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Parking rage

In the past 2 weeks I have twice got quite aggressive with people due to parking problems.

I went out in the evening the Saturday before last (the first time in years, and I've been shattered ever since) to the theatre, I had a lovely time, went and collected my dog from my daughters as he doesn't like being left alone in the evening and barks, got home at about 11 completely knackered and in pain to find that my next door neighbour was having a party and one of her friends had parked in my allocated parking space in front of my house.

I knocked and asked for it to be moved. Someone came out and started mouthing off so I joined in and in the end told them to f off.

Then one morning this week I parked in a disabled space outside the supermarket (I have a blue badge) and when I returned a bloke had parked across the front of mine and another car and was at the nearby cash machine. There was a parking space he could have gone into right beside the cash machine so I shouted to him, exscuse me can you move your car please, this car park is for disabled people not lazy people. Well he started shouting at me and telling me to f off so I joined in. He then reversed his car into the space next to the cash machine, got out and stood and watched me as I drove off and until I was out of his site..

I am sure that it is because I am in constant pain that I find these sort of things intolerable.

I'm not really an aggressive person but this seems to be happening more and more and I'm just wondering has having fibro changed anyone like this and is it the pain thats causing it

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Hi Lynne,

I guess any degree of pain or tiredness can make us more irritable than usual, and then when we're faced with injustice and ignorance it just boils over!

I have nothing against someone losing their rag and having a fit of temper, but in public it's very difficult to judge the outcome.

A polite request and a smile usually gets people to move. if they won't, or if they get nasty, then it's best to send for help. This avoids possible injury to yourself, because these days stabbings and other assaults are not unknown - shocking but sadly true! It also leaves you firmly occupying the moral high ground, which is the comfiest place to be should the Police arrive!

A lot of people park in reserved spaces not because they're evil or cruel - they just haven't thought about what they're doing. It's reasonable to give them chance to move on without exchanging insults - no harm done. If someone becomes obnoxious, then you are fully justified in calling for help and dropping the so-and-so right in it!

Safer and pleasanter all round if you can 'keep the lid on it' but I really do understand how you feel - some people are just sooooo ignorant you could slap them!

Moffy x


Nothing sinister like that, the country is fast filling up with ahols who think nothing of encroaching on other peoples personal space. Don't do what I did to one motorist, put a hammer through the windscreen over a parking space, ended up in court, £90 fine and ordered to pay £130 compensation. It was worth every penny. :)


Wow - that told him! Wish I had your nerve. :O


It wasn't an instant reaction, it had been an ongoing battle for 6 weeks, some Canadian twit move into our block and decided to make my allocated parking space his. He was lucky I didn't plant the hammer in his head, he never nicked my parking space again. A few weeks later he moved out and we got some lovely new neighbours, happy days again. ;)


When I drove I just got OH to print out a load of very bright a4 sheets with a message saying have you forgotten to display your blue badge or are you just hogging the space someone else needs and put it under the windscreen wiper so everyone could read ...

VG the untactful x


Well VG I think I just might try that one.

I would like to just point out that on both occasions I started off being polite and did not start the nastiness.

My neighbour has at last had the fence mended which her ladder went through over a year ago (we fell out over that because she called me a liar even though I had 3 photographs of the ladder through the fence) so I think maybe she thought they had pushed me too far this time so a good result.

At the supermarket my son was with me and although he is very gentle soul (he was muttering under his breath Mum please don't) he would not allow me to be hurt physically, so I fely quite safe.


At least you have a 'minder' Lynne - it's a nasty world out there!


my friend has ready printed notes in her car , very polite they say ' did you know youve parked in a disabled bay? are you disabled? do you know how important these spaces are I cannot walk and I rely on my wheelchair not having a chance to park near to this facility has made my day even more difficult. PLEASE think before you park in a disabled bay and if you are disabled use your badge . Its got a picture of her in her wheel chair smiling on it . I guess lots throw it in the bin but the odd person will think about it im sure x


This is really one of my pet hates. It always has been even before I needed my badge. There was a white van parked in a disabled space. Mr. white van man came back so I waited for him to move. He got in his van and started eating his snacks, knowing dam well I was waiting. All I wish for these people is that some day they are in my shoes.


