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Ingeus work program

Hi, as I have posted before I have been told that I have to attend the Work program run by a company called Ingeus. I phoned them to say I could not attend the appointment and the lady on the phone became very pushy and kept say Its mandatory that I attend they don't do home visit and don't really do telephone appointments. She kept saying that I had to attend, I said I could not get to them, her answer use the bus, I explained that due to depression and anxiety, and the fact that I can't walk to the bus stop, and I have a letter off the doctor confirming this

She did in the end book a telephone appointment , but told me after this I would " Have To " attend their office which for me is a 15 mins work ( on a good day, on a bad day would not make the walk) then it's a 25 min bus journey followed by another 10 minutes walk.

I told her that I would not be able to make the journey due to the fog that keeps coming over my mind to such a point I can't remember where I am or how I got there. And due to the pain on walking, just had MST increased can't even walk the length of my house.

I am sorry to moan but I am very worried about this, not helped by being in a flare and my body just seems to be creating new pain

I really can't get dress or do my hair without my daughters help.


Please does anyone know how I can get this sorted, if I was able to make the journey to see them, I could go back to work. I don't need any help finding a job

From a very worried Caroline

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Hi well I have done a bit of research into Ingeus and they are really an extension of the Job center. They are principally there to help people find the right employment

So Carolinee my firt question is you have a Doctors letter explaining your travel problems. Do you or are you signed off from work because of Fibro and related illnesses? If not get one.

Then which is closest the Job center - citizens advice take your paper work and go talk to them it does sound very unrealistic to expect you to work. (although like all of us I am sure you would like to if you could)

How can a visit to this organisation be completely mandatory well if this worries you have you a friend who could take you and go in with you. I feel the woman (she certainly was not a lady) behaved badly towards you and ait sounds like work place bulling to me.

So Doctors first caroline and get him on your side and see what he suggests Ok

Do let us know how you go



I agree with gins caroline its awful the way you are being treated I had to go to a work group thing about 6 yrs ago I got a lift from a friend it soon became very obviouse to them that I was unable to carry on and was sent away,as I say that was 6yrs ago god only knows what i would do now if the same was to happen as I am so much worse have you ever thought about contacting social services they are great I think the more people you can get behind you the better they will come out to you and can back you up plus they may have more info on who else you could contact ,loads of hugs and good luck xx.


Hi Caroline.

There really are some ignorant people about. I can only ask you not to let them get to you, which is very difficult to do though. Try to stay calm and gather all your evidence together as gins says. We'll give you what support we can, keep us informed.

Stay strong.

Is xx


Thank you so much to each of you for your support and advice, you can not imagine how much it means to me. Without this site and the people on this I would never even appealed my ESA ( turned down no points after medical ) which was given after the decision maker re looked at it. I know I will have to fight this decision, and no doubt have to appeal when I am turned down out of hand by the PIP people.

I will get all the letters etc together and I do have one from my GP saying I am not able to use public transport due to hip pain, severe depression and anxiety .

Thank you so much

Caroline xxx


They are trying to bully you, it is not mandatory if you are too ill to attend. It is up to them to see you or interview you by phone. Have you appealed to be placed in SG?


Hi, I am appealing / applying / begging to be put into the support group this week. I now can't walk more than a few metres before the pain stops me dead.

I was told by someone at DWP that all I have to do is write them a letter asking to be put in the support group does anyone know if this is right. I was going to appeal when I was put into this work group but when I spoke to DWP she scared me by saying if I appealed they could stop my money all together while they looked into it and it could take months. The ESA is what I live on so I let it be

Any advice would be welcome as I don't know anyone else who is even on ESA

As to the work program they have booked me a telephone interview for the 9 th but kept telling me I will have to attend or my money will stop and they will require me to attend when ever they say for the next two years, mind you what ever they say, I can't make the walk to the bus stop never mind make the whole trip. So what ever happens I would be attending but I could get a drs note, my GP is great and when they were mucking about with the ESA he just did 3 months notes

Thanks for replying



Once again you have been lied to by the DWP, they can't stop your money if you appeal against WRAG. You must submit a GL24 to the DWP stating your reasons why you should be in SG. It is up to the DWP after that, if they decline your appeal, then a tribunal will decide.


Thank you


no carolinee 71 they will not stop your benifit while you appeal who ever told you this is very wrong i am in the same sittuation has you but the lady at the job center was very helpful.


Thank you for the answer, the person who told me that works at the Basildon centre , the place you ring if your benefit doesn't get paid. I have been both lied too and mislead by them. But with the help of this site I have found the right answer


Caroline xx


you are very welcombe.



Under the Equality Act they are bound to make reasonable adjustments and this included home visits, telephone appointments etc. If they keep on bullying you, write to your MP, even if your MP is a Tory, they are still bound to support their constituents.

Remember all these work programme people are being paid squillions to get people off benefits. Do not let them bully and harrass you. I would either appeal now or if you have passed the time of appeal resubmit an ESA on the grounds your health has got worse because of the pressure and stress. Consider using Regs 29 or 35 if you don't think you will meet one of the tough descriptors (this is the one where it would be a risk to your mental or physical health if you have do do work or work-related activity). They are obliged to take into account the effects on your mental health too so you need to fill that in very carefully. Most of all get some written support from your GP or Consultant, anyone who is sympathetic and supportive. Is there someone who knows about welfare rights? Consider joining Benefits&Work - they are really helpful and there fees are small (charging just for their downloadable manuals) plus forum support. It may be that this group has access to the manuals for free - some groups do.

It is also true that as from October there will be a mandatory reconsideration of anyone's claim before they can appeal. At the moment you can still go straight to appeal but once the mandatory reconsideration comes in it's true that if they sit on it for some time then you could be left with no benefits in principle although I think this is illegal. You could apply for JSA while waiting for their decision although of course by signing on for that you're declaring you're fit for work which you're not. This is probably what the JC person was thinking about.

Most of all, good luck, and don't be browbeaten. x


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