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Maybe we should make it a reality folks

Well my comp is not playing fair i am not able to comment on post, so just thought why not do a blog.

If it comes to it we will all just have to go to job centre tell them we are told were fit for work, so you demand they fine you a job, taking into account that can't sit or stand for long periods will need an area to rest regular as fatigue is an issue, and also cannot write at all and only use comp for roughly 10 min at a time so what do you wrecken folks perhaps the reality of what they want us to do will hit home then, esp if we can't promise to be in every day xx

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sounds like a brilliant idea to me! ive just gone back to work after 4 weeks off sick due to my fibro and not one tiny ounce of consideration was given to me until it was to late and my back had gone into a horrific spasm. quite possibly the worst night of my life!


sorry to hear that hugs xx


It would be amazing if this really did happen Tess, can you imagine the wall of silence we would be met with and all the panic - there isn't a job listed that would cater for all our symptoms, not being able to stand for long, not being able to sit for long, not being able to function until the afternoon, having to take regular meds at certain times, needing rest periods often, short hours, plenty of days off to recover and days off sick, regular toilet breaks, oh and we mustn't forget those "foggy" days where we can't remember anything other than our own names! It would be interesting to see what the Job Centre came up with for thousands of us lol! ;)


it would be so cool especially if we all did it on the same day in our own areas lol, they would not have a clue what to do, at that point 'HELLO WELCOME TO OUR WORLD' As julie has pointed out we would all like to be able to work, its certainly a lonely world when fibro is debilating, more inportantly why would we lie about this condition which has no sence or logic to it, hugs x


That is such a good idea. Over the months I have been reading the blogs on here and wondering how some of you are deemed capable of work. What could/would they do if you all did put these things down on job aplications? Realistically could they pull the plug on any monies you were recieving as they considered you were making yourself unemployable? But I know this is reality for most if not all of us. Even those of us lucky enough to still be able to hold down a job, it does impact on how we perform. Some does better than others!! XX


Well that is pretty much what I'm going to say. I'd really love to be able to go to work every day and hold down a job with good performance and attendance; because to do all that I'd have to be so much improved from my current situation that it would be wonderful.

But for now I need to go in for the odd hour when I can manage it, arrive and leave by taxi as there is no way I can trust myself to drive let alone walk to the bus stop, I need to have regular rest breaks where I can put my feet up in a darkened room. I can't sit for too long so need to be free to move around the room and have a quick wriggle, I need to be close to the toilets. I can't pronise accuracy in my work and the old brain fog will mean that sometimes I will not have a clue as to what on earth I am going there. Also I'll need someone keeping an eye on me so that if I go into one of my "states of altered conciousness" I don't fall on the floor and hurt myself.

Obviously such a job, at a living wage, is readily vailable ....... in Neverneverland!

Julie xx


i go to the job centre every fortnight to sigh on iv been told i can work 16 hours a week if i didt get dla it would have to be at least 24 iv always worked in retail so i have said if you can find me a job i can do i would happily do it i send of my cv like they tell me to do but most of the time do not get a reply so go do people maybe then someone will take note xx


ihave also worked in retail for 20 years plus. i have been off sick for almost seven months initially i went offsickwith oteoarthritis and i got my dianosis forfi bro last week.

ithink am going to loos my job within a month andi have nly been entitldto ssp

whilei have been off and only a week ago did iget my DLA. ii know noretaler would

employ me with my condition. feel for us all



Hi Tess, did you know that Job Center Staff across the country are currently striking because of 'impossible and inhumane' targets that they are being set by the DWP. The staff are given targets to kick a certain percentage of people off of JSA every week!

The JS staff are just as disgusted with the situation as we are - they risk losing their jobs if they don't meet their targets which means them cutting benefits for vulnerable people. I wouldn't like to be in their position either!

Christine x