I have a blue badge due to my fibro and other illnesses .. I have notice my temper is really bad recently due to pain and tiredness had a few arguements over parking bays.. One time a man parked into a disable bay, he didn't have a blue badge. I seen my butt and tapped on his window an argument broke out, he called me a spaz and I just lost it... It got to the point where stating my case left me drained & aching and I had to go home would not mind was the first time I ventured out in weeks, I was in bits... I find loosing my temper leaves me so tired, aching & breathless... I try so hard to not loose it, its getting harder to control.. I don't go out these days.. I dont want to be met with people who are judgementally retarded..


I posted about this at the time, this really happened believe me:-

My blue badge is permanently on show on the sunshade.

On finding no disabled spaces at the supermarket I gave up and parked in an ordinary space.

next thing there was a loud hammering on my window.

I was shouted at & told to * move my * car as there were

" * spaces for people like you. these spaces are for normal people" !!!!

I politely explained to the young lady [?] that although healthy people shouldn't park in disabled spaces, I could park anywhere. after more " **** " she stomped away.



Wow i have read all these comments and have chuckled and also raised my eyebrows tucked my lips in and hunched my shoulders thinking ohhh go fibrofighters lol

Although as being polite is the 1st port of call and if not then i would go in the shop infront of and report to counter and have it watched (its not happend yet ) but i would do this .

i was in a disabled bay outside TEsco and some young lads parked at side even nearer to the entrance and music booming away obviously did not seem disabled nor a badge displayed i was tempted to go and say something but thought twice since i already had a road rage incidence that lead me to be in the Yorkshire Evening Post and that was just driving !!

as VG has done thats a great idea ! i like that and better still they dont know who it has come from!

putting a hammer through the screen well that is some courage! although as you have explained there was reason behind after numerous incidents.

since i not long had my badge but a few months i not had a bad problem 'yet' but never say never. i have parked in child spaces and stuck my badge in as i believe we have just as much rights because we cannot walk a distance at all , personally i think a lot of the parking systems around shopping places are pretty 'cr*p ' really as some of them we have to walk much further than where the place is ! we need allllll the nearest to door spaces we dont have a badge for nothing .

raise your fist and shout for Blue badge spaces to be organised better! and watched.

Enjoyed reading all these posts

caroline xxxxxx


I must explain that I asked him politely several times not to use my parking space, the last straw came one afternoon when I turned the corner to see him exiting his car in my space again, he looked straight at me and went to walk away. I got out quickly and stood in front of his car with a hammer in my hand and told him to move it or I will smash it up, he ignore me again so I started to smash his windscreen and said if he fancies his chances, I will smash him up as well, he thought about it for a minute, I was expecting a fight but he ran off and called the police, which is just as well or I would have been facing more charges. He caused the trouble and I ended up paying for it simply to protect what was mine to begin with.


I would have smashed up his car when he wasnt looking. Unfortunately there are lots of scummy rude people around . I was in my local bank the other day, its one of those little ones with 3 lovely helpful ladies working there.

I was being delt with and having a friendly chat with the cashire whilst she was dealing with me. When out of no where a young man around 20ish rudely stated in a loud voice that could i stop talking to the cashire as i was stopping her working. Well he got more than he bargained for. I was livid, i told him he was a very rude boy indeed and obviously had never been taught any manners. And unlike him women can multi task (sorry for sexist remark lol) And i would be very ashamed of him if he was my son.

Well that shut him up, i think he thought oh look at these silly old birds i can bully them... Big mistake. I don't know if its the pain im in or being abit older, im 45. I just don't take crap anymore. im not a rude person, so if i see bullying or bad manners then im going to tell you. Lol When i went back into the bank the ladies loved telling me how they loved that i stood up to the rude obnoxious little shit!!!


Thanks everyone for your replies. Good to know I'm not alone in this.


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