Hello all.

Do you enjoy hobbies?

I love doing stuff and am a real outside girl at heart. However Fibrodiddeitust 🤔 gets in the way. Often tired before I start😞.

I also reallyneed to learn pacing.

I enjoy a nice book and making tissue paper flowers as it requires brain power (not alot!) But the body gets a rest. Apart from my arms they get tired.

I'd love to hear What you do to keep up your spirits but doesn't zap the brain or body?

my sincere best wishes for your day


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  • Morning Lydiah....What a beautiful flower!! Do you keep them all or sell them? I dabble in art, watercolours mainly but have just started on pastels after one of our group Tess encouraged me with her drawings..I can lose myself in time and forget for a while all the rotten stuff that goes with fibro! One day when I feel confident I shall post one of my drawings....but not yet!! I am also an avid reader...love a good book thank goodness for charity shops or I would be skint!!! Watch very little television but listen to Radio 4 quite a lot. Be interesting to see what others do.....Hope you day is as good as it can be...xx

  • Thanks Trikki.

    What a lovely suggestion. And yerrrr charity shops are awesome. Some places like doctors and coffee shops have Book swop for free shelves. How cool is that.

    Oh I'd love to see your art. What matters most is that you enjoy doing it. And if it ddistracts from the pain then it's therapy. Awesome.

    I'd love to learn to draw or paint. One day I will.

    Best wishes


  • I used to love to do my garden but can no longer do this. I also love to sew and knit and sometimes try to still do these things until my hands and arms hurt too much. I overdo it a bit as I get engrossed in what Im doing. I do still do a bit of drawing and water colour painting but mainly I draw and work out patterns for things to make with my sewing machine or planning how I would like my garden. I find though that fatigue takes over before I get to make most things and I have to be foreman when my other half does the garden.

  • Hello Hebden

    Thank you for your message.

    I understand that. I'd love to garden. It's a great skill to know where to plant what, not just for a season but to look good in years to come. Garden design. That sounds like a interesting thing to learn.

    I'm not naturally skilled in art butId love to learn. So I bought myself the stuff and every 6 months I just sit there mixing colours. Lol. I make colour blobs. And i really enjoy it.

    I wanted to learn sewing too esp as my tall and find clothes shopping a nightmare even on good days. I joined a class and did a skirt but the next season the prices at the adult ed went up from £30 to hundreds. But I think your cool, cutting your own patterns. Do you ever draw the clothes like the Fashion designers.

    Gotta go, my peterpointer is tired.

    Take good care of your self


  • Its good that you have a go at painting as i believe it is good for the soul. I have always loved art and drawing is always in my life. My eldest son is the same and can't go a day without drawing something. I can't sew so much now but I have in the past made quilts, bags, phone and laptop covers, baby bibs and bags things like that. I should make my own clothes but it can be quite labour intense and I find the more I do the more pain I get from my arms and hands so haven't made clothes in ages. I tried to make a gilet for my Dad but had to stop because after cutting it all out I spent a week in absolute agony. I also made mistakes as my brain kept freezing up. It doesn't stop me thinking about what I could make if able though so it helps me to draw it and work out how it could be made. A friend of mine has started a business selling patterns online which is something I would love to do if fibro would let me but unfortunately my brain is too fuzzy and switches off too much.

    Gentle hugs.x

  • Thank you for sharing my friend that is absolutely beuatiful :) I love gardening and I keep fish and crustaceans! :)

  • Yoga is good, or tai chi, as it is gentle and keeps everything moving. Art classes, visiting garden centres, gardening carefully. ( nothing too exerting). Meeting up with friends.

  • Ooo yes a calm gentle exercise. I'm going to try a balence class for the first time on Monday. Not sure if I cam do it but I'll give it a gentle bash.

    Take good care of yourself Lydiah

  • Hi like you were was am an inside and outside girl ! Although haven't been able to do much outside in the last 3 years , outside I would power walk my old lab Archer , when he passed I rehomed shadow and was still managing to walk him and Murphy till 2 1/2 years ago , I also went bike riding regularly and I also flew sport kites para. Foils and hydro foils ! And I missed my garden and hill walking !

    Indoors I did patchwork and quilting , hand and machine embroidery, knitting, dressmaking, I am art college trained in fashion and design!

