My compatriates

My compatriates

These are my two compatriots (Mr Benajamin is the hairy one and Poppie is the tiny Jack Russell ) whodaily attempt to keep me sane...........don't let on to them but they re on a lost cause. They are great cos when I have migraines and have to stay in bed all day they seem to know and don't make any demands on me. They must be bursting by the time I get to let them out, but they never have accidents in the house.

My previous little JR saved my life when I had an op and then the wound broke open and Gertie nipped my cheek to wake me.......once the paramedics arrived they said that if I'd bled for 20 mins longer I might well have died, so I she was my most special ever little dog. Does anyone have pets who have done remarkable things for them?

F...iest xx

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  • Ummm well not sure if it counts as remarkable... I have a pet snake who hates my OH but loves me so if my OH is being annoying I just ask him to give Leroy some fresh Water it's too awkward for me to lift in and out of his tank, and watching my OH prance about trying to avoid the snake and the snake pretending to attack him is hilarious

    Grins evilly and hides her reply from said OH ;)

  • OMG. VG, a snake? Eeeeeekkkk. Methinks I'm with your OH on this and goes away into her thickest of thick fogs to hide from the evil grinning, snake owning VG, not knowing when the aforementioned snake might appear. :-/

  • Oh you will know.... he is 5 feet long ... He's pretty noticeable and he comes when I call him... :)

  • Uhh ohhhh sssssssnake........please please don't call him VG. I will inevitably fall to the floor, unconscious because of my terror........heeellllpppp

  • Looks innocent :-/

  • We have a labrador called Rambo. We have had him since he was 8 weeks old. On the day we got him he was hankering around our daughter and would not leave her alone. We thought it was just the upheaval of leaving his mummy. But she took ill that very night and it was difficult to get near her as even at 8 weeks he was trying to protect her. So now even though our daughters illness shows no warnings signs, he always knows and sticks to her like glue. He is nearly four and he was born on Easter Sunday, odd eh xxxxxx

  • I've heard from a friend who is a vet that dogs are so special because they have the ability to know when some is likely to have an epileptic fit, and even diagnose cancer. Amazing ! x

  • my budgies give me reason to get up, they make me smile, keep me company, constantly surprise me - saying new things, and comfort me when I cry or am sad.

  • I agree, unless I have a migraine, my dogs give me a reason to get up and get myself together to take them out. Luckily we live about a hundred yards from fields which we can walk through.,..l. When I'm really unwell they even take themselves there without me having to worry

  • my dogs are my reason for getting up in the morning (but not keen on the 5am

    wake ups.)my older dog (11 year old buster)decides where he wants to walk in the mornings and me and my other dog (5 year old Annie)have to go where he wants(within reason)can be out fro up to an hour and a half with all the stops.they are always there for me especially when I have a bad day and feeling down.

  • Plans to creep into Sandra's and teach her budgies some very NEW words ;)

  • ohh fibrofoggiest

    you are blessed with 2 poochiful little poochies!

    we all need something to keep us sane but wow VG hahaha omg made me laugh! and theres me in the circus on about snakes with you and never even actually realised you had one for real hahaha

    i have a lovley long haired white german shepherd is so good and we have 2 kittens (well a bit bigger now ) they are amusing and the dog and kittens together is a real site to watch as one of kittens absolutely adores her!

    we had another family cat and another white german shepherd who we took in (long story but she was our dogs younger sister)

    only my dog and our previous cat slept together ate together and dog washed her, then we took in our dogs sister from a millionaire who said she not doing her job rite?!?!? anyway she had no idea what being inside was like we reallylooked after her but i sensed something with her and our cat! in the end a few month back she killed the cat and the dog we took to a home as the cat was my daughters cat and she was absolutely mortified .

    she wanted another cat 2 days later so thats why we have 2 more kittens .. they all get on extremely well and remind us of our cat as looks the same but long haired .

    my dog also knows when am not good and i think the kittens do too as they sleep on me and one of them sleeps near my neck where usually i have to take weight off as it really badly hurts.

    pets are like our family and they make a world of differeence no matter what pet you have.

    a snakey thoo a scarf comes to mind if need the comfort lol bless funny xxxxxx

    ohh that was a lovely post xxxxxxx Thanks caroline

  • Your poor daughter, I know when our dog died when I was about 11-12 I was gutted she was riddled with cancer poor thing, she never complained, we didn't know she was even ill till my mum took her for a walk while I was at school, shee collapsed mum took her to the vets mum said they x-rayed her and that they found loads of tumours and she was sent to sleep there and then as it would have been to cruel to make her live any long, I came home to a quiet house wondering what was wrong and where our dog was that was when my mum told me about Tammy being so ill, I still remember her don't know what breed she was but she had realy soft fur. Big gentle hugs. Sithy

  • Oh your dogs are so sweet,really lovely. I love seeing photos of people's pets. My dogs are very special to me as a lot of you know. I will try and put some pics up?

    Ali xx

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