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Does anyone get short of breath, headache with it and feel sick with fibro

I feel wheezy short of breath heart pounding sickly and a headache as well as earache, used to get this around two years back I had low ferritin then. Think I best get my bloods done again they always test me for thyroid , and it's always ok,,thank goodness . It's freezing in my house can't afford the heating on. Wish I had some good news to put up on here ,,,x

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Hi jjojay I get the same as you dizziness, breathless etc it gets pretty scary sometimes also its so cold that don't help x


Hi Tweety love your pic,, is it your terrier,,, I was just thinking how great I felt on Sunday then this comes on I know it can come and go but I dread it as I've had it before it starts with a sickness feeling then headache n shortness of breath am wheezing when I'm climbing the stairs . If I go doctors they'll just run the usual thyroid . Ad best go tho, x x


Hi jjojay that was my little woman she was 13 yrs old when I lost her last yr I was devastated when she went . But on a brighter note my mum and uncle clubbed together and got me another little yorkie this 1 is a little boy I call him Milo and he keeps me smiling so funny but he seems to understand when I'm under the weather he becomes my little shadow then lol x


Hi Tweety love your pic,, is it your terrier,,, I was just thinking how great I felt on Sunday then this comes on I know it can come and go but I dread it as I've had it before it starts with a sickness feeling then headache n shortness of breath am wheezing when I'm climbing the stairs . If I go doctors they'll just run the usual thyroid . Ad best go tho, x x


hiii Tweety ,

i canot see a pic? not sure what everyone is on about sorry!

yes at moment for a good couple weeks of so things got worse and got ear infection in both ears and very inflamed, got the bad heads the shooting pains and feeling nauseus and balance issues , i was given antibiotics /steroids and some extra pills to go with ones i have for the muscle spasms in stomach too and swallowing problems.

i keep gasping for breath and get out of breath when talking too, i pretend infront of those around me not to notice but upstairs i know whats going on and try bypass it all and carry on.

its so not nice feeling so please keep going back if your still not happy as different things can be tried , just like the zantac i been given was giving me herendous pain and just felt more sick so i given up!!

i take another sickness pill as and when needed which you put under your lip called prochloparazine but they dont give out unless really need to and they are for bad heads too.

all this causes a lot of fatigue ? get very tired can sit and just nod off and jump lol ,

so always keep your Dr's informed of any changes that are happening that you do not feel is rite.

like you been checked for Thyrooid in past but ok

Sending you some fairy huggles and hope you feel a little easier than today tomoro xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx caroline


Think I need to maybe have a firm word with my Doc, Ive had really awful bouts and never been offered anything but the usual pain killers which don't agree with me, so I can't take them anyways. I'm going in to see about the bloods so will ask what treatments available. X


This info might help:

With the symptoms you describe, it might be worth talking to your doc about whether it could be a blood pressure issue if the bloods come back clear. I've had similar attacks in the past related to Dysautonomia.


Hi Jjojay,

Your symptoms might indicate anaemia, so you really do need to see your GP.

I'm so sorry you're having problems with heating - fill some hot water bottles and take your quilt or blanket to your chair or sofa - that's how I stay warm when I can't afford to put heating on. Hopefully the waether will soon get warmer!

Moffy x


Hi Jjojay

so glad i read your article i have had the same syptoms as you for a long time

breathless heart missing beats earache ears ringing

i did have my blood done and i did have anaemia

been on iron tablets but still the same fibro causes so many symptons

i feel so low today never a day without pain lately xx


Yes, I have nausea and earache, sometimes sinus tablets help for a while, but if you take these continuously they can make it worse. My house is really very cold, and sometimes i think that makes the fatigue worse, hot water bottles, hand warmers, hot drinks and lots of clothes do help, but you have my utmost sympathy!xxxxxx


Hi,,,Because I'm in the house a lot and cAnt do much , work for a bit then have to rest ect. I just get in bed with hot water bottles. The heating goes on around 5 so I can move around n cook tea goes off at 7 , that's all I can afford . Im at doctors on Friday to see my results I am back at endocrinologist in May . Everything takes time and that's if they catch it at the right time . I've had ear ache n itchy ears for years now . My GP just looks in my ears and says I'm fine. It's same thing all time. Sinus issues , ferritin up and down iron was incredibly low a couple of years back but it was fine last time I went . It's a circle of things not right. But when theirs so many things wrong or that don't add up. I just can't understand why my GP doesn't look at it more seriously . I don't know of any other way of testing anaemia apart from iron. I will google it later I'm wondering if there's something they've missed. The breathlessness is on and off vertually everyday . Sometimes it's proper bad and I have to just lay for a while , I'm in bed a lot keeping warm anyways. I have had exsteemly bad constipation so painful when I do go. I have seen the GP about this and they gave me something to help although it makes little difference to how regular just gives me exsteem stomach cramps and when I do go it's softer . I Dnt feel the urge to go for two days or more. It's nothing to do with laying down or been immobile because I had it when I was working and have had since. I eat well and make sure I drink plenty too. I go for a walk every day even if I walk slowly because of the breathlessness thing I still go. I have noticed my breath is bad and my gums hurt too. Is that a sign of anything linked to anaemia ,, I have really good dental hygiene and use a great toothbrush floss and oraldene mouthwash .

