Feet pain

Hi everyone :-)

Does anybody no or have themselves feet pain? My feet hurt to stand on, the arch underneath feels like it's going to tear and burns? Also my heals are hurting? Going doctor's Monday but do you think it's fibro pain? I'm having alot more pain in places like front of thighs, pelvis and feet. Can anybody help? Feeling like a hypochondriac :-(

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  • Keelybee Iv got all those pains especially my feet are numb painfull I believe they are Fibr symtoms

  • You are not a hypochondriac if you feel pain then you have pain no matter what the cause. When I go to see my GP I always write down what I need to address so nothing is overlooked, when all your symptoms are looked at as a whole you may get a better outcome to your visit, just an idea. I hope you get some relief soon. xx

  • Good idea I will write a list so I don't forget anything.. Thanks x.

  • my foot/arch pain was enough to stop me walking and raise my foot until it eased.I did that(write things down) whenever I saw my GP but he wouldn't acknowledge it.i have cold numb left foot could be sign of diabetes tho it was fobbed off by GP as "I cant see anything".Also told I have the beginning of arthritis in my hips.

  • Hi sorry to hear you're having so much pain. I to get pain in my heals and can't walk, please don't think that you are a hypochondriac that's the way it gets you feeling. I have a good doctor and she said you can get pain any where in the body. I have it in ankle,wrists,Hip some days every where.

    Best to get it checked though, hope doc sorts it for you,let me know if it is fibro. Gentle hugs trace😊

  • I will keep you posted Tracey. I'm interested to see if it is a fibro thing x

  • Hey trace so went the doctor's and she seemed to the the fascist was inflammation, wasn't worried about it as my feet are ok after rest! So looks like another random pain I have to live with... Oh the joys! X

  • Hi glad you're feet ok after rest, I hate these random pains, never know where the pain will be next lol.have you been diagnosed with fibromyalgia? Have you had it long? I am new to all of this.Hope your pains not to bad today. Put your feet up and let everyone else run around for you😃

    Trace x

  • Hey hun, been suffering for around three year's , after many doctor's/hospital and tests they have put it down to fibro around 6 months ago. I think I got it after I had a tumor removed from my right wrist, wasn't cancer luckily but I think all the stress from it brought it on. Have you been suffering long?

    I think not knowing when this pain will peak is the hardest thing to handle and coming to terms that you won't get better.

    I am officially having a lazy day LOL x

  • I was diagnosed 4 months ago after 3 years of tests,I had breast cancer 4 years ago and it spread to my lymph nodes stage 3. (Sorry my daughter popped in,) while I was answering you.anyway just after treatment i started having pains in my ankle,it then spread to all over body pain.after loads of tests, I was diagnosed by a rheumatologist as having fibromyalgia.

    So although I am in pain at least its not the c word,that's what I keep telling myself when I am up in night and tired.

    Hope you managed to have your lazy day!!

    Let me know how your doing😃

    Trace x

    Ps so like you I think that's what triggered it off x

  • hi Keeleybee, I have very similar problems, but can't definitively say it's only a fibro thing. but I do know what you mean.

  • I get cramps often, the plantar fascia goes into spasms and really hurts. My big toe goes into the most peculiar angle. Its pain is nasty. I also have neuropathy in both feet, it feels like fag burns or red hot needles in my feet

    Its best to go to gp cos you need to get your feet pain checked

  • My feet are painful when I first get out of bed, it wears off by the time I get downstairs.

    Do you think it could be Plantar Fasciitis?


  • Thank you, just read the link :-) x

  • Mine to due to nerve damage and diabetic neuropathy.

  • I had this and doc said it was plantar fascilitis -had physio .and given insoles to wear

  • Hi Keeluber I get that feeling too. My left foot has a fallen arch, it's definately worth mentioning to goo. I find that on the same side, my left, hip, leg and Evan my torso shoulder, everything gets sore all at the same time, my physio has suggested it could stem from the posture created by the inward roll of that foot affecting everything on that side.

    I have invested it good Clarks shoe/boots that lace up and high a good sore with quite high insteps. I've to ask about orthotic insoles referral at physio but forgot.

    I don't know if that helps, it's just my take on it.

    I hope you get some relief, oh, I found magnesium tablets helped a wee bit with leg and foot pain too.


  • Autocorrect fail, meant to say Keelybee x

  • Thanks, is fallen arch visible? Could you see it was fallen from just looking at your feet x

  • Sorry it took me so long to answer.

    I found this description on the NHS site.


    For me, I can tell looking when my feet are flat on the floor, there is so visible lift in where it should have a raised but in the arch.

    Hope this is of use to you x

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read this and I sincerely hope that you can get some answers at the doctors on Monday.

    My feet ache chronically after I have been standing on them for while. I have taken to wearing canvas shoes most of the time to try and alleviate some of the pain.

    I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Hello keeeleybee that does sound like fibro cos my feet hurt sometimes but not that bad

  • Hi Manu2015, I have this feeling every now and then for year's but at the minute it's hard to walk.... Around 12 year's ago my ball of my feet would just hurt and I'd get really bad migraines I really think this was start of my fibro. X

  • Hello keeeleybee it is the start of fibro I hope u get it confirmed when u go to the docs let me know how u get on matthew

  • I have foot pain where it burns and the foot hurts including the heel but also the toes. Dr is looking at mortons neuroma would Defo get it checked out x

  • I get a lot of pain in m feet and ankles and burning in my knee's, legs and ankle's which is the fibro x

  • Do you suffer from diabetes. That's must explain the cause of the pain.

