Bad day, sitting in my office crying

Sorry to moan guys but I really need some friends who understand.

I'm in so much pain, struggling so much through work, luckily I'm almost finished. But I just went to see my what I thought was a friend, turns out he is in a mood with me over something stupid on Twitter of all things and made it clear he hasn't got time for me. It's so obvious I'm not well, he knows me better than most people at work, but him snapping at me tipped me over the edge and now I'm sitting at my desk crying. I feel so stupid, but I'm so ill, I just needed a friend to cheer me up.

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  • At least you've nearly finished work. Once you get home pjs duvet hot water bottle and give yourself a hug. I'm sure someone on here will come with some good advice. Hope things start to ease soon.

  • Thank you, heating up my lavender pillow as we speak xx

  • Oh dear what rotten way to feel. Well we are here for you any time especially if you need to have a rant and let all that negative energy out!

    Pain is made worse when we are stressed and you sound as if he really wound you up - try looking out of a window (does the office - and gently release the air from your lungs, then breath in deeply as far as you can hold count 1,2 and then release imagine your pain is disappearing with that breath.

    Now sit back down aand very gently shake your arms this will help shed some of the tension.

    I do hope you feel better soon,


  • Thank you. I've made it home, got the kettle and my pjs on and my plump kitty cat by my side. No yoga for me tonight, just some calming meditation I think. But first, tea, codeine and a nap. Xx

  • Recommend chocolate too and a nice dvd. Hope you feel better tomorrow. xxxx

  • Sending Hugs and wishing you well. xx

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    Soothing lavender fluffies on route to you with a hamper full of 'feel good' goodies like choccy, biccies, hotchoc, marshmallows................ better be careful with those and share them with the fluffies but not the choccy............. never give them the choccy!!

    Giving fluffies choccy is a bit like feeding gremlins after midnight :O :O :O

    Anyhoo! fluffie hugs hunny and hope you are feeling a bit better after some down-time :)

    xxx sian :)

  • This made me smile, thanks sian xx

  • :) :) :) :) :)

  • Big soft hugs and smiles :)

  • Hi smartcarkaz

    I am so sorry to read that you are feeling so under the weather and I sincerely hope that you start to feel more like your usual self again soon. I am also so sorry to read about your friend, we learn who our real friends are in adversity?

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • So true Ken, thank you for your kind words xx

  • Oh Kaz this is just so awful. Because of my own mental illness, I was in a crazy, manic state for about 3 years, ending in 2008/2009. All but 3 (including the OH) have deserted me, will have absolutely nothing to do with me even though I have personally offered my amends. As Ken said, it is only in adversity that we discover what a true friend is.

    Move on. I have. Making new friends now, whom I will do my best to get to know better, and do better for, than my last bunch of so-called. Water under the bridge and all.

    Oh, truly I am not saying that it's easy to get over the hurt. It has stayed with me a long time and it still sometimes makes me sad, especially for the loss of a few I thought were of the "cherished" variety. Crying is a sedative really. (but not so much to make your eyes all puffy or you'll feel worse that you look so awful!)

    Many consoling hugs to you. Give yourself a pat on the shoulder and like advised above, all the comfort foods, that lavendar pillow, hot bath or moist heat. Meditation sounds good. Tomorrow you'll feel more courageous and calm.

    Chin up and may angels embrace you.

  • Thank you, feeling a little better today, just sat hiding away in my office avoiding him!

  • Hiding works!

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