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hospital appt.last thursday

hi i went saw my spine surgeon on thursday,he says he thinks something else is going on &making me an appointment with the not so sure,as i saw a different one ayr ago who said my op hadnt worked &he thinks i need another op.but my one who did it said no in surprise oh you are disabled!i felt like slapping him,he did this to me!i walked into hospital with backpain,wheeled out never to be the same again!pass the buck i reakon!he did say he would send me a report to have for my assesment though!so now await to see another person to see why im having problems&nerve pain still in legs give way does any one with fb have same problem?thxs sorry for rant,headach from hell &pains hugs to all x

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Hope you not in too much pain Lolly, gentle hugs xxx


aw bless you hope your pain is not too bad now bless you love to you diddle x


Keep your chin up Lollypop, lets hope they sort you out soon. love Angela xx


Lollypop my legs give way often, its the muscles going into spasm

and is not nice at all, hope things work out for you at the Hospital.


Sue x x x x x


thank you everyone for your kind words,feeling bit better today!love to all &hugs xxx


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