I'm sorry Evie you feel so low,,, maybe this will make you laugh. Just before I sat to do this message . I had both my cats blocking me at either side of my dining room,,trying to stop me save a bird they brought in, birds fine by the way. I manage to throw a tea towel over it and release it in the garden it had a bit of slaver on its feathers , shook up but manAged to take flight. Gibson was all proud of herself as if she done a great thing. Pockets was looking all sheepish , she is older n knows the ropes . As soon as i take a step one way, cat bkocks me Haha it makes me laugh but wish they wouldn't catch birds. I've done all kinds of things to stop them they go through loads of collers with bells. They are the most effectionate cats both girls and very loyal to each other . X

Think this condition of ours is so restricting and so many different issues comes with it. I would love to go to a convention or something to see people face to face and talk , I wish there was such a thing with a real proffetional there maybes with tips and helpful information . There should be one .

Thanks everyone wild woman lady moth , lyndseymid , Evie ,fairycazzie tweety. It would be interesting to see how many people get these symptoms regular , maybe ? another part of the condition . Not jumping to conclusions just wondering .

Sometimes I'm not aware how bad it is till my family mention it to me I'm wheezing ,, I have it that regular . X


Get your thryoid checked and post the results with reference ranges as doctors often will say it's okay when, in fact, it's not. Breathlessness and feeling the cold can be symptoms of hypothyroidism.



Hi Karen , I will defiantly , thank you x


Hi, I get breathless and nausea too plus dizziness/imbalance. Interesting to read anaemia connection...might get my bloods checked yet again. I have also been reading up on the thyroid connection. Have a couple of great books on Fibro, sub clinical thyroid and myofascial pain. The breathless thing scares the crap out of me the numb feelings in my butt, hands and legs and feet. I am under the repiratory nurse at our surgery and she is puzzled. I was tested for COPD, but lung function came out above normal (lucky me as I have smoked all my life...packed in last year) She gave me a prescription for low dose steriod inhaler for ongoing maintenance, suspecting that I had hyper inflammatory response to the materials I work with. She might be partly on the right track but obviously neither her nor my GP suspected the fibro breathing link which seems quite common.

Some interesting links:

There is a lot written about the autonomic function that governs things like lungs and urinary response, and how it could be compromised via the chaotic signals created by fibro. Don't want to overload you with links but you can google key words if you want. I am researching links between adrenal and thyroid insufficiencies and fibro, and anything else that might make sense. Meanwhile try some breathing exercises...don't stress to do it by the book but just be aware of breathing with your tummy rather than upper chest, which is where a lot of us breathe especially when we are stressed.

This seems a great research site and more on central nervous system dysfunction

Good luck

Helen x


Hi helbel, interestingly after I came out of hospital in November , not knowing then I had fibro, I suspected fibro or Ms I read up. Lot about adrenal function and connected thyroid issues because my symptoms were pointing to adrenal . I had so many odd things happening, abdominal pain swallowing problems upper body pain numbness in my face , fog issues and more,,all at once . My Mom thought it was MS and still does in fact. I'm at the doctors at 8.40am tomorrow can't get in to see my own doctor has to be another in same surgery. I'm going to chat with her about bloods I've had taken , they may be back tomorrow so hopefully they'll be ok. I am having issues at the moment with total weakness it's come back again more so this afternoon, this is how it is with me it just comes on. Ive had the breathless thing all week now im completely weak and feel extremely cold, i have to wrap up just to use the bathroom. TBH I was more healthier after I'd just given birth to my two children , I had high blood pressure and anaemia and felt well compared to what I do right now.

Sometimes I just don't know if I'm not sounding serious enough when I talk with the doctor, I am going to ask for treatment Tomorrow Ive never actually been offered any. I've done some research and I am surprised i haven't been offered any. I am going to ask to go and see the rheumatologist again whom diagnosed me because I feel he was the only person that actually understands this condition . Hopefully I will get all this out tomorrow. I've written a brief description of everything I need to chat about , if I don't I will forget I forget basically everything my minds goes blanc and I don't remember , this happens regular at the moment since November.

