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think we should post a Christmas Day photo of something funny or what we done


take a pic of a moment during your christmas day be it eating a cracker, flying sprouts (like i always tend to have something fly off the plate, your last advent calender filler .

your fav funn prezzie .. we buy kids prezzies and will box after box after box a tiny miniscule prezzie for fun always brings a giggle .

or just plain raising your glass .. do not have to post yourselves .

even all dressed up here here but nothing bought this year .

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I like this idea- I feel like I need something to cheer me up! Xxx

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Hope you're ok K, here's a hug for you! (((hug))) xxx

klm7777 in reply to Hidden

Im ok just think someone must have made a whole in my glass as its just a little empty today - no particular reason perhaps it's hormones... Better try and cheer up for the Christmas party tomorrow :s


Lovely idea! :) xxx

no idea how to put photos on laptop let alone onto this site doh ! may have to ask my son when he next visits then i can startle you all with my photo , well iys only 20+ years old ha ha x

I refuse to let the candle wax covered VG photo appear, but If I can work it out I will post something.... If the world doesn't end at 11.11 am English time......personally on hearing it was 11.11 I think the Mayans may have got the end of the world mixed up with the end of WW2 so am off to the supermarket with my son in tow to help , hinder, and grunt unhelpfully

VG x

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We made it through VG, the World is still here and it's currently gone 5pm! ;) xxx

Can I post a pic of my dog at the dog training clubs Xmas fancy dress party?:) It's tomorrow and am hoping its not going to rain as its outdoors!

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Yes of course you can TM, that would be lovely for us all to see! :) xxx

I may remember to post something lol but I have no idea what. That is if I can work out how to get the built in web cam on. Technology + Fibro = Thicko xxxxx

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