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Today I decided to type up a blog. And here it is. Apologies for any errors along the way.

The title may have you all a bit confused lol. But the last few days I have had awful pain and swelling in my hands. So today I remembered advice given to me many years ago. Do something to loosen the hands up and ease the pain.

So today it was 'get rid of unwanted rubbish LinGnam style. We had some old bird and hamster cages in the shed. They were neither use nor ornament and to be honest I was sick of falling over them when I wanted to put any recycling in the boxes which I keep in the shed too.

So what did I do? I got out hubbys bestest wire cutters, made by a top DIY firm and I attacked the cages with gusto. The wires were easy enough to cut through so off I went. Snip snip here, snip snip there and after two hours I had a small box full of wire cuttings. A whole cage in a such a small box, I was so pleased. I just did the one but only because it had gone dark, or I may have still been out there now.

So why handball?

After sitting here and trying to get some emails off, trying to get some replies on here, I realise I am struggling. I have hands the size of footballs lol and I am sure if I attemtted to punch hubbys lights out I may well do a pretty good job of it at the moment. But jeez guys, it is so painfull. I think I am hitting one key on here and everything is so swollen I hit two instead, having to back track to correct things all the time. So I am tapping away with a giant cotton bud now to get things done.

We fibromites have our days when we think we are invincible, we can do anything. So we try it and then pay the price later. Well now I am paying the price. I strongly suspect that waking up with stiff painful hands each day may be arthritis setting in or rheumatism. So that is the feet and the hands in the treatment bay. And I still have two cages to cut up XXXXXX

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LOL Ozzy - next time you want to exercise your mitts, can't you just do some knitting?

Sorry you're feeling so rough - have you tried some cold packs on your hands? People always look horrified by 'chilly' remedies, but I find cold packs most effective for swelling.

Take it easy, and I like the cotton bud idea - shall try it!

Moffy x


That is the only reason I buy the make up cotton buds as they are a lot bigger than the normal ones you shove in your ears. They never get used for make up as I can no longer keep the arms up long enough to apply it. Today I cut up the last two cages, took me a few hours and not long finished. But as I said I do things LinGnam style. And to make matters worse when I had finished I looked at the wire free floor and thought 'where the hell did all that blood come from?' MEEEEEEEEEEEE, blood everywhere. Huge gash across the back on my index finger on the right hand. So came in and cleaned that up. Still blood coming from somewhere, long gash on inside of left lower arm!!!!!!! So I am now trying to get plasters to stick just until the bleeding stops. And my stupid dog sat there whining for his plaster, so he has gone to sleep with a plaster on his head. What a day, great way to spend my wedding anniversary, up to my elbows in sticky plaster XXXXX


Or my washing up.... Looks hopeful


VG xx


See above VG. No chance of me doing washing up with stingy fingers. Beides you have me following a strict diet following your diet blog, aint that enough for you woman !!!!! XXXXX


Second that!


Nope, I aint done any dishes today at all, so no intentions of doing anyone elses XXXXX


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