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Grumpy old woman

Hi folks

Don't often post on here but felt quite pleased with my grumpy old woman act! In a right grump because I've got a cold on top of everything else but hubby wanted to go to Homebase. Parked in last blue badge space and noticed young man getting pram out of boot in next space. So old grump asked if he realised it was a disabled bay, yes he did, so asked if he had a blue badge, no he didn't so,I lost it and told him he was selfish, lazy and thoughtless That was the extra extra grump of my old mum as hubby kindly pointed out.

Reported him to member of staff when I went in and then staggered round shop. Said man came up to me pushing the baby in the pram and we realised he had been following us. I had been very rude and he was disabled but hadn't had time to (missed the rest) my husband calmly told him that all I had asked was if he had a blue badge and he took off quickly. I am not one to judge but no way did he have a blue badge.

Went back to car and his was moved, so maybe my rant worked!

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hi panda,

lol you made me chuckle as you did it and you stood up and you said something whether he thought you was grumpy or not and he did move the car so it obviously worked.

it can be hard work with prams/pushchairs and kids and sorry if homebase has done this for said ones with kiddies providing spaces that is down to likes of said man to say something just like you did and say do you realise what its like sorting all this out . they do need plenty of room to manoveur too with space and kids. (me having 4 of my own understands but all pretty much grown up now ) but if it says disabled in a bay it is there for a reason and for disabled only !!

i have used a pushchair one and put my badge in window and thats because all spaces were taken in disabled and the ppl i saw in and out into their cars i never saw any badges and seem to get around easy enough, its enough to blow your fuses.

for eg this wkend has been herendous for me and walking for some reason yet again so back to Dr . we had a night out for a joint bday last night and i walked round like i had pooped my self for a better expression of putting it , everyone looking and helping me but then i could probably walk next week a little better who knows. it takes u by suprise and shopping at this moment in time is a no no so had to have it done for me, then next time will get a trolley and go shopping with some one.

you use your 'grumpy old woman' expression where ever you need it my lady as ppl have to learn that it is hard work being us and unpleasent at times, we hide our thoughts a lot and sometimes it can be pushed to the edge..

big huggles keep in touch xxxx caroline xxxx


Hi Panda

just because he is diasabled it doesn't mean he is entitled to a blue badge as its due to degree

i am disabled and walk with a " rolling gait " but i do not NEED a badge as i can walk over half a mile most days

if it had been a priority he would have got a blue really makes me cross too when i see people abusing the system , £500 fine would act as a detterent going up by the same amount each time they are caught

take care x


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