    Now I can't concentrate for long and my fatigue is horrendous! I can't even colour in a book for more than 15 mins at a time ,

    Hopefully in the next 3 weeks my outside wheelchair will arrive and I will be able to get out with my boys , I feel so defeated at the moment ! As my life revolves around sleep ! And TV the tv was used to listen to in the past now I watch. The only Interest I have is Pinterest the joy of looking at crafts I want to to crave to do but are unable to do, hence now I can't find much to pin 😕

    Sorry a bit defeated today but well life gets to you sometimes!


  • Im with you there Shadows-walker. Been feeling it a bit myself lately. Sometimes life seems like its going on around you and you are just a spectator doesn't it? Its so frustrating not being able to create and do the things that used to make us happy and feel fulfilled. I got as far as getting my sewing machine out and thread it and then too fatigued and lost concentration so did nothing more. How I would love to walk along the shoreline with my pooch Eddie. I'll have to do so in my dreams. hugs Joolz.x

  • My son is setting up my back bedroom as a craft room with a desk for my sewing machine , I have an orthopaedic chair coming , a small table and I can make as much mess as I like no putting anything away , keep my open plan living room tidy and just go and sit when I feel like it and try and sew a bit ! Everything is going to be set up just as I like it ! That's the plan anyway ! 😊

  • Im soooooo jealous. I would love a craft room so I could just leave things out and go and do all things crafty when I felt like. I usually set up sewing etc on the dining room table so always getting put away. I have a half finished dolls house too which I cant move around easily so no chance of it getting finished. Maybe my dream of a craft room will come true one day. How lovely that you will be able to lose yourself in your sewing. Gentle hugs Joolz.x

  • It's been a plan for a while but it should be set up properly by Christmas although I won't be able to use it then as my daughter will be sleeping in there while she is home , for Christmas, but everything is in there the bed gone the craft equipment is all up one end of the room , the windows are being done next Wednesday so it's really happening, I have to buy a z bed by Xmas but it's going to be a good one so she can sleep there , but I also have a double sofa bed in the living room so I can sleep a couple if one or other of the other two children come as well , my ercol suit is at my eldest daughters for now ☹️



  • Hello Shadow Walker.

    What a cool name. I was wondering what it meant. Sorry to hear about Archer passing away. My bull mastiff cross called D'Arcy ADORES labradors. Maybe she is crossed with one!

    What are shadow and Murphy?

    I'm quite excited for you about your outside wheelchair , how cool will that be eh? There's something about being out in the fresh air that is sooo nice.

    If I had a garden I'd sit out in it. I house dog sit for a friend sometimes and on a bad day I wrap myself up in a blankey or two and sit out reading a book even when the weather is grey.

    I have Fibromyalgia but my main symptom is migrain. I lived in bed for a year with them. I'd start recovering. get up grab something to eat and bang another one would hit me.

    A friend works in hospital with a consultant. He tells patients to take 400mg of Vitamin B2 riboflavin everyday for headached. So I tried that and after a month I realised that I have much more mental and emotional energy. My fibrofog is down 70% and I just take one a day now. Id recommend it. It's worth researching to see if it would be of benefit to you.

    I understand life can be quite.. Pants! I've learnt recently that we grieve for a life we can no longer have. I, like you, used to be very active. So it's frustrating when the brain is still on that tract. I went on a cottage holiday recently and thought sure I can climb that hill, I didn't even get to the foot of that hill, had to go home.

    It's frustrating and overwhelming , I have to learn to enjoy what I can.

    Wow this is a long one. I've tired myself out lol

    Take good care of yourself


  • I have sjorgrens as well as fibro and all that comes with it ! My wheelchair is coming from the NHS on the request of the social worker, shadow is a cross black coated retriever with I was told a beagle , and Murphy is a tricolour beagle both are rescued I will possibly re post a picture for you , they are 4 years old , I rehomed shadow by chance and my son rehomed Murphy 2 weeks later then found although he could train the untrainable, he my son could not handle the diet as Murphy had has colitis and the base of beagle with abandonment issues so he came to stay temporarily with me and 3 years later I am his center although I have lost him at the moment as my son is staying and both my dogs are now sleeping with him 🙁

    I live in mid Wales not far from the Black mountains and there are hills everywhere I live on a hill and can't get out unless in a car !

    My son i posted above is reorganising my home at the moment so I can have a craft room everthing is going to be pip out sewing machine, overlocker ,ironing board etc a new chair is on order so I can sit its an orthopaedic chair second hand but actually brand new ! So I can come and go even if it's only ten mins at a time , to try and help my Boredom and help me get creative again !


    Chris x

  • Given a choice I'd do train rides, but it would break the bank

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