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Ouch ! my bleeping ribs !

My ribs really hurt ! looking back, it started before I had fibro CTD sjogrens. It started with pain at the bottom of my left ribs , but not as painful as both ribs get now . I don't always have this and have never really pursued it, just figured trapped wind!

Also, I have a large cyst on my right overy , so I asked , " is that why my ribs hurt ?" but no .

Any one else ??

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This sounds like where I get my worst of all fibro pain. my gp said it is the largest muscle and boy when it kicks off, it really knows how!! It travels round the back into the shoulder blade.

I would always say, anything new you're worried about, check it just in case. Wish you the best of luck. Tulip x


Sounds like Chostochondritis the first thing I developed with fibro.. It's where the ligaments that join the ribs become inflamed and incredibly sore it can be mistaken for a heart attack until you have the usual tests and they come back clear... Sometimes early on physio can help ... Some people get it occasionally others like myself have it all the time ... Please ask your GP for a diagnosis to be sure

VG x


why do I learn everything about fibro from here?its more than any doctor has explained /told me.


Because the medical profession can't admit to, 'don't know'.

Fibromyalgia is simply a case of you telling a doctor that you're in pain, all over and him translating it into latin and spouting it back to you.

IMHO, FM is not a diagnosis, merely a description. There is no cure and the, 'scientists', and 'specialists', who we all defer to have neither an understanding of what causes it, nor any clue as to how to treat it.

You will learn, as I have, far more by carrying out your own research, including regularly visiting discussion groups such as this.

Along with so many other, 'syndromes', etc. It is just very highly paid people taking an enormous amount of time to say, 'haven't got a clue'.


I get pains under my ribs - all the way round as though I'm wearing a tight belt. It won't go until I have a lie-down, so it has to be muscular.

It's a right pain in the bum - and ribs!

Moffy x


Is so true we learn more on here than from our drs! Hope you get some relief soon,I get costichronditis too so you have my uttermost sympathy xxx


I have this all the time and sometimes it is worse than others.It is worse when bending either forward or to the side. Bra's hurt but I am big busted so have no choice but wear them . xx


Join the club!! BUT I have a very good reason for it, I am just 5 weeks post-op after a heart bypass, and I tried to do a bit of something yesterday, which I didn't think would be a problem, but this morning I felt like I'd been hit with a truck!!! And all I did was polish ONE shelf and stood some framed pics of my grandkids on it!!!

That'll teach me to ignore the suggestions from my cardiax rehab team to 'do virtually nothing' until my checkup in two weeks time :-(


I have this tho the dr I saw at the time just said "imflammation".on my last appt my DR actually said "bloating".on advice from fellow bloggers I am not going to eat shredded wheat or chocolate fro a week and see if this makes a difference.they are the only two items I have every day.i still believe I have a cyst which is causing problems .will see what happens after a week(or 2)and as recommended if it makes no difference then go back to my dr and say it has to be something else-don't think its the gallstones tho I don't know how long I have had them -dicsovered in a private scan in January which my dr wouldn't do previously.


Hello, I have had problems with my Ribs on the left side more than 25 years ago it started before Fibro was in my life! I've been told its Neuropathetic pain and there isn't much they can do to make it go away, I'm under the Pain Clinic, I was having Cro- therapy. But the hospital I was going to their machine broke and to expensive to fix it, so what they give me now isn't as good! Aisha x


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