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ESA Assessment result


Letter came with another 4 envelopes from works and pensions. I have been unsuccessful in my claim as had been awarded zero, nil, zilch points.

My contributions based benefit has been cancelled as at 20th March and if I want I can apply for jobseekers allowance. Unfortunately (for me), contributions based jobseekers allowance is only payable for 182 days and I had half of this before being signed off as sick.

The letter said I only showed limited movements in my lower limbs and could only see out of one eye. As I was only on "normal" painkillers ( 8 x 30/500 Co-codamol) and Amytriptilene and Duloxetine, I was quite able to work. Plus, I could get on and off the toilet on my own and don't wet/soil myself and can still iron clothes. What they omitted to say was that my husband has put a device in place which enables me to get off the toilet on my own and the "iron" is a little light weight travel iron which I can only use for 15mins at a time on a good day.

What is my next step in the appeal process ?

Sorry for sounding off but I am so frustrated. To cap it all, one of the other letters was telling me that my new retirement date is my 66th birthday.

Makes me wonder why I worked for 40 years and still brought up two step children. Sacrificed having a child of my own, never had expensive holidays abroad and have never owed anyone anything.

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awww am so sorry to hear this Barby. It must feel very unjust and a slap in the face. As you say, you've looked after yourself for years and only now are calling for help. Am beginning to think that the only way to qualify for ESA is to be a paraplegic or literally on last legs :-/ I put into the system for over 30 years and it's only by the grace of my partner relocating to be with me that am not left to crawl downstairs for a cuppa anymore!

Barbykins in reply to Sammicat15

I really don't want to use my savings which were my redundancy money and the only other money coming in is my husbands pension which he got at the beginning of March. He is 8 years older than me so really it should be me looking after him, not the other way round. You work and save all your life looking forward to doing things in your retirement and now instead of holidays and happy days, got to use the savings on existing.

Sorry, there I go again ....

Thanks Chris. Am planning a trip to the CAB on Monday alongside a visit to the JobCentre.

Its disgusting how disabled people are being treated, instead of trying to save money from the mentally and physically disabled shouldn't they be chasing the people on the dole that have never worked a day in they're lives (i know plenty of them) that are healthy and have no reason not to work not the people who have worked and paid they're way in life.

Irene x

You rant away, I feel for you, you shouldnt have to be struggling now.

Sadly that seems to be the story for so many peeps on here :(

I'll be fighting for my esa as of 30th april this year, as will so many other people who are in the wra group, I've recieved no letter, I had to find out on the internet, I've paid my way in life and now I need theyre help I have to fight for whats mine. grrrr it winds me up so much, yet my neighbours sit in theyre garden smoking pot and drinking lager enjoying the sunshine and theres not a thing wrong with either of them apart from lazyitis, bone idle sods!!

makes you want to report them doesn't it. I know someone who is on high rate care and has a car through mobility because of a "bad back" and came 2nd in a limbo competition !!!

lol its a joke, my daughters friends dad has a bad back and gets high rate everything and a new car every 3 years, he goes fishing 3 times a week in summer, I've seen him come out of his house with all his fishing gear in a basket on his back and carrying all sorts, hes been on it for years, I've seen him carry lots of heavy things and bend down just fine, I'm not saying he doesnt have a bad back but I've never seen him walk like he has one lol

Irene x

I found myself in the same position as you back last year Barbykins. I contacted the local CAB and they helped me complete the forms for appeal and once this is lodged (you can ring them initially and let them know your intention to appeal) they reinstated my ESA. I wouldnt go onto job seekers allowance as that would have been telling them I was fit for work which I wasn't. Anyway, as a result of the my appeal and a further medical I have now been put into the ESA Support Group.

When the CAB did my appeal they went through the medical questionnaire and queried all the things that the medical said I could do and then one of their case workers did all the letter writing etc. towards the tribunal which I won.

All the best to you if you decide to go to appeal, take care xx

Barbykins in reply to Ang01

Hi, I do intend to appeal. Do I have to get anything from my own Doctor ?

sorry barb but put an appeales letter and phone and say you wish to appeal to the desishion .as i am going throu the same thing . they are refusing all sea to try to get as many people as they can of it . it is so they cn get the time wasters how have been on for years of it and it looks good . so please make an appeale the moor of us that do then they may start to say hay this is an actual sindrome and these peole or not puting it on good look and hugs to you xxxx

Thanks everyone. Going to phone in morning and say appealing then going to cab. Makes me mad that the "contributions" based benefit was stopped 10 days before I received the letter.

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