Update from rant this am.....and I'm proud of myself!

So after my ESA rant this am I decided to resurrect the old Jo who used to have loads of confidence! I rang esa and demanded to speak to a manager. Of course they tried to dissuade me but I stuck to my guns. I stated the whole charade was appalling, the way Id been treated. Stopping my esa without telling me and the saga with the NIC contributions , how Id had to take a taxi to the job centre yesterday to deliver my P60's. And that, which I forgot to mention in my first rant, that they said Id been overpaid from September to December as I wasn't entitled because of 2011 contributions and would have to pay it back. Of course he tried to make excuses, understaffing etc, to which I pointed out that having worked for the REvenue myself some years ago I was aware of the situation but that does not preclude efficiency or common decency in keeping claimants up to date. I demanded they deal with my claim today or I would be taking to my MP! (VERY BRAVE OF ME!)

Well blow me over just got of the phone from them, claim upheld, restarted claim from January 2015, with arrears paid and they have written off the overpayment as it was their error! I think I'm in shock, not even told the hubby yet, came straight on here to share with my wonderful friends who have been so supportive (not that hubby hasn't!). So thank you all for your kind words. Only got PIP to deal with now lol!

Massive hugs to you all.

Jo x

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  • Well done hun bet you can't stop smiling, it's horrible that we have to get so angry just to get what we deserve and entitled to. Good luck with pip maybe the old Jo can sort that out too 😉 xx

  • WOW, well done. As my ex colleague would say "break out the chocci biscuits"

    PS when his secretary passed her final exams he bought a four finger kitkat and shared with the four of us. :-) :-)

  • Yes Jo, way to go girl- well done. Now you can concentrate on PIP and bring it home 👍✌😀🍻

  • Well done you xx

  • What absolutely wonderful news, well done girl. Lets be honest you were only asking for what you are entitled to and perhaps if more people wre prepared to go the extra mile and fight their corner when they know they are right they might start pulling their socks up.xxx

  • Good for you! It just goes to show what you can do when you refuse to be fobbed off. My ESA claim was a nightmare. I had worked solid for 34 years, but that meant nothing at all.

    My claim took a total of 18 months with a Tribunal thrown in too.

    The stress these things cause is unbelievable.

    You must be so proud of yourself :)

  • Good for you 😃

  • You go girl!! You found the strength to fight back at just the right time. Just goes to show there is someone there with a shred of decency to admit their mistakes and how wonderful too your money has been backdated.

    Now you can give PIP your full concentration without this hanging over you.

    Brilliant news!!!

  • So very pleased for you :) xx

  • That is fantastic news, I am really pleased for you. If your PIP works in your favour my faith in the system will be a little less dire :)

  • go girl ;-}

  • Brilliant well done nice to hear one of has won a battle 😀

  • Way to go!!!!! Yeah yeah 🎉🎉congratulations!! Well done of you I must say!

  • Good for you! 😃x

  • That is absolutely wonderful news! Well done to you and congratulations. I also want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your PIP.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Yay-that's fab, well done you hope you're still buzzing from your achievement -fingers X'd for PiP.

    Don't suppose you fancy wading through mine....DWP say now we are married (Dec last yr) -I am my wife's responsibility and what I heard was 'bla, bla, bla-don't darken our doorstep-here's a good pressure test for your new marriage' Grrrr!! Ho hum

    Well done you 👍🎉😃🎉

    Oh hope hubby was as plsd as you! 🌻

  • I'll happily help if I can. Can't see how marriage anything to do with it unless you're claiming esa income related. If u are not eligible on those grounds and you have been working and paying Nic then you may qualify? I'm no expert by any means but have picked up few titbits of info over last week lol!


    Jo x

  • "YOU GO GIRL"...... Fabulous news!!....♥♥

  • Fanastic. So pleased for you.

  • Oh well done Jo!! I used to be that kind of a gal too, and you have encouraged me to believe that maybe I can still find in her there somewhere if the need arises! So glad that you were able to sort it all out. Still, I bet there was a price ticket on using all that mental energy .... ?

  • Sure was no sleep pain thru the roof but feel better now. Thank you x

    Jo x

  • Good for you, well done on getting your money reinstated x

  • Well done Jo, glad you stood your ground. You must be chuffed with yourself.

  • Well done you x

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