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I'm having a very bad time with my right arm, it's causing a lot of pain it's absolutely agony one min and not to bad the next

I don't know if it's fm or something else like's got worse over month I can't hold a phone or it locks and painful to straighten and if it's straight it's a sharp pain to move I do yelp loud sometimes and I can't even press a spray of perfume or hairdresser..any ideas? To scared to go a&e cos keep getting told we shouldn't go for this that and the other don't know what to do..I went in for a vitamin b12 injection with a Dr Monday got another today I told her about my arm she just ignored me didn't speak apart from injection is painful to il do it in other arm..but had last 3 in left arm and it's all bruised so she done it in bad arm any way.

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she should have taken note of it, if I have new symptoms. my gp says to let him know. I don't know enough about the injection to know if that could cause it.

is it muscular or joint pain? it could be arthritis, or a pinched nerve. can you see another dr? if so I would.

A month is a long time to put up with a pain. I get similar but it doesn't last.

take care,



It's starts at elbow she isn't my normal Dr just one I see for injections her or a nurse...this was first injection in that's just so painful can't even lift arm and have to turn it odd to put on coat or lift it..weird feeling


You could have done anything from pinch a nerve like Sandra said. You could have hurt your tendons and have tennis or golfers elbow, dependent on which side. They are extremely painful and come and go. If I was you and it had got worse, I would go back to see another Gp. My,sister has recently had tennis elbow and they referred her to physios, who triedall different treatment and then did a steroid injection.

Hope you get a solution soon and pain subsides.



I had a problem with my left arm / shoulder. It started off feeling like a muscular problem, thought I'd slept on it or something. Then it went, came back, went, came back, gradully getting worse and worse, and eventually it was constant. I went to GP (after months!) and he sent me for an x-ray, as a result of which I got sent for an MRI. That showed nothing! So my GP sent me for physio. Luckily I saw a shoulder expert, and she did an ultrasound (why the hospital didn't do that I don't know) and discovered it was bursitis, and something else. She gave me a steroid injection - no more pain! I so wish I'd acted sooner, and had the ultrasound straight away! It could have saved me months of pain. So, please go to your GP, get it investigated, and dealt with sooner rather than later.

Take care



Hi, i too had this problem once in my right arm but did nothing apart from take my meds as normal. It did go away after a week or so and touch wood, it hasnt returned as it was blooming painful! I think you may have to mention this again to your gp if it doesnt go away as it should be investigated. Its too easy for docs to blame everything on fibro so you may need to persist with this.

Hope you feel better soon......Love, Charlii xx


Thank you yep I have been blaming fine I..but if been having physio for my spine cos had rods and screws put in in september not sure if that hurt it it's been bad a long time I can't hold phone for long or it locks the pain trying to open my arm is I don't k ow mane is the fine I...but I will see Dr and get own Dr is very good my old one retired he was good to me but a bit slow and never sorted my but b12 prob or anything...the new young Dr has been thank you just good to talk to ppl who don't think your a crazy woman xxx


Brachial Neuritis


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