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Odd question, But will ask, Blankets or Duvet ?

ok, bear with me,

I am really struggling with my duvet, (actually feel such a fool asking this), lol, but just wondered, is it just me? it just feel so heavy, actually sometimes it hurts.I cant bear it on me, it Its not the temperature, its the weight. Think this could be a factor of my restless nights

Tried summer duvet, also feels the same. Hubby thinks i have gone loppy lol, - well more than normal. ;)

But i am thinking of swapping duvet for sheets and blankets, hubby was not impressed (an old sheets & Itchy blankets), says it remind of his staying at his nans but thought I promised i will buy nice blankets & sheets - his reply "what expensive"

(Must be feeling brighter thinking about shopping)

Well any way, that is my question/ ramble, maybe it is just me ?

Night, said i was off for my bath hrs ago, now just need to muster the energy.

Lou x

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Hi Lou

I like my duvet as it takes the pressure off of my aching body...sort of like a cushion. I do get hot easily so often end up not covered by the duvet but supported by the duvet!

T x


i prefere aduvet as its lighter than blankets i still use them at my nans house and trust me a lightweight duvet (hollow fiber) is so much better

luv and soft hugs hope you find something helpfull not sleeping is the worst of fm yn


lol brain fog forgot to proof read ment to say lyn


ah thanks ladies need to look for a extra light weight duvet then :)


to be honest with you i have slept in sheets and blankets since having fibro and personally i think you would be wasting your money i dont think you would find any difference but its up to you love diddle ( i will be your hubby s best mate now lol)


yep duvet is the answer x


I can't sleep unless I have covers on or I wouldn't use anything at all most nights. That's me being menopausal though rather than the Fibro.

I use a summer weight quilt because it's much lighter ( 4.5 tog ) and Richard then wraps himself up in a fleece ( he feels the cold poor lamb ;) )


Duvet for me!


Its duvet for me hun,

I cant be doing with the faffing of blankets, i have a lightweight duvet.

Also its easier when making a bed just throwing a duvet over where as blankets need tucked in etc... means harder work for me so nono. lol.

kel xxxx


Hi Lou, I always have a sheet under the duvet, then I can throw the duvet in my husbands direction and just keep the sheet, when I get too hot. I also have a microfibre throw by the bed (cost me around £7.99), so if the sheet is not quite enough I can add that.


Hi, I sleep on top of my bed & cover myself with a faux fur throw as I cannot tolerate any pressure on my body at all. The benefit also is that I have the extra comfort of the duvet plus I have a memory foam mattress topper & a box feather topper on top of that! I suffer from bi-lateral trochanteric bursitis which means I have severe pain down the side of my outer thighs which is worsened by the pressure of lying on my side & also I cannot 'stride', i.e. I shuffle walk in smaller steps as I just can't stretch my legs out without pain. It's whatever one can find comfortable I suppose?


i also sleep on top of my duvet with a faux fur fleece throw over me as i cant take the covers on top and i get really hot sometimes :( i also have a neck pillow and sleep with a pillow under my belly. I get alot of rib & hip pain when i lay on my sides but i cant sleep on my back so prop myself with pillows to ease the pain and try and sleep comfortably. ately been having really bad pains in my knees waking me up i usually suffer with numbness in my legs & tingling in my toes in the night its an awful feeling running inside my legs anyone have any ideas on help x thx x amanda x :)


Hi Lou

I sleep on top of my quilt, wear thermal foot warmer's, drape a light blanket over me to my knee's. I can't bear the weight of a quilt and nothing below my knee's as this causes extreme pain. I've now even had to move into the spare room as cannot stand anyone touching me due to the pain it causes (very understanding hubby)

Good luck :)

G xxx


Hey im with Amanda and Waff on this one, i find the weight of the duvet even a lightweight one hurts so i sleep on top with a faux fur throw. I got a memory foam mattress as well so it is comfortable to sleep on, i just have problems staying asleep more than an hour before waking then takes a while to go back.



I used to use a duvet but it drove me mad it made my legs switch

and felt so heavy, so for a long time I had a blanket but that was

just as heavy, so I brought a goose down duvet and its wonderful

so light an warm so maybe thats your answer I dont know, I can

only think that the duvet I had before was man I dont know


I also have a water bed and it is so warm in the winter as it

has a heat control and it realy helps with the pain, still stiff

in the mornings but I have a more comfortable night, and

with a water bed you dont have any pressure areas so your

body is balanced


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