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When I got put into wrag group I attended job centre interview as required and was told I didn't need to go to work related activity but when benefit ended it would be compulsery.ESA ended 2weeks ago and because my husband works we get no entitlement to anything. I don't g et DLA I applied got turned down and couldn't face the appeal process. Went to see adviser last week and she put me forward to attend interskill training, I went they said as I wasn't on benefits so I shouldn't be there, but she said sit in the induction while we contact job centre. I sat listening to a kid telling me what I was reading on the screen, pointless then he said we would have to attend for 4 hours a day 4 days a week! Got up and left told them that it was far more than I could cope with and nothing to do with helping a personwith my illness. She then said well your not supposed to be here any way because you don't receive benefits. I'm in such a state now what the hell do I do now????

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  • Gentle hugs. Typical of the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing. No small wonder you are in a state and don't know where to turn. Wish I could help but I haven't a clue who you need to see to get this sorted. I am sure someone else here might know though.



  • Thanks Jilly I hope someone knows.

  • Hi there topsy, I think a visit to the CAB may be a good idea so that you can appraise them of exactly what has gone on and then they will have a good idea of what is going on. If you can take any papers you have, correspondence with ATOS and the DWP etc., then that will all be ammunition that they can work with. They know how to phrase things to get the best results and have a huge amount of information and knowledge at their fingertips.

    I hope this may be of help :-)

    Foggy x

  • That's terrible treatment I am so sorry to hear about your experience. I cannot advice but like foggy said the CAB is probably your best bet. I hope it all works out for you

    Molly44 x

  • CAB is your best option. I hope it moves forward for you.

  • Hi,

    I am in a very similar situation to you, my contribution ESA stopped recently as u had received it for 365 days. I was assessed in Feb 2013 and put in WRAG group. I rang job centre and advised I didn't think this was right as u was too ill to attend meetings. My job centre caseworker took my details & said not to worry and that I needn't attend any appointments. I then got a txt from them advising I didn't need to send sick notes in anymore. In Nov I recieved a letter saying my 365 days was due and I wouldn't receive anymore ESA but would continue to receive national insurance stamps. I rang and said I didn't qualify to receive income related ESA and asked to re-assessed and put into the support group as my condition has worsened since I was assessed last Feb & I recently had surgery. They asked me to put it into writing with my evidence (we did) then I had to fill the big form out again (we did) they rang & told me my case has been sent to Atos but when u ring them they say they don't work to timescales. So at to moment like you I receive nothing. I have a separate claim for PIP ongoing (has been for 8 months since I applied in June) I was assessed 7 weeks ago and again Atos don't work to timescales. I involved my MP before Xmas and it's all still ongoing so like you I'm at my wits end and recovering from the surgery I had 6 weeks ago. Does anybody have any advice on our situation as I also don't know what else I can do :(

    Gentle hugs


  • Hi, I can't give any advice but thought I would warn you of something else ATOS has up it's sleeve. I was on esawg. for the year then I was told to find a job. No way. (my husband gets pension credit so I was added to that.) A year later they wrote asking me to fill in the form again. (???) So I did. The reply this time was,that I was fit for work so they would no longer pay my N.I...Luckly I have more than enough stamp, thanks to them moving my pension. I just though everyone should be aware of the next man trap. xx Good luck to you all.

  • I may be in same situation soon wat i want to know can you go to doctors and get a sick note for depression or stress and get sick pay

  • FIGHTBACK on facebook.. she is a benefits expert in the legal profession who is helping people in your situation. I haven't checked the page out lately but there used to be a freephone number to ring and she also advises you via email. There is also a lot of help via notes etc. Definitely worth checking out xx

  • Typed in fightback on Facebook but none of the fightback pages are anything to do with the person you mentioned.


    it is a group based in Manchester & you will need to join the group xx

    If you post someone will get back to you & if they can't help then I would pm Michelle she is the main person but she will probably answer your post xx

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