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thanks very much for understanding and accepting me

i am realy pleased i find all of you as friend before that i feel very lonely and i didn't talk to anybody about my illness and other problem but now i fell i have so many very good friend even near than my family to me. just i want to thank you from all of you for been always for me.

take care i wish you all the best

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Happy to help in any way we can. Sometimes, it helps just to know there are people out there who understand and who care. There are also benefits in knowing that we can share our worries without upsetting closest family and friends.

Keep in touch Akram, let us know how things are going. xx


It's a wonderful feeling knowing we have people here we can come to and who really understand.

Gentle hugs



there are a lot of people here, it is a great place to share, care, understand and share a smile.



I second what all of you have said, I bless the day I found this site, when you say u have a certain pain, u do know that your fibro friends will believe u instead of looking at you ans saying yeah right, and as \i have said before it brings a smile to my face when I read the banter between our voenteers, thank for that, gentle hugs to all of you...Dee xxx


Everyone here is most welcome ... I remember my first blog in tears and got such wonderful support and advice ... And unlike other sites there are so many of us around at all times you get answers and replies usually quickly

VG x


I have said it many times, and I will keep on saying it! This site is from Heaven. I was convinced my fibro was 'all in the head' until I found this site. Just to know that there are soooo many people who suffer the way I do, and are so willing to help with advice, and humour, means the world to me. I look forward every day to reading everyone's posts and it still amazes me when someone posts or answers a question regarding my own symptoms. Now I know it's not all in my head....just my body. I thank God for the day I found you guys!! Thank you all soooo much! Fibromites unite!! XXXXX


Glad you`ve joined the pack!

I don`t always have something to share, but I like to check in to have a laugh, offer advice, help or information. I feel that because we all suffer with pain and/or other conditions; it means we are able to give the real positive support, listening ears, the sympathy and empathy, that we can`t possibly find any where else. I too am thankful for finding this group, because I never feel isolated by my illness anymore. S x


Well put Sharolina I feel he same way ..


me too, I evgen did a psyche test to prove I was not mad


Disagree with you Babs, I think we are all a bit mad! lol, lucky we don't go completely do-lally having Fibro, & in many cases much more!

This site really helps. Info, understanding & often a laugh. Can't always get that in the "real world"! LOL

Gentle hugs to all!


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