Have Just Got My Date For My ESA Appeal - Am Feeling Sick!

Letter came this morning with date for my appeal - Oct 23rd! Can't believe the date has come so quickly - my original letter about the appeal said it would be in 33 to 38 weeks from May, when they sent their letter, due to backlog. I didn't expect the date to come before next year! I don't think I can prepare myself for it in time! I don't know where to go first! I've got the email from Emma at fibro action & will read through the attachments, will have to go to the library to print them off - damn printer needs a part from the company to work.

Also, I've been reading the posts on here from others about appeals hearings. If they don't take into consideration about anything that has happened or gotten worse since your ATOS interview, then I don't think they're going to change me to the support group - everything has gone downhill since then!

But I told them at ATOS how I couldn't sit for long, couldn't stand for long, couldn't use a computer for long, couldn't write much, couldn't hold a normal pen due to arthritis in fingers, (plus everywhere else), had problems socialising & could hardly walk, sleep, do housework - so why did they say my conditions could improve & that I had Limited Capacity for work?! (I got refused DLA because of their report as well!)

Am panicking & feeling sick about going through this - I just feel so sure that they are going to find against me.


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  • hi Julie, I'm sorry this has come at such a bad time and as such a shock. If I were you I would make an appointment straight away with the CAB then they can give you guidance along with the notes that you have got from Emma. Take deep breathes and calm yourself....slowly breathe.......

    ATOS are known for being incompetent, so the fact they said you had limited capacity for work, is just what I was told too........am I ? - No, not in my doctor's opinion, nor in the opinion of the lady I saw at the Jobcentre !! Now what you need to do is get all your medical notes together with all the information you already have and take them to the CAB who will go through the whole thing with you and they will tell you exactly how to answer questions , also remember you can take someone with you to your appeal so that you both understand what is said and if you get muddle they can help you a bit.

    I am sure there are many more people on here who will come on and give you help too, but know that we are here for you, you are not alone.

    I am not and expert on this but I have shared what I do know and I'm sure others will add reassurance to you, you are bound to be worried, but don't let that overwhelm you, I know it's easy for me to say and much harder for you to do, but you will only feel worse in he long run if you let this effect you, our fibro friend may well have a field day, so take heart and come here as often as you want to get support :-) :-)

    Foggy x

  • Hi Julie I was in the same situation went to the apeal and won. So don't louse hope just answer the questions and I hope u win x

  • Morning Julie,

    Perhaps it happening so quickly will be a good thing no time to get to wound up about it. You will be fine try and make yourself really positive about it. If you are having a bad day it doesnt matter all to the better perhaps we will all be cheering on through it. So calm look at Zebs green picture gentle on your self xgins

  • Many hugs..I think we all feel a bit sick when we face having to face this pressure and demoralising procedure..it tends to flare our condition as well..

    But as someone said...compile all evidence and any statements etc you can muster. CAB tend to be helpful..you may find you need to book in advance.

    A positive spin..at least now it's 'come up'..you can get it over with, rather than (and I'd be surprised if you haven't done this..) having it lurking in the back of your mind week after week,month after month worrying just when the dreaded letter will fall on the mat.

    Be honest...how things affect You, not Joe Blogs.. there are people around I am sure who can advise more specifically if you have a particular query.

    You are not on your own.

  • Thanks all. Just knowing I'm not alone is a great help, I don't feel quite so overwhelmed about it all. Will start getting my notes in order now. Come on Julie, Big Breath, you can do this!

    Julie xxx

  • Hiya Julie so sorry to hear of all that you are going through i don't know if this might help but I am sure it spoke volumes for me with all my correspondence to the tribunal and dla i added an extra covering letter/ note listing all my medications how many times a day it was to be took and the side effects, ie may cause drowsiness if effected do not drive or operate machinery. I hope this is of some help

    Gentle hugs

  • Hi Julie

    I am appealing my ESA claim and have to go to a Tribunal. Like you, I had a letter in May saying the same as yours ~ that it would be about 31 weeks due to backlog.

    Do you mind me asking which part of the country you are in?

    I'm worried sick too because I know I don't look ill, but the pain I'm in is invisible.

    My doctor won't let me go back to work as he knows I can't handle it. What's the point of your own doctor signing you off work, if a person that sits behind a desk all day pronounces that you are indeed able to work!!

    Sorry, you probably didn't need all that!

    I'm sure lots of people on here will help you.

    Gentle hugs

    Coz x

  • Hi Coz, sorry for the delay, been busy, as I'm sure you can imagine! I live in the West Midlands.

    Gentle Hugs,

    Julie xxx

  • Hi Julie

    Thank you so much for getting back to me. I do hope that you don't think my question was insensitive.

    Trust me, I am panicking so much myself so I have every sympathy for you.

    We will all be thinking of you and rooting for you.

    Please let us know how you get on.

    Good luck

    Coz xx

  • Hi Julie...try not to panic..if you have any other evidence sent it to the tribunal before hand, that gives them a chance to read it..I have had 2 tribunals for ESA won both..and I expect heading for my third....just sent off the forms last Friday...they will ask lots of questions...I too can't sit for long..so I had to get up and move about..they were fine with this..so don't try to stay sitting longer than you normally would...and sit back down when you need to..get up and down as often as you need to...I'm sure you will be fine, will be thinking of you on the day..let us know how it went.

    Good luck ,,,

  • hi mazz just wondering if u could help me with what i need to take to my appeal ?

  • hi i have my esa appeal tommorow i am really worried about how its going to go as my problem isnt visible can any1 help with what i need to take to the appeal with me and is it possible for some1 to come with me and speak for me ?

  • Hi amy, I emailed the CAB & they emailed me back saying they can't represent me & have referred me to the local Law Centre. My husband is coming with me to support me. I'm going through all my old paperwork to find the health related stuff, letters, etc., then I'm making a list of what symptoms I get from each health prob I have, then what meds I'm on & another list of all the side effects I get from them. I'm also preparing notes compared with what I wrote on my ATOS form, so that I'm prepared for their questions. Also, I am not colouring my hair till after the hearing , nor am I painting my nails, nor cutting my toenails, for example - let them see how your conditions on the inside affect you on the outside. Pause before answering any questions, breathe deeply & like mazz said, don't be afraid to stand up & move around.

    Gentle Hugs & Good Luck,

    Julie xxx

  • Thank you for your support Julie I'm there at 3 o clock today I shall let u know how I get on and will take your advice and write a note of all my meds and side effects thanks again xxx

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