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I went to my doctors and he is now sending me for more tests, to see if the fibro is linked to arthritis. He asked me if I might be pregnant or going through the change., I sat and laughed at him,,,,,, I had a hysterectomy last sept and have been on hrt ever since, nothings changed. I told him the bottom of my feet hurt and can be quite painful, he told me not to wear high heels as this can cause problems I wear dolly shoes in summer and flat boots in winter. he told me that I can change meds but he cant guarantee they will work, he said but not many people believe in fibro so i wouldn't try to get any benefits as your not likely to get them now. feel that I have no hope and just keep being prodded and poked. how long does this have to go on for.

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Evening Ronald,

I do believe they are linked the arthritis and the fibro - I have both and it is a PAIN to put it mildly. My rheumatologist has put me through 5 years of testing prodding and poking and now I am signed back into the community to be looked after. I am really worse than I started tough I have learnt to balance my pain control. I wish you luck xgins



If my doctor told me that I would be looking for a new doctor. Fibro is a medically recognised disorder, by WHO, the NHS and it appears on the DWP's own A to Z list of illnesses. Your doctor sounds pretty clueless and unhelpful. Not knowing you have had a hysterectomy makes him sound like a right idiot. Please see if you can change over to someone who is a bit more clued up and actually knows what he is talking about.


There are a number of members on here who get benefits because they have fibro so again he doesn't have a clue. Take no notice of this numpty.


hiya i have both f/m and o/a and was told they are linked

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I have fibro and RA - my rheumatologist says it may have been RA all along, not fibro, but who knows, who cares - it's b* painful whatever it is!

The noticeable thing is that since my diagnosis of RA, I get taken seriously - when it was supposed to be fibro, I was always being told that it was 'all in your head, dear!'

Doctors should listen to their patients - this is what they are taught at med. school, but so few of them actually remember this essential fact, and we need t o remind them from time to time!

Moffy x


Have same as lady moth x


Me too, They say fybro can follow on from RA, the treatment is very different for each though so it's. best to try and get a proper diagnosis.


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