  • No not I no of x

  • My feet are the same, some days it feels like walking on broken bones and I dread putting my feet down. At moment in agony all over,overdid it yesterday moving furniture. I've been diagnosed with fibromyalgia by rhuematologist but I don't think my doctors take it seriously, the only one who did has just left the practice. You're not a hypochondriac though.

  • I no the doctor's just expect us to get on with it, mine just likes to give me tablets. X

  • Morning keelybee. Well I'm no expert but sounds like fibro to me have all the pains and in other places too. When you see drs tomorrow get some pain relife my pain relief doesn't stop pain but numbes its so its easier to cope with. Big hugs hun Deb xx

  • Thanks debs hugs back. It drive's me nuts because the pain just appears one minute I can't walk properly then the next I cant use my arms. When people ask me what's wrong I actually just say nothing now because people must just think I'm making it up! So I pretend it's nothing LOL x

  • I know what you mean I was sitting watching film last night, I went to get up and my hand gave way and I ended on my knees. I just got up said nothing, my husband couldn't believe it he wanted to know what was wrong I said oh my arm just stopped working he was so shocked I was just so calm about it. But as I said to him. If I give in to it all where would I be. Lol the things we do. Hugs hun xx

  • Oh hun, bless ya yep you can't give up. Me and my hubs have a private comment which he plays along with even tho we no its not true I always say 'tomorrow I will be better' he always agrees bless him. Must be hard for them to see us when we're at our worst. Yesterday morning I couldn't hardly move he didn't no what to do. X

  • I know. In a way I pleased he goes to work it gives him normality. Im so glad we have them by our side. I don't know where I would be without him. Keep strong hun. Xx

  • And you :-) survivors through and through! X

  • Hi Keelebee

    I get these foot pains too and my doc says its to do with Fibro and worst of all I am on my feet a lot in my job 😢 hope you get sorted too

  • Oh Larah I take my hat off to anyone who has a physical job and fibro x

  • Thanks Keeleybee😄

  • Hi, this sounds like the symptoms I had that kicked everything else off. I was diagnosed with planter facieitis (not sure on spelling). I was taught to walk properly as I was not stepping correctly. I also had acupuncture, which I had to stop after the 2nd session as found it excruciatingly painful. Then everything else kicked off. Hip bursers, fibro, ME, hypothyroidism, CTS. The list just keeps growing.

    I hope you get answers from your Dr as not knowing is the worst.

    Gentle hugs everyone xxxx


  • Hey manda, did you acupuncture in your feet???? That would really freak me out hahahaha niddles in feet is a no no for me. Iv had acupuncture in my arm's which was fine tho but made me sore. X

  • I have feet and hands pain the feet the best I can describe it as I did to my specialist it's like I have been out for the evening and danced in high heals that's how describe the pain. And the hands like I have been writing for hours. He understood wot I meant he said. Hope that helps xx

  • I have pain in my hands as well. X thanks x

  • If the pain is the same in both feet I would think it's fibro. I went to a foot clinic because it was much worse in my left foot, to the point I was limping everywhere!

    The lady there asked my GP to send me for an ultrasound on that foot, and they discovered an enlarged bursa between two of my toes. I was given a cortisone injection into the bursa, and after a few days of increased achiness the pain has gone. It's still early days, as I haven't walked far on it yet, but I'm hoping it might have solved that problem. MariLiz

  • I hope it has worked :-) x

  • I agree that it sounds like it could be fibro. Whilst I don't walk a lot due to back issues, right this moment my foot ( and hands) are tingling and painful. At times I have to remove shoes as they hurt too much.

    That said I also have planter fasciitis except I don't walk enough to flare it up. With it being in both feet an xrays can easily show this as you have an extra bone formation called a heel spur.

    It's always worth having symptoms checked as it's too easy to say they are all just........ whatever the main illness is. I had this where everything was arthritis . My shoulder pain which I thought was fibro was an impinged nerve. So it just pays to have it checked

  • Pop in Chinese Health shop and buy a Oil (easy oil). This oil helped me so much with my legs pain at night. U also can by from Amazon. amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B00513...

  • foot pain is something i've had on and off since childhood, never really been investigated properly so i can't say for sure if it is fibro or not, but since the diagnosis i've just assumed that's what it is and a part of me mentally tries to argue it was a very early fibro warning sign everybody missed lol

  • I think mine was to and the horrid migraines. If only we New hey. Well my feet are up and I'm relaxing today. Film's - sofa - may even nap! X

  • Not at the moment thank goodness but a while back I had terrible pain and it felt as if there was no flesh on the soles of my feet and I was walking directly on the bones. My GP referred me to podiatry and they made some insoles to cushion the sore bits. Hope you get something to help you x

  • Thank you :) oh that sounds so painful.... Mine feels like the muscle in my arch is tearing or my skin is ripping and pain in heals. It will be top of my list ttomorrow when I'm at the doctors! X

  • Hi. I have suffered most of my life with my feet and because of the high arch and turned toes I was told that I had charcot Maria tooth disease. Have ever been tested for it. I was then told that I have fibromyalgia. To be honest I can't give you a answer. Maybe you could go to a foot clinic. I really feel for you its awful.

  • Your anything but! I've just discovered today that this is common with people who have fibromyalgia. I've been having a lot of pain and tenderness in my feet and considered buying gel insoles to ease the pain.

    Amazed at how many people have this. X

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