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18 years of pain

I've coped with fibro for 18 years now but thought I had it under control! What a big mistake that was. Why all of a sudden does the whole of my body hurt? Even my finger nails hurt. I have no idea why now. I didn't do anything different, my meds remain the same, I have no emotional upsets, there is nothing I can put my finger on that sparked this off. I'm angry with fibro as no warnings. WHY?

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That is indeed the eternal question I was diagnosed with fibro 23 years ago and a few months after I felt almost normal certainly well enough to drive go out hold down a full time job, I thought I had been misdiagnosed , then after 7 years with just the odd bout of chostochondritis treated with painkillers fibro crept up on me with a vengeance ... I now have great night meds but am still struggling to get the daily day pain under control as I am intolerant to so many meds.

have you been to your GP to talk this over and get a med reveiw after 20 years my old meds suddenly decided to stop working and make me feel ill... I personally hate taking meds but my body needs them to function .

Fingers crossed for some relief

VG x


That's the problem with fibro - these sudden flares that knock you back. I find that plenty of rest and maximum pain meds are the only things that get me through.

Flares seem to last about three weeks on average - longer if you don't take care of yourself!

I shouldn't laugh, but what you said about your fingernails rang a bell. With me it's toenails - even when I'm barefoot, my toenails feel as though I'm wearing tight, pinchy shoes. It's horrible - how can you get comfy shoes when you feel pinched even barefoot?

As VG says it's wise to get a review from your GP to see if your medication can be adjusted, but you will have to take it easy until your flare passes.

Hope you're better soon.

Moffy x


Hi Very-Grumpy, great name by the way. I have reviewed my meds about 6 months ago, I did change a few & like you found a few I can't tolerate. My meds are all working great now & I was beginning to think I'm enjoying life again, the BOOM like a time bomb it hit me!


Hi Ladymoth, I have work tomorrow so I guess taking it easy will be on hold, I only work 4 half hours a day but have to be on the ball as I work in a call centre & need to have answers & quickly. I would love to take it easy until I feel better but doubt that's gonna happen as life goes on wether we can or not! I know what you mean about shoes & toe nails, they too hurt, it is weird & if it didn't hurt so much I would find it funny, maybe when it passes I will. I feel like I'm finding everything more intense now I hurt, do you feel this too?


Hi everyone, I've been getting pains in my toe nails and it never occurred to me that its too do with the Fibro! I'm not wearing shoes or slippers but my big toe nail is hurting me and I've checked to see what's wrong but I can see anything, at least I know I'm not imagining it and other people are experiencing the same as mem I'm going to ask my pain consultant if she would increase my morphine patch as I'm getting more pains in my lower half now! Just when I thought everything was running along smoothly and my fall the other day I'm sure didn't help it!! x


I too have been in pain a similar length of time, most probably longer, pain and other meds just take the edge off. I find if I go out the house it takes days after to recover but i also find the changing in the weather not necessarily cold weather effects me in the same way as a flare up. I remember as a child feeling the same but the just called it growing pains back then lol xx


Very much the same for me too Fibro, as a child they said it was prob arthritis, blood tests never showed it though. For some reason we tend to take longer to get over events Aisha. Wouldn't it be great to just trip fall get up & carry on, it take a week to get back to norm, well it does for me anyway.


I've not been very kucy with fibro it knocked me on my backside 20 years ago and have been struggling to stand up ever since well thats how it feels, I get waves of pain so it makes it very hard to cope with you just think its eased off and it hits you again wham, I went to pain management they talked about pacing yourself well it don't work on me it don't matter if I do a little or a lot I always fweel like I been run over by a truck, ah well suchbis life I think I might try for forty winks as been up most of night with my ruddy left ankle complaining on top of the usual suspects, my back, shoulders, neck well you get the picture whith I being waves it can jump about so you can hurt in more than 1 place but my oh says “you can only hurt in 1 place at a time”, I just dropped my phone just had wat felt like fire in my hands that's a new one will have to tell Dr when I go on Wednesday. Enoughe droning I think I may have gone off topic sorry peeps . Sithy


Ps I've had fibro diagnosed for 20 years but may have hadd it as a child growing pains they called it then.


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