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Having a problem with 600mg of Gabapentin help!

Apologies, if I drivel on or mistype. Don't know what my brain is doing today first time starting with 600mgs in the morning and I feel high as a kite "/

I've went from resting and not feeling like doing anything to all of a sudden my brain is in overdrive over focused thinking of a million things I could do or need to do. Feel quite sleepy to the point of blacking out drifted off a bit and my dog barked at me and jumped on top of me out of character for her she seems worried lol won't leave my side.

I have the problem at the moment that I'm not eating I try to eat but feel very queasy. The thought of making somethig seems too much energy. All I've had today is a few pieces of salmon on a oatcake and half a packet of wotsits. Thought I would at least eat my fav crisps. My thought is that maybe the lack of food is what is causing side effects. Does anyone have this problem?

Sorry I've went on a bit x it's probably the fact I've got college tomorrow I'm like no, please don't have flare ups.

Love to all hope you are having the best day that you can :) xxx

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Not tried what you are on, but yes can relate to that feeling and a bit unnerving. Suggest you speak to your GP/ chemist / health provider perhaps a lower dose would be better.


I think that is a great idea thanks :) I have to phone the surgery for another prescription tomorrow. I'll try and speak to my doctor if I can, I don't know if maybe anxiety is attached to this illness I've always been so laid back and all of a sudden the slightest thing stresses me.


Yes I know that I have to be very careful with my stress levels as the most important trigger for a relapse. In a do as I say rather than what I do what about mediation to help calm yourself down.


Hi msBrightside

I am so sorry to read that you are suffering in this way, and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to this issue. I have never used this drug myself but I am aware that many users have side effects to start with? Sometimes these go away after a couple of weeks, but if this persists or gets any worse I would definitely discuss this with your GP to see what can be done?

I want to wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Thank you ken :)

Hope you are getting on ok

I will maybe try and persevere because I have been able to do so much more on this medication. I do see the higher dose has helped I barely moved all weekend and couldn't do much and now I feel much more alert and focused. Actually got some studying done:)

I hope it's just the adjustment to them. But I'll see my doctor if it doesn't get any better.

All the best to you too x


Hi there really sorry that your all out of sorts right now with no professional advice to turn to. Although your local hospital probably has an out of hours clinic that may be able to help by phone at least if you can. I was put on that dosage to but my doctor said gave me it in increments over a week until I was on max dosage. When I first took them I didn't like it one bit cause it felt so strange almost a clear feeling and kinda uneasy feeling , well when I got used to them they worked a treat . What I would suggest is read the side effects at least the ones that are dangerous or negative. If you can persevere then you'll feel the benefit of them. Anyways hope you can relax with them and to be honest I wanted to eat more. Well wish I could help more. Fellow fibro person x


I have been to the out of hours before it is a bit out of the way though and I felt it was a waste of time. I'm just so over doctors lol

It could be the way I've taken them I had been on 3x 300mg tablets and I'm now taking 2x600mg. It could just take time for me to get used to them because some people are on 800mg tablets and seem ok with them.

Thanks I'll double check the side effects that's a good idea:) You have helped so don't worry, If im still having side effects tomorrow I might take myself to the out of hours at the hospital. X


Hi there

I'm on 4x300mg three times per day.

I've been on this dosage for quite sometime and don't have a problem with it.

I wouldn't suggest reading the leaflet!! It's extremely long and quite worrying.

You need to remember that the pharmaceutical company have to list every single side effect that people have. Even if it's just one person.

Could you perhaps lower your dosage capsule?

Just a thought

Good luck



Hey there

How's things?

Yeah 4x 300mg would probably have worked better for me think the doctor was trying to make it easier for me to take during the day. I think if I spaced out the dose it would be ok but only have a massive box of 600mgs.

Thanks for your help Xx


I think bluemermaid and others are on the right track. If you had such an extreme reaction, you should let your doc know and maybe forget about one dose a day. Being "high" as you can say can decrease the appetite and if a med casues nausea, the lack of appetite is even worse. Been there though not on this med.

