Morning so tired today

Morning so tired today

Morning all I cant move this morning I am doubled over with pain and stiffness :/ been looking at the floor for the last hour lol ...... the dreaming is the worst I have know O.o shouting in my sleep now ......I know as it wakes me up all rubbish stuff I dream of and not related to life it self ... Just taken medication yet it is working less and less as I find when the flare up comes it comes bang nothing holds back the stream of it not even the medications :/ ahhhhhhhhhhh well another day to struggle through like us all hugs to all xxxxxxx just had t share with some one as fam just grunt and I am fed up of telling them ........

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  • What a great photo. I think it just sums us up. That was me yesterday come to think of it much of the past 3 weeks. Go back to bed and don't bother getting up have a lazy day( is there any other with us) not that we want it that way we can't manage anything else. Sending you gentle hugs hope you get some relief from meds. X

  • Morning I feel the same as this poor creature -decked- I think is the word my hip and leg seem to be in agony and I am exhausted. nd yet the sun is shinning so there is hope for a good day. :) So Morwenna I send you a cuddle do hope yours eases soon. I am waiting for meds to kick in.!

    Take care go gently or not at all in my case x gins

  • Know just how you feel hope you feel better soon and don't look at the floor till your ready otherwise it will get you down more is there something else a little thing that maybe you can do real hope there is there's always that little something ill do sometime but never do hope you have one of these then maybe the floor some time later and yes lots of relief from the meds love and hugs x

  • Morning Morwenna :)

    I felt like that yesterday LOLOLOL That poor creature looks completely wiped out :-o

    I hope you find some energy soon oats are good ;) if not allergic etc. I find the oat bars a good boost during the day when feeling listless.

    Do you still have your cuddle couch / recliner hun? climb onto it and think of soft, gentle healing things and take 30 mins out to relax :-D, with a cuppa of course! if you'd like

    I can see cotton wool and feathers hope you don't have allergies :-o and plenty of fluffy cuddles too

    take care Morwenna xxxzebxxx

  • awwwwwwwwwwww guys hugs back thank you yep slept recline just perfect zeb73 and all the hugs lol medication has numbed me feel like i am walking on air now lmao have a real strangeness .......ummmm what do i want to say umm sec ... thinking ...... .................................................................................... have a good day all your all fun xxxxx ;D massive gentle hugs to all today .... eyes running and stinging at present hehehhee lmao oh wow is me :D .... going back to rest love xxxxxx

  • Afternoon Morwenna, hmmmm it sums up exactly how I'm feeling today too. I fear mine may be self inflicted as I may well have overdone it yesterday.... Stupid Foggy ....I ache all over and the call of my bed is about to win over I think. It's odd, I didn't sleep too badly last night and yet I'm completely exhausted and think I could fall fast asleep in next to no time.

    I'm sending positive and healing vibes your way and hope that zeb's fluffies will help too - at least they seem in order today and not rioting as they can it seems.....note to self.... speak to Zeb on fluffie control hehehehe :D :D

    Foggy x

  • hehehehehe yep! under control tho one did escape last night :-o

  • lol where did it end up Zeb73 O.o

  • Well I'm sure foggy the fluffie-charmer has possibly got the answer to that Q Morwenna it'll be in one of those baskety things waiting for fogy's next trip out busking :D :D :D :-p

  • Methinks I have an idea exactly where the missing one is AND what it's up to.....beware dear zeb..... it's very badly behaved indeed......... :D :D

  • Being even more dim an the dimmest dim thing Foggy has just realised that her morning meds are still in their box..hhhhmmmm....... oh dear ..... could explain a lot...... bimbles off to take...... Now that's put the cat among the pigeons, but don't tell pip, no doubt she'd have a field day about the cat !!!!

    Foggy x

  • Aw! a girl after my own heart LOL see it happens to us all :D

    Don't mention meowy things to pip, no, no, no that'd be very very silly! :-o


  • She will be lurking around tomorrow methinks and will have a few days worth of whittyness to release upon us. Hehehehe. .... I will need mind diversionary tactics tomorrow :-( my poor ickle Poppie doglet is going to the vets first thing (goodness only knows how I will be up and moving in time to get to the vets by 8.15 :o ) for the op to remove her poorly nail, eeeks my legs ache in sympathy just thinking about it..... So you've got to be horrid to me tomorrow to divert my mind until I know she's come through ok, I'm sure pip will join in if her guests have departed :-)

  • Your wish shall be my command, if you sure you want me to be horrid not really my bag! but I can be a menace :D

  • Menace away then to your heart's content :D :D

  • lmao :D go fribrogoggist :P what the cat ate them ? :O

  • The cat ate the pigeons perhaps :o :o :D

  • lol got face ache at the present .............. sigh fibro fog on the way :/ grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr



  • I've got constant face ache in one way i.e. I'm ugly, :D but also I get trigeminal neuralgia, so you do have my sympathy Morwenna

    Foggy x

  • hheheh thanks Fibro truely have face ache lmao but also hurts when your two make me laugh :D hugs

  • Back to you :d

  • hurts doesn't it I wasn't taking the mickey outta that :-p was just LOLLOLLOLOLing

  • well you do make me laugh and all good :D

  • :P zeb73

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