My Mom and one of my friends are so sure I have MS but I think it's because people may not realise how bad Fibro is, how it can cause so many other issues in the body. It's pretty complicated I've read about this and now I see the symptoms in myself . Getting all these other problems out the way and finding answers is extremely frustrating for me as I used to be quiet an organised and independant person , I could adress everything ok and not let problems get to me. I mostly handled things well especially if its other family members that need assistance with health . Unfortunately I've become brain dead and not very on the ball with myself. I've even become a bit complaisant probably because every thing so slow in sorting out these symptoms. Sometimes just the thought of motivating myself to go somewhere is just too much for me. This is just not like the old me I was so motivated, I know the cold has got to me , this is all because of this illness ,,,,I had no money issues before now as I had a really good job. It may even be a bit of depression setting in, I'm hoping that will remedy in the summer.

I'm not making up my hours at work , not even reaching the 16 hours because I just can't make it, if I'm home , I'm in bed, ill or keeping warm.

I'm still eating well. Keeping with organic not overloading my body with toxic deodorants shampoo hair dyes ect. Everything's organic . Soap nuts for washing organic cleaning products. Surprisingly they don't cost anymore than other brands as they last longer so I haven't spent anymore than usual. I'm using organic rosehip oil as moisturiser it's lasting much longer and was cheaper. Organic evening primrose oil for painful areas. See weed once a week in the bath for absorption of iodine.

Thank you for the information I will take a look. That's if I can remember , I have a problem with my memory lol x


Sounds like you have been doing a lot of good research from your self treatment methods. I haven't had as long as you but researching like crazy. There is part of me that still wonders if I have something else because my gp won't spend money on referral. In fact I, think he thinks all my disease progress is purely psychogenic but not saying. I get the breathing, cold, numbness, pain, tingling and the very creepy pain just walking about my body... especially at night when I try to rest. It seems worse if I go to bed too late too. I get IBS, nausea...and feel like my liver just so sluggish...often pale skin. This is quite old now, but it has some clues as to things that are missing or being affected :

This good too (I know it's hard to stay online for any length of time.... worsens my issues for sure) Lowe is pioneer in fibro thyroid connection:

Good luck with Doc x


Wow that's uncanny, I'm same I need to be in bed really by around ten ish , if I Dnt I sometimes don't sleep all night. Just hound your Dic till you get his attention . I've found I get somewhere if I take someone with me, if I go alone they sometimes fob me off . Think docs have it in their head that anxiety is just a part if the fibro along with depression . There's no wonder it is but ad say that fibro causes depression ,,is it any wonder ? Anxiety will also raise because of the discomfort , doctors are not psychologists their jobs to treat the problem at hand not to decide whether it not its in a persons head. I had that in hospital they kept telling me to calm down my body was so stressed with pain it was incredibly bad at the time and my legs were just shaking with tremors . It's a bit like telling a woman to calm down when their in labour, that was my reply to the nurse I couldn't believe it coming from a nurse . I had just had a seizure and my heart rate was way to High at the time .

Well the doctors visit was good and bad. The tests have gone to endocrinologist not to doctor so no knowing what they are , my doc did listen , he tried to tell me that treatment meds for fibro doesn't work anyways , although he perscribed Lycra havnt took them yet as I'm not in enough pain. I need to research first anyways . He did refer me to a treatment clinic . He running 14 tests on bloods before I go. I had a swollen right foot and anckle and puffy right hand too when I went he didn't take a close look at my leg n hand although he talked a lot about fibro which is good that he recognises it, he did mention the anxiety levels fibro , I didn't know if he was referring that to my swollen foot or in genral as my foot got little attention . My usual Doctor wasn't available so I saw another . I will be going back to see my lady doc on Monday especially if the foot doesn't go down . I've had pins and needles in my foot and a weird feeling when I walk on it . Thanks again for the links , interesting reading , the more theory's the better.

I'm interested in anything that's informative connected with Fibro, think the best way is to be your own little doctor and research all you can, especially if like my doc said today, meds for fibro don't work . There's gotto be some way of getting the best help for our body's we can.

Asodopholis , think that's the correct spelling, organic capsuals , helps maintain the balance and keeps candida away, works out cheaper than buying the drinks and gets straight to the gut.

Hugs,, we bed em Dnt we ,, x


hi i get this very often, i lose breath when walking alot as i get very bad pains in joints / ear pains shootings and joints extreme bones feel very painful, know sounds silly my bones feel like they click esp in my hip knees back/neck! xx


Hi, it's awful isn't it, there's no wonder the link anxiety with this condition. I'm always thinking is this fibro or something else. I get a clunk in my hips and joints. I woke this morning feeling bruised everywhere it wore off when I finally got up.x


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