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Well I dont believe it! I got a phone call on Sat night at 6 45pm from a doctor who is going to visit me at home on 30th July at 9 30am from work and pensions. Doing a check up only wish it could be when i am in a flare up and in alot of pain, instead of just the everyday pains.

Has anyone else had this type of visit recently? Any pointers as to what i should or shouldn't say? any info would be appreciated. X

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  • Hello there Karencw, thank you for your question. I haven't actually had a visit from a DWP Doctor, but I found some info from people who have had the visit and if you scroll up and down you can read their comments. Hope something on there is useful and gives you some idea what to expect. I expect cases differ slightly, but a general idea could help you. Click on the link below :) -


  • One thing I have picked up whilst looking for info for you is that you should have a repeat prescription handy in case the DWP Doctor wishes to see a list of your meds. Also any letters from Doctors, Consultants etc with evidence of your Fibro etc. Keep a note of important dates, when you had your first symptoms, when you were diagnosed etc.

    Hopefully some members who have had their own visit will post some more pointers and hints for you to help you too. :)

  • If you go on the Benefits and Work site they give you advice about visits.

  • hi im awating my home visit on thurs,, i am a member of benefits and work and tried to get advice im searching home visits and theres nothing coming up, any advice on what to type in to search?

  • Thank you for your replies, much appreciated, started getting myself in a tissy already x

  • Hi karencw, so pleased they actually phoned you first to arrange your appointment, at least it gives you a few days to prepare. If you read my comments, you will find that a DWP doctor visited, without a prior arrangement, therefore everything should be fine for you, just make sure you have someone with you to help you and answer the door etc, I was advised to have everything I needed around me i.e. medicine, ID and any drinks etc. good luck and don't worry, it will be over in a flash, poppy1 (Justine) x

  • Thanks Justine for our reply i just get myself worked up over these things, hate having to try and prove that we are ill and live a life of hell alot of the time, but on the outside you look ok. x

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