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Hi every one I just read about migraine, I though I was the only one who suffer that badly, I was passed out several weeks ago due to my migraine, and they have done a brain contrast tested on me, and the neurologist told me that I have Chiari malformation, so there is no cure of my FM and now spreading to the CNS, as no other drug treatment works on me anymore, I am suffering with excruciating pain daily, cry each day, I have given up all my tablets, as they don't cure its only preventing of feeling pain, I am waiting for a surgery.., and hope for the best, I read on google in US they can cure FM by changing their life style and taking supplement called selenium and gluco gel, but it does not covered by NHS in the UK, have anyone ever heard of it, if so please please share with me, because i am fed up with this horrendous pain

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  • I am so sorry to read that you have Chiari malformation, and I genuinely hope that your pain levels are tolerable for you. I have heard of the supplements that you have mentioned but I have never tried them. I tend to take these kinds of claims with a pinch of salt as they are usually made by a company trying to sell medications and supplements to vulnerable sufferers.

    I have suffered with migraines for most of my adult life, and they have accompanied my insomnia. I use a drug called Sumatriptan that shrinks the blood vessels going into the brain and hence take the pain away. I have found them very effective for my migraines.

    I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thank you Ken, but what about the side effect of it though?, I did mention to my neuro about the triptan, but Chiari's issues it wont work?

  • Like all drugs there are loads of side effects but I have never suffered with any though. Think I have been lucky with Sumatriptan but most side effects are more pleasant than a migraine. However, there is a limit to how many you should really take in a month, as my Neurologist says no more than 8 a month as they could cause more headaches.

  • Hi ken I take sumatrapin for my servere migraines to and maxi melt tablet I've suffered with them 22 years now and finally had a brain scan MRI head - diffusion yesterday. Aniouxsly awaiting results but I cannot see when I get them go numb I'm sick blurred vision they are awful and can last for days liz

  • Good luck with your results, I know from personal experience what you mean about the symptoms of migraines, they are truly horrid.

  • By the way, I read about the products and the company, well the US spent 21 million in R&D and also its backed up by scientifically/clinical trial as well for over 30 years....., I am confident about the company but I am unsure whether some one here have had the experiences with them its called youngevity, have you heard about Dr P Glidden and Dr Wallach?

  • I must admit that I have never researched this myself. I have heard of them as I believe it is a vitality aid? It would be wonderful if it really worked? But it is always worth a try.

  • Yes, there is lots testimonials from people who have been taking it and majority of them are now recovering and also drugs free. I went to see my specialist today for another steroid injection on my shoulder (joint), but as I feel that I can manage the pain I asked his opinion what he would do if he was me, he suggested me to go to physio and giving me a 6 months window opportunity to come back to have injection, but other wise, himself would rather do without and go more natural (homeo) but he also expressed that NHS does not cover it. I do belive do Ken, that human body can heal itself if we all changing our lifestyle (exercises, healthy eating, plenty waters)...it is a bit longer but it does work, it is just quite pricey what I intend to buy,

  • Sorry to read about your awful migraines and the pain that you're suffering without any analgesia. Selenium is an antioxidant which protects the cells from damage. We only need tiny amounts of selenium and eating 1 brazil nut a day will supply the total amount needed by a healthy person. I hadn't heard of Glucogel. It's available on Amazon US but I don't know if they'll ship it over here. Apparently it supports cartilege and joints. It sounds like things are getting you down a bit so if you are looking at alternative therapies, you might like to consider St John's Wort which has antidepressant properties - make sure you let your GP know if you take this as it can affect other medications you might be prescribed. Dietary changes may help you a lot. I'm sure that a lot of society's health problems today are down to the chemicals and additives that are put in (and sprayed onto) all the food we buy. Remember, though, that the effect of vitamins and supplements are cumulative and may take up to 3 months to reach their full effect, so you have to be patient as there is no overnight relief by taking the alternative route. Good luck :)

  • I live in the US and have seen many doctors. I have not heard of any definite cure. However, many people have claimed they have gotten better by changing their diet and stay away from processed food and adding supplements. But there is no consensus on the same supplements to take. Because of a poor diet, doctors over here are saying that the thyroid is part of the problem and suggest taking Armour thyroid because it is natural. It is said that the synthetic thyroid meds does not get absorbed by the body. Selenium I have heard is used to cleanse the colen and I have not heard of Glucogel. I hope that info helps.

  • Thank you for sharing this, well I used to work as a Medical Rep so I know that drugs only suppress the issue but not tackle the core of it, hence I gave up all the treatments, but I heard about Dr Glidden and Dr Wallach from US..., I am very conscientious about what I eat, I don't smoke nor drink also I eat a healthty prodcuts, I do not understand why I suffering this, I only got worse since I have hysterectomy because they thought the pain due to thickening of the fibroid on my womb, but all and all it was FM.., I just feel this Chiari malformations that really bother me, I just do not want to spend so much money for the mineral that I never heard of..I just wondering if you are from the US have you ever heard of that Drs? from youngevity?

  • Hi I'm from the US , found this board and joined about a month ago. Suffering 20 yrs from fibro and 6 yrs from psoriatic arthritis along with having psoriasis since the age of 10, now 51. Ive suffered from these headaches lasting 4-5 days sometimes. I came across a study by googling something that would help headaches and that B2 supplement taken 400 mg aday continuously help sufferers in the study. So I tried it and with in 2 weeks I noticed no headaches , though the study did say it could take up to 4 months to see improvements. I buy mine on amazon. Pretty cheap and it is worth it. I split my dose 200 mg 2x a day. Please google b2 headache study and try to find it. Suffering those headaches are the worst. Be sure to let your dr know if you take them. I hope they work for you as they did for me. Good luck and give us an update if you should try them.

  • Hi Arthgul, thank you for the message, I am just so desperate to relief this excruciating headache, read about Dr Glidden and Dr Wallach and their products call youngevity, have you heard of them?? I just do not want to spend so much money for something that no one heard about

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