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Just a thought about ESA and entitlement to free prescriptions

Hhhmmm have been just been sorting out my evening drugs for later and a thought occured to me which I wonder if anyone has had experience of.

At the moment, because I am on Incapacity Benefit and Income Support (also DLA but that isn't in the equation) I am entitled to get all my medication free. Now I am wondering if this will change when the final judgement comes down upon me about ESA. Are they still going to let us have our prescriptions free or are we going to be penalised even more by not only having the fibro to cope with, but having to pay for the pleasure too?

Your contributions appreciated :-) muchly dottii x

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Hi Dottii, If you get INCOME related ESA then you get FREE presciptions but if on CONTRIBUTION based ESA they you have to pay for the pleasure of having this wonderful and other wonderful illnesses and disabilities..... hope this helps you ... gentle and happy huggs to you x


Thank you sooo much nutty, but now I am confused because I didn't realise there was INCOME related ESA, would you ever be able to elaborate for I am but a bear with very little (if any) brain !

gentle hugs back to you, muchly dottii x


Hi, move to Scotland and you will get free perscriptions!! lol anne xx


If you are on a low income, you can apply for free prescriptions, dental and optical treatment via the HC2 form


Thank you all for your help, much appreciated. nutty I followed your link and it made interesting reading, not sure it will stay in my fibro fangled head but will go back to it when I need to refresh my memory. You are all stars :-) muchly dottii x


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