do you feel better on anti-boitics? Clarithromycin

hi everyone

i was prescribed a weeks course of antibiotics yesterday for an infection, i had my first dose yesterday evening. today i have felt great, have got loads done, less fatigue, only a little stiffness when i woke up, i can think clearly and talk properly. when i think of it over the years i have always felt better on antibiotics. i have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia but i believe i have ME as well.

i did a quick google and antibiotics have been trialed for ME. i hope i'm not jumping the gun and feeling crap tomorrow, i know its only a day but i' so excited this might work, i don't know if my gp would let me stay on them long term. does anyone have experience of this, please? thank you

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  • Dear adapting,

    Love your moniker. :)

    I've been on antibiotics for the past 3 months. I have weeping leg wounds caused by the Lasix {Furosemide} I HAVE to take for the ascites. So I traded in the ascites for edema in my legs/feet...lovely. :(

    It doesn't make me feel better but it doesn't make me feel worse either.

    Long term antibiotics is not recommended but sometimes is the best course of action on a case by case basis. I would certainly talk to your Doctor and see how he/she feels about it.

    Good luck

    ~Sha :)

  • Strange you say that but I started antibiotics for a severe dental infection two days back and my general aches and pains apart from the tooth and gum ache and a headache have been much better. Ihad put it down to my having to rest. Intriguing.x

  • Hi

    I feel their must be some link as I know some on PMR site say symptoms of stiffness aches and pains are less on antibiotics .

  • I have been using antibiotics for about 6 years the doc said I had rosecea after getting a rash on one side of my face, I thought looked like chicken pox, I also get ulcers in my mouth and small blisters on my head neck and fingers so would question that diagnosis, as it is supposed to effect just round your nose and cheek area, but can be bothered as he basically put it on repeat pescription and I just get a pescription everytime I have an outbreak and yes I have noticed everytime I start a course I feel much better.

  • Hi adapting, I usually feel better on them, some years ago when I had to go to a and e with pain in stomach, was told have deep seated infection inside my body (cannot remember exactly where). they told me I might be better taking low dose of antbioctics for life. hope this helps x

  • Hi hun- you sound like you do what I do- a bit of energy and I use it up instead of pacing, antibiotics can sometimes make you tired as they do their job.. I too have been told I have M.E and CFS , off to hydro pool later I love being sunken in the warm pool.

  • I got similar results. Then read that antibiotics leech out magnesium from bones and make it available on a cellular level. So, I now take Mag. supplements and am much better. I had tested low on magnesium but the doctor didn't do anything about that before I drew this conclusion.

  • funny you say that. I have recently had a lengthy dose of clarithrymicin and I felt well and like you symtoms reduced. just had a bit of metallic taste in mouth.

    my skin and hair also improved. once fineshed the course in a couple of days back to yuk.

    enjoy a few days of better x

  • If you search in the NRAS portion of the board for minocycline, you will find a lot of my posts that talk about this exact thing. There may be a few in the Fibro section too since I have both (and Sjogrens among other things...) To answer your question, I have been on antibiotics since November 2015 and I feel pretty good.. Still take a lot of sleep, but not nearly as much pain. Also, take a look at the "Road Back Foundation" and it will give you even more answers in their FAQ section. Best of luck!

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