Exercising to ease pain??

Hi everyone,

Have not been on for a while as not been to well with Fibro hip leg pain I have recently started to diet and do some exercise as I have been told it can improve symptoms of Fibro been sticking to it for 1 month and lost some weight but as the weeks go on and the more exercise I do its having the complete opposite effect the hip pain is reduced alot but everywhere else has started to hurt/ache.......I know some amount of muscle pain is expected with exercise but im really in alot of pain! Just wondered if it could be fibro kicking into whole body now??

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  • Good Morning, mrsz, I've had Fibro for 30 years. Extremely severe. I used to do the Treadmill and it took me awhile to realize that it was causing more pain. The hip pain is horrible. I'm so sorry. You need to find the right kind of exercise to do. I have an elliptical and it is excellent. I need two knee replacements and it doesn't bother my knees. I absolutely love it. I can do my arms and legs at the same time and read a book and listen to music. It is a wonderful machine and well worth any amount you pay for one. We must exercise it does make us feel better all the way around. The fatigue, pain and everything gets better. Also if you can juice for a few days and remove toxins from your body that is a wonderful cleanse for the inflammation. Love and blessings to you, Josana.

  • Hello im sorry for what you are going through I have had fibro for 3 years since breaking my hip giving birth to my child but it was only diagnosed 6 months ago after many referrals to consultants then physios and rhumatology its agony but trying to learn to live with it I have access to a cross trainer I shall try this thankyou

  • Hi I have been haveing the same problem .

    At pain managment clinic was given exercises to do for my joints have a lot of pain in my hips legs and other joints she said my joints were to stiff witch was the cause of the pain took her abvice after a few weeks the pain was megger got up on friday morning of last week could not walk as pain was shooting from my hip, grone down my left leg,

    Thankfully my daughters came as earlyi could not get down stairs only way i could move around was useing the walls furniture and units ,So will be telling her next If only they could feel the pain were in dayly in all the joints,xx

  • Im sorry about what you are going through I wake up really stiff sometimes and it takes me a good few hours to even become functional I wouldnt mind so much if I were older but I am 27 and feel like my life is over before it has begun. I will look into hydro as I think there is one local to me will see how I get on with that x

  • Hello yes I find in general the exercise helps my over all body movements motions im slightly more flexible and dont wake up so stiff any more which is a plus side and ive also lost some weight but now the pain is back and making it difficult to do the exercises to reap the benefits from it haha! I need to find a balance I think and do less days

  • Hi Mildred56, I love my elliptical because i exercise my whole body and no extra pain. I also stretch in bed before i get up. I am moving and will be near a pool so I am going to go at least walk in the pool and get in the hydro pool. Seems like all of my time is taken with making myself feel better. Love and blessings, Josana

  • Hi,

    exercise does help but you have to learn to pace and know your limits. You need to stop before the pain starts. It takes a very long time to get the blanace right, I have found. I used to be a ballet dancer so did a lot of exercise but lived in constant pain. It's all about balance.

    Gentle hugs


  • Thankyou very much yes going to try to find a balance I think as ive been working out 6 days a week think I may have to reduce it to 4 so it gives my muscles time to rest and recover x

  • Hi mrsZ

    I am so sorry to read this and I would definitely discuss this issue with your GP and / or Physio as the exercises that you are doing may be too vigorous and it could be that you need some more gentle exercises in your routine?

    I want to wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Thankyou yes I think I shall have to see a GP about this as I am no longer with physio I may have to be referred back to them at some point in the future

  • Agreed. I had a bit of physio for mine (personal exercise plan) and do tai chi. The main thing seems to be to keep the joints and muscles moving, but not training for a marathon. Yes, stop if it's bad pain. I go for long walks on a weekend and while I'm out I forget the pain - it only comes back when I stop. Distraction therapy :)

    You don't say what you're doing but swimming also seems popular.

    How about little and often. I don't know what time you have but how about spreading the work over more but smaller sessions?

  • Hello Thankyou for messaging me I have been doing exercise on either the exercise bike or the Wii fit board as these are the only ones I can manage for now.....ive been doing this for just over 1 month and at first the pain went away almost completely and I was amazed but as the weeks have been going by im back to feeling alot of pain tired lethargic and really dont feel like doing the exercises anymore even though I am continuing as I am losing some weight as I go along...

  • my physio kept saying "Pace yourself". It's an oft used term. Just don't overdo it. I have something similar. Just a pair of pedals you use from your own chair (not much space in my flat) It's ok, and a basic "rowing trainer", just a piece of strong elastic with toe and hand holds. I have a real bike which I really enjoy. Just don't do it until it hurts. I'm sure it helps as long as you're able to but there may come a point when you cant. We're all different.

    Good luck :)

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