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Rotten Day !!

This is my first blog, so sorry if it isn't too interesting! Woke at intervals all through the night in SO much pain. Feel so frustrated that it is such a beautiful day and I feel so terrible. Am coming to the terrible conclusion that I can only manage to work 2 ot 3 days a week (not that I can get a full time job anyway) and then I feel rough for the rest of the time. Fibro fog, everything really getting to me. BUT, it is SO good to read all of your blogs, and to know that there are people out there who understand me and the reason for my rantings, so THANK YOU everyone. You are truly wonderful people, so keep smiling and together we can beat this thing!

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Rant away!!!! thats the beauty of this site.... we are all here for each other xx And well done for posting your first blog... may it be the first of many!

Gentle hugs xxx


Hi Angie, i know exactly how you feel , i am trying to keep moving and keep awake and enjoy the good weather, but its just not happening! i came to read this site so as not to feel so alone, Which doesnt really sound so great for all of us.:( oh well, sending love and gentle hugs to all. xxx


hi there as misskittykat says rant away ,atleast here we know what you are going through ,so welcome :) everyone is lovely here so hope you enjoy :-D

gentle hugs xxxx


hi and welcome to the site i am glad you feel at home on here already yes it tryely is a lovely place to be no holds barred you jus rant away and say it as it is it will make you feel so much better we are all the same on here we may not have all of the same symptons but we have alot of them so someone is bound to be able to give you advice etc

well i hope that you come back again you are never alone on here love to you diddle x


Totally agree with all said above, look forward to chatting soon Lou x


Hi angie,

Its lovely to meet you. :)

Yes i agree that everyone on here are lovely and help each other so much. :)

Speak soon, kel xxx


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