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The lower half of my legs are getting bigger on an almost daily basis, I have been told by doctors that it's not water retention, they are not fat but very hard and painful and the skin is so tight it shines, my feet are constantly cold and my ankles and feet swell up so much that sometimes you can't see my toes, I've tried hot and cold pads and elevating my legs, I've gritted my teeth and tried rubbing in peppermint oil it helps a bit with the pain but not the tightness or hardness or the size, does anyone have any other suggestions of what I can do or for what could be causing it, as I have spoken with many other Fibromyalgia sufferers and they don't seem to have this and I am wondering if it is a Fibro problem or something else, my doctor doesn't seem to want to do anything and just gives me Naproxen and Gabapentin, any help and advice would be greatly appreciated xxx :)

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  • Can you not go to the hospital, as it's not right that they tightening and very sore. Drs aren't always right as I know with my own health. If it's that bad that you are in pain I would think of goi g to hospital. Hope you get relief soon

    Robbie 138

  • Thanks Robbie138 I have been to the hospital many times but they just send me away and tell me to visit my GP, maybe oneday my legs will explode and then they will have to do something, I am at my witts end xxxx

  • You can't afford to take the risk, has anyone medically ever put a name to what's happening with your legs. I was going to my gp with a sore arm went to hospital in my nightie as the pain was killing me, they didn't take me to a bay they told me ( this isn't where you come for this its probably tennis elbow) I was sent away.to cut a long story short it ended up it was 50/50 wether I lived I ended up in ICU, I know we all think Drs are right but in my case they were wrong. Don't give up you know you're own body u know if it's right or wrong. I'm not trying to fright you but if you not gettin answers something needs to be done. Gentle hugs take care x

  • Thankyou and I am so sad to read what happened to you, my local hospital is useless, first thing the ask you is are you a British citizen or an immigrant when I didn't get anywhere by being a British citizen next time I said immigrant and was presented with a chip and pin machine, I think the NHS is dying 😞

  • Never give up. Ld31

  • Hello Fluffynotfat,

    Have they the medics mentioned any diagnosis at all for your legs? I am not a Doctor of course by wanted to mention the following as a possibility maybe?


    They say if it is fluid that if you press your leg it will leave an indentation of where your finger was and they seem to say it is not fluid which I would think would go down if elevated too plus you say it's hard also.

    Other than this, the only other advice to add is to ask for a second opinion which you are within your rights to do and/or speak/write to your practice manager about your concerns.


    Sending best wishes

    Emma :)

  • thank you so much sweetie I will read through all the info bless you xx

  • I wish I could help although for me it's hands and arms. To the sometimes it's hard to feel anything but needles.

  • yes it is very hard and I wish you well sweetie xxx

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read that my friend and I sincerely hope that you can find the answers that you desire and deserve. I suffer with Lymphedema and it is quite similar to what you have described although I am not a doctor and cannot say for sure?

    if this is giving you cause for concern and you are not happy with your GP or unable to ascertain a referral to a Lymphedema clinic then why not go to your local walk-in centre and they may just do something about it for you? I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Bless you sweetie thank you so much xxx

  • Thank you so much Ken I will try my local walk in centre bless you x

  • wow! feels better knowing this is not just one of my "stupid" additional problems that go along with fibro. i have very similar problem with my lower legs and feet. it starts in the afternoon progressively getting worse as go into the evening. sometimes feel like the skins will split apart. no doctor has ever figured out what causing it. if you ever get any suggestions please keep me in the loop. thanks ...

  • I most certainly will, in the meantime if you can bear your legs to be touched gently massage them with peppermint oil, DON'T put the peppermint oil on your skin neat, I blend 12 drops of peppermint oil with 1 cup of baby oil, you kinda smell like a giant pack of chewing gum but I find it does help, my friend is a massage therapist for sports injuries and uses only natural products and he told me that peppermint oil is a natural pain reliever, I find it does take the edge off for a few hours, good luck 😊

  • thanks much for the suggestion.

  • sorry to hear about your swollen legs


    this may help

  • thank you so much I will talk to my GP again and see if I can get so form of help and support bless you x

  • Ld31 try some really tight stockings usually for water retention, but might help.good luck.

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