Still angry, but money in the bank now

Hi all and thanks for your support while i was having yet another battle with ESA. I have finally been paid for the last 2 weeks they owed me and i get my usual payment tomoro (I hope). I am SOOOOO sick of their incompetance and "i dont really care" attitude. Im getting really paranoid that theyve got it in for me. Ive had at least 13 weeks without any money over the years, while they took things at their own incompetant, dumb arse,snail's pace. But it makes all the difference to us knowing if we're going to eat tomoro or not. My electric meter ran out yesterday (including emergency) so i had to rely on my phone to get me up to go and babysit my grandson. i had a jam sandwich for brekky and thank goodness i use candles a lot and had some for light. my gas had 38p in it, so i used that for hot water for a wash, and there is very little in the cupboards. So my money came in the nick of time. I can do some shopping now. Phewww..... xx

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  • hi bumblebee I am happy that things have been sorted out for you fingers crossed for tomorrow take care love beth x

  • Thank you. i hope its all back on track now. just wait for the dreaded assessment with Atos again, and the whole process will start over. xx

  • Hi bumblebee. I`m really sorry you are being treated like this, they are not allowed to treat animals like it, if you dont provide food for your pet or a farmer dosnt feed his cattle then they will be prosecuted and even a prison sentence! Yet us as human beings can be treated like it, if we could go out and work to earn money then we wouldnt need their help. Bout time it all went to a human rights court! Its like going back to medieval times where if you didnt work you died, and I think thats how Mr Cameron would like it. Keep ya chin up Duck dont give in FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT all the way x

  • Thanks for reply. Youre right, animals probably do have more rights than we do. There was me, plodding along steadily, managing my fibro and depression and along comes cameron and B A M!!! Chaos, stress and the deepest darkest hole of depression back to square one. But this tough cookie aint guna back down and give them an easy time. There is going to be a 2 minute silence tribute to the people who have died or committed suicide over all this crap, on 3rd Dec @ 11am (i think). I will be holding my tribute either at the jobcentre or where they hold the Atos assessments here in Plymouth. I dont care if i get arrested coz it could draw attention to camerons evilness. best wishes, Carol Bee

  • I am glad you got there in the end hun, but to be without electric is bad. Utilities we need like nobodys business or the fibro goes through the roof. I hope it does not happen again xxxxx

  • Hi Ozzy, yeh so do i mate. I think i might actually explode if it happens again. Im not guna sit back and let them grind me down. it does depress me something bad, but basically Im a fighter. i hate seeing vulnerable people being given a hard time, whether its p**s taking of a person in a wheelchair or a mum with a child, old people, whatever. Its not on. and its cowardly because we cant or are afraid to fight back. I'll givem Ozzy attitude and say , in the words of a Rage Against the Machine song, "F**k you, i wont do what u tell me" !! xx

  • A bit of Ozzy attittude may just do the trick, I think we need to be one step ahead and be ready for whatever they may throw at us next hun xxxxx

  • Too rite mate. We are sick and disabled, NOT stupid. They'll be rationing the air we breathe next,lol.xx

  • Don't speak too soon lol, sites have eyes, they could be working on it as we type. I mean we get charged for everything else in life, air has got to be the only thing left right! xxxxx Lin

  • I dont know whats going on, but i keep getting email notifications that you and others have commented on my blog. but when i go into it, ive already read it. its happened lots of times tonight. one of them came up 3 times. i think my computer is possessed,lol.xx Carol

  • I had the same thing happen and got three from one person. I did notice I was finding answers before the emails came through. There could be ahitch going on somewhere. I tried to reply to this three times lol and it said snap we could not find this page lol

  • I know what you mean about stopping money for any or no reason. The last time my money was stopped was because I hadn't told them when I moved into my home. I had only been here for 9 years then. They hadn't thought to contact me just let me discover there was no money being paid that day.

  • But what about all the info they conveniently "forget" to tell US ?? that's ok is it? big fat NO. Its our lives they're messing with and i for one am sick of it. They literally make me sick. Every time they do this, my depression returns and i end up wanting to not be here any more. How many times can you bash your head on a brick wall before permenant damage occurs? xx

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