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FM & mouth problems!!

Hello anyone, I'm a newbie.

I read yesterday that someone has mouth issues and wondered if it was part of FM? My tongue is coated (not very nice) I have a metallic taste and built up saliva!! So i wonder the same, I apologise for being so graphic but it would put me at ease if it was linked to FM. Can anyone shed any light?

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Hi Kmc, Im a newbie too.

I dont think you problem is connected to fibro, I'm no expert! but my hubby suffered with similar symptoms to you & he went to the dr's & was told it would clear up in a couple of weeks. He was told that something you eat like spicey foods could trigger it off, but it might be worth googleing it to see what comes up or go to your Gp if your concerned.

I have fibro amongst other things & I've never had mouth problems but then again we all suffer differently.

Hope this helps :) x


Hi kmc-cudsleepforaweek

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? I am so sorry to read that you are having this issue at the present time, and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to this problem.

I am not a doctor so I cannot say for sure that this is a Fibro issue or not? I personally get a very dry mouth and get thirsty quite often. I know that some medications can leave you with a strange taste in your mouth? I have pasted you the FibroAction symptoms page below and I hope that you find this useful:

I personally would discuss this issue with my GP just to rule anything else out and keep your GP up to date with how you are getting on?

All my hopes and dreams for you



It is always worth getting any new symptoms checked out but fibro has such wide ranging symptoms that often fluctuate from one thing to another that is it often difficult to say. Sometimes sinus or stomach problems can cause the coated tongue especially if your sinuses are blocked so you are breathing through your mouth rather than your nose especially at night as I have the same. Hope you get the symptoms sorted out as as you say they aren;t very pleasant.


hi rosewine

have to comment onyour post.saw my gp on Monday-checked my chest said infection and when asked to breath in and out- nose blocked -not breathe thru it-ent said sinuses wer enormal but I have nasal sores (of lupus)and bleeding/clots.


Interested to read your post because although I have had fibro for many years (becoming progressively worse in latter years) it's only been the last year that I have had that bitter/metallic taste in my mouth and my tongue is sore. I also get sores/lumps inside my lips and gums and with no dental or other issues I have come to conclusion that this is yet another development in my Fibro.


Hi MommaH, thanks for the reply, I like you just accepted it, it was only when the specialist asked me if I had any mouth ulcers that made me realise that it is FM related. Just another thing to contend with hey?!! Have a good day x


Yes, I get a metallic taste (rather like the taste of blood) and a very coated tongue. I assume it's either Fibro or caused by the drugs. I get a lot of mouth ulcers and sores too.

My mouth is either much too dry or has too much saliva. I have been diagnosed with Siogrens which causes very dry mouth, and someone suggested the saliva was when my body tried to compensate (I've had similar probs with my eyes), but Fibro will cause dry mouth and eyes too.

Too much saliva can be a symptom of too much histomine in the system, sometimes caused by an allergy, perhaps it would be worth trying an antihistomine tablet?

Hope it gets better for you.

All the best, x


Hi kmc,

Firstly just like to welcome you to this wonderful Site, suffering with Fibro, you have most certainly found a bunch of extremely helpful, kind, compassionate, bunch of people, with wealth valuable knowledge/experience, only to willing to share with you!

I find myself with a metallic taste in my mouth, which my GP advised me it was due to all the cocktail of medications on for fibro & other conditions. Also get excess saliva too (you don"t have to apologise for being too graphic, not in my opinion, any way), I am unsure if this is due to fibro as I"ve had firbo for over 20 years and can"t remember prior to fibro re saliva. (Sorry can"t be of more help on that topic!).

I am always thirsty, wake throughout night/day for a drink and need to drink lots of fluids of day/night!

I sincerely hope you get as much out of this Forum as I have done since joining!

Sending positive healing energies your way & (((gentle hug))) X


Hi Betty/baby,

thankyou so much for your positive vibes. Funny with the mouth thing because before to FM my mouth too was dry, now I can't finish a sentence without a little bit of spray following!! very embarrassing but depending on who i'm talking to we just make a joke of it. Got to laugh or the alternatives are crap!

I hope you are having a good day today, sun shining but today for me i'm afraid I will have to appreciate it from the couch!! hope there's a good film on.

Gentle hugs back to you x


Hi kmc and welcome! I have a permanently sore mouth, so bad I can't use normal toothpaste, I have to use children's. My GP sent me for a blood test and it showed I was deficient in Vit B12. I had 1 injection and everything seemed to be OK, but it's happening again, so I'd better make another appointment I think!!! XX


Hi Sue, hope you don"t think I"m intruding but you said your bloods showed deficiency to B12. Have you ever been tested for Pernicious Anaemia, this is a B12 Deficiency condition, that many of us with Fibro have. Usually taken care of with a Injection of B12 every 3 months. Thought it maybe worth a mention to your GP when you go for Appointment?

Sending positive healing energies ((gentle hugs)) X


I don't think for 1 minute you're intruding bettybaby....I welcome any advice and/or guidance anyone can give me.

No, I've never had a blood test for pernicious anaemia, I didn't think I was anaemic actually!! But who knows eh? Yes, I had 1 injection for Vit B12, but nothing after that. I'm due at the GP next Thursday, and I will definitely mention this to her. Thanks for the heads up!! Hugs to you too!!! :) <3


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