dwp esa catagory discrimination

hi all serious allegation but a true fact.

if you have never worked and become ill you are entitled to esa income based and therefore free prescriptions, dental and optical treatments, transport for hosp app ect. you are also entitled to cold weather payments, budgeting loans, christmas bonus ect.

if you become ill and have to leave work you have to fill out the same forms are assessed for income based but can only be paid on contribution based even if you are entitled to income based. this means that you are not entitled to any of the extra benefits even if you have no exxtra income. therefore you are discriminated against as you cannot get the extra help that you should be entitled to.

when i chalenged them about this i keep getting fobbed off with the excuse that employed people could have extra income. even when i pointed out that there was no extra income then they say take it up with your MP. as those are the rules.

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  • I haven't been able to work for the last 5 years due t health problems, and previously claimed Incapacity Benefit. Yet when they changed over to ESA I was paid Contribution based, even though it's 5 years since I paid any contributions. Heaven alone knows how they work it out

  • Hi Taff

    I can so totally relate to you, as this was exactly how I felt when I first became ill. I have worked since I was 16, the only benefits I have ever claimed before was child benefit, and here I was unable to get any help other than £71 per week. I think it is appalling, and it furthers my belief and that of so many, that you really are penalised in this country if you try to help yourself. Those that don't get everything and those that do, get nothing.

  • I think if you are on the basic jobseekers of £71 you can claim for community care grant. But you cant claim it if you get incapacity benefit.

  • This is scaring me as I have sent my ESA form in on 1 Feb and am still waiting for them to get back to me. I also had to stop work 5 years ago and have been on Incapacity Allowance and lower care disability. My condition has also deteriorated since first claiming.

    My molar has half broken off and my dentist has been putting off having a crown done for me as he's concerned for my health but it seems I may have to have this done SOON in case I am no longer covered in the future, and I could not afford to have this done on my current income.

  • Good luck to those of you that get money I can not get a penny only income in this house is what my husband earns which is barely ten thousand a year my dad had to sell his house. And move in with us to keep a roof over ouf heads so think youeself very lucky if you get any money

  • sorry to hear that. i'm glad you had someone aable to help you out. i was the only bread winner in this house and am on the verge of bankruptcy due to becomming ill. i worked all my life and suddenly met the benefit system to find that being honest gets you nowhere.

  • an this means while we are waiting for appeal they are conning us just had my letter to say ESA will not be paid from August so its a big con im already on reduced while waiting for appeal they are conning us right left an center even the bedroom tax is a con thank god i own my house this is camarons council tax an i feel sorry for these people that have lived in there a house all there lives an have move.an hello guys not been well for weeks xx

  • I am in the same situation, I had worked since I left school and part time when my kids were young, then full time for over 25 years, then 6 years ago I was put on incapacity, I have sent in my ESA50 and if I am awarded it I will be put onto contribution based ESA so will not be entitled to any extra money ie loans etc. Apart from my illness I had to leave my house a few months ago due to domestic abuse with only the clothes I was wearing,and I am now in a private unfurnished rented flat, and when I tried to get a community care grant to help with basic furniture I was refused, as any-one on incapacity is not entitled to any help.My local council and womens aid all tried to help me but these are the rules. It doesnt seem fair that if you have never worked you get all the help going and if you have worked and not claimed benefits you get no help at all. I thank god for charity shops as I have had to get everything I need from them.

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