I think thats what it was called.Awkward to apply but very effective.Within a couple of days I was soon on the mend and able to expand my food selection to solid proper food.

    Hope you feel better soon its really miserable especially on top of all the other pains we have to deal with.

    Take care.



  • I got Daktarin from the pharmacist its meant to be better than bonjela

  • Glad your chemist helped you 😃

  • It seems to have helped already, as long as I don't eat fruit or toast, oh & drink my tea through a straw lol, kids keep laughing at me. I feel fairly run down so maybe its all connected

  • Hi dizzylynn,

    I get oral thrush from anything that is sugar coated or sprinkled with sugar and cheese (I am ok if it is melted and hidden in potato etc but I cannot eat cheese straight from a block.) i have drastically reduced my sugar intake and eat cheese on rare occasions. I even find biscuits can be a problem too. Hope this helps and hope you get relief soon.

    Lottie x

  • I kept getting oral thrush, had 3 lots of flucanozole it came back again and again. Found that thrush feeds on sugar and yeast products. So I starved the thrush and took to having natural Greek yoghurt few teaspoon morning and evening. The thrush cleared up. I still have the yogurt because it has helped to keep bloating to a minimum and not had thrush since and I can have bread and sugar.

  • I eat Greek yoghurt every day, but I put either honey, sweetner, or raspberry syrup in it, trying to force myself to eat it plain.

  • I find a mouthwash/gargle of diluted vinegar usually clears it up pretty quickly. Cider vinegar is probably the most potable, or wine vinegar, but any sort will do the job. It can be a bit stingy but if you can bear the taste and manage not to rinse your mouth out too quickly it will hopefully help you get rid of it.

  • I am a weirdo, I cant gargle I choke, think its sommit to do with the ocd never been able to.

  • Been to see gp nurse. She read my records & examined my mouth, I have very mild thrush but something else is causing the ulcerations, she highly suspects I have a weak immune system which comes with having fibro.

  • I think having different medicines have made my tongue get worse. I can't eat anything at the moment. Hope it clears up.

    Ann Marie

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