I'm sure starting back to school is a big stressor. If I remember right, this should be your second quarter? semester? - not sure what you call the periods. But maybe just knowing how much work there is and everythiong else, OR is it the good excitement of it starting up that contributes to the high you're on?

If it were me, I would lower the dose a bit or split it up over the day till you can discuss it with your medical doctor. I know that easing into some drugs requires building up the dosage a little at a time. Checking on that with a pharmacist or online might set your mind at ease.

Well, I sure can't give medical advice, and I'm probably a porr person to listen to since I have gone against medical advice and decreased my dosage of a drug (even quit taking one altogether) before I checked with my doctor. Turns out my decision was OK, but that doesn't mean my next one would be.

My best to you and I hope you feel more yourself soon.


I think you are right it could be the stress of college. I feel it's the worry I won't be well enough when I get side effects. I could try and order some lower dose tablets tomorrow with the rest of my medication.

Took the second one a few hours ago feel better but still very sleepy not ideal.

Thanks I might try and ask my doctor about it tomorrow if I can catch him.

All the best to you too x


Gabapentin is an older drug that is very cost effective for the NHS but you need to take quite large doses to get the paIn relief and as you are discovering, there are side effects. A newer version exists called Pregabalin which is a lot more expensive but it has fewer side effects. You take a much lower dose to get the same effect so that is one benefit. Another benefit is a lower dose means better liver function as it has less drug to eliminate from the body.

I would go and see your GP and explain the side effects you are having and ask whether Pregabalin might be better for you.


Thanks If I have no luck might see if i can switch to that. Does sound alot better, isn't good to be on such strong medication.


My Dr. told me to take it before I go to bed, which might help you. It didn't agree with me so I stopped taking it, but I hope it works for you.


Usually works when I take it before bed my severe back pain seems to have reappeared. I am missing my other pain killers though so could be to do with that been meaning to order them for about a week.


Hi I'm on 600mg of pregabaline at first I felt like you it lasts a couple of weeks till your body get used to it im ok now x


Aw thanks, might be worth persevering then :) x it has helped alot today had loads of energy I felt more my old self actually having the energy to withstand long conversations. I'm like a budgie today haha feel so positive but very awake and over stimulated maybe I'm just not used to feeling well ish it's great :) x


Sorry to hear what gabapentin is doing to you. I have just gone from pregabaline to gabapentine 300mg three times a day, I do feel better off them but they also make me feel very hungry, which I can do without I need to loose weight not put on, try to persevere, you may benefit in long run.


I haven't had as much problems with them now that I'm eating more. I've been worried about gaining weight since I had been putting on a few pounds at every hospital appointment before I went on them. The fact I have severe nausea when I eat has made it easier to eat less do find myself reaching for the biscuits and chocolate even more than normal tho lol

Had a full tub of pesto past yesterday in college at 10am then at 12 started to walk towards the town to get chinese food then we stopped in our tracks because it was so foggy and baltic. My friend wanted to walk back so we did. And I just had pizza and chips when I got home with a sandwich with chips too. lol its hard not to be a muncher on these.

Without them I definitely wouldn't have stated college it was the wee burst if energy and feeling of pain relief that made me want to do something. Probably pressure financially and the fact friends and family made we comments my nana was praying for me to get a job. But they just want me to be happy.


Have you tried taking 600mg over 2 separate doses ?

At least a few hours apart?

i take 300 at bed time and in the morning find it easier. then i take my morning dose an hour or so after getting up.

it has made life easier for me and side effects for me are minimal. however, as we all know; we are different so what is easy for one is not for the other!!

hope things improve for you. XX


Yeah thats a good idea...I've only got a pack of 600mg tablets. I think breaking it up might help my short term memory is so bad though I can have three pills to take get the 3 pill packets out take one or two and not remember which ones I just took "/ it's soo frustrating! he got me the 600mgs because I was forgetting to take the second 300mg tablet or taking a extra one thinking I forgot. Sorry if that doesn't make sense! you are right though spreading out the dose could ease the side effects :) .. thanks, a few days of persevering has became a little better do feel one eye shutting over today with sleepiness and being unable to breathe but some of these are just on going symptoms. XX


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