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Hobbies anyone?

Morning my fellow fibromites, hope you are as well as possible.

As you may or may not know, my hubby is soon to be leaving blighty for Canada to work permanently only coming home for a month every 3 months. I do not work myself and my children are 8, 15 and 18 so during the day i get somewhat bored. Im trying to think of a hobby that wont be too taxing on me to keep me out of mischief......any suggestions please? x

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You could do some creative writing, Charlii - you seem to write rather well, so maybe you

could take a class and write a best seller!

There's also needlecrafts, painting and drawing - all nice tranquil hobbies which won't be too tiring.

There are lots of things to do with spare time. My favourite hobby is cooking, which is very relaxing, but it's becoming increasingly difficult for me as my hands are very arthritic.

I shall keep going as long as possible, tho' because I love it -and if you can do sugarcraft, it makes a bit of cash as well!

if you do write a best-seller, i shall require a signed copy!

Moffy x


Hiya charlii, I tired to knit a scarf for my daughter lol but as she in austria at the moment skiing the half scarf is still sitting ere oops but helps hands to keep going well for a little while it does till it hurts, rest again and start again if you get it lol marcia x


Great question Charlii, like moffy I am battling arthritis and fibro so any suggestions you get I,ll be looking at with interest as I am having trouble doing my old hobbies. Knitting sewing etc....


What did unlike to do before u were ill ? Or younger

Perhaps u could adapt somthing to you an your perticuler condishens now ?

Im finding swiming lovely. Its bit painfull with my back an carnt go for a bit cus of my op but im assured it will get easier . An as my so called friends have droped like flies i get to talk face to face to real people lol .

Hope u find something that suets you an your personality.

xx kugagirlxx


I didn't work when my children were young, but I used to go into school for half a day to help listen to the children read. Not sure how much you can do, but it's a very worthwhile hobby and not too taxing.


I'm a bit of an arts and crafts girl, so decoupage and card-making is my main hobby. I used to do crochet, cross-stitch, etc, but my hands have cut that down to a minimum. But I draw my own card-toppers, and then make up the cards. As I'm working full-time, I only do it for my family and friends, but - if you enjoy it - you could look into making them for charities to sell.

Hope you find something fun! xx


How about painting by numbers?or even easier colouring by numbers you can get a good result with minimal effort.You can get quite a few for adults on the internet.


My other half bought me an adult dolls house to decorate, add furniture, lighting and flooring etc which I plan to gift to my daughter when she is old enough.

I am also learning (slowly) to play the guitar. I enjoy picking it up and playing some simple songs.

I also like Rummikub online & playing chess/cards with the fella !

If you are academic you can always take up a distance learning course, if something appeals to you or there are many apps for iphones, android phones where you can learn another language maybe?



I have written a book of everyday experience poetry in process of being published nova big seeker but hey all my own work lol

Please be aware that even with your loving kids around you there are going to be dayscwhen you feel so alone you cannot cope on this days DONT give in fall back on us to majesty sure go nuts in the correct happy manner lol

I send my time trying to najecat leastnone person need those big wee wee pad at least once a day.s sorry can't soelk the big word petal


Thanks you for all of your suggestions everyone, its certainly given me food for thought. Kugagirl asked me what i used to like doing before and ive been sat here for ages trying to remember! I worked with paitents in their own homes in what they call "end of life care" and that was such a hard job both physically and emotionally but it was a job i loved and a lot of my social life revolved around that really....oh hang on..that sounds wrong! I meant that my work friends and i, along with their other halves used to socialize out of work but now i dont work, people move on and life changes.

My OH and i used to love going to our local to watch Liverpool or england play as we are both huge fans but its hard now as it gets really busy and OH is in a flap constantly in case i get knocked about which is more than likely.

So, back to the present...i'm no good with anything too fiddly as i have hands like shovels and very little patience i'm afraid. I'm not creative or imaginative, so that knocks out card making and similar things i think. I did toy with the idea of learning to sew on a machine...i think i would like that and my ex husbands wife (dont ask lol) has offered to help me with the basics and even lend me a basic machine until i know if im gonna stick with it as she is so creative and does workshops. Hmmmm.......


hi, i love everything shabby chic so painting old picture frames white an putting pretty pictures in from magazines calenders they look beautiful an also kiddy ones for my grandchild so cheep n cheerful grandchildren and also recovering old boxes you can make them look so pretty to store things in there's lots of little things like this you can do i find it very relaxing me boxroom looks a mess at mo but who cares its something to do instead of watching all the cr-p they put on tv and also have new things for your home the list is endless .hugs to all xx


I took up quilting a year ago and I am making a double quilt, I have made a quilt for my granddaughters dolly. I find it real fun finding the materials and clothes to use.

Gentle Hugs


Bird watching?


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