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do any of you use OFO (orthosis) foot/ankle brace

I have been told to wear these when sat and when in bed. I am unable to use in bed as when they are on the bedding seems to secure itself to them and I cannot move my lower legs and this is a problem for comfort and getting out of bed in the night. if any of you use these can you please let me know how you get on with them please x

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Hi just a little suggestion it may help if you place a sheet of strong plastic carrier bag across the bottom bit of your bed for the brace to slide on. Hope it helps! xgins


hi gins, thanks for your suggestion I will give it a try. x belinda


sorry just re-read my post it should say UFO NOT OFO


Hi bbstport, my daughter has had different types of splints over the years but currently wears SAFO's which are soft silican splints on her legs and feet. She doesn't have fibro though but has Spinocerebellar Ataxia and they keep her feet and ankles in a good position for walking and without them she would have had to have foot surgery by now. I must admit I haven't heard of needing to wear them in bed. It must be very uncomfortable. Maybe Gins suggestion of some sort of plastic in the bed would help. I hope that they help you. Best wishes



I am trying gins response tonight but only going to put one on and see how it goes. I have to wear them in bed and if I am sitting for a while.

x Belinda


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