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do people realise there is two kinds of esa??

had a great visit from the council/benefit help/adult social services guy.

he gave me a review of my benefits to make sure i am getting all im entitled too!

turns out that there is two types of esa, income based and contribution based. i was on the contribution based, he told me i should be on the income based, i will get £43 extra a WEEK!!!!! apparantly they are not upfront about telling people this, so i am!! check yours, if your on contribution based, ask to be sent the esa review form and send it back, could well be in your interest!!

PLEASE NOTE im on the support band of esa, this may be relevant xx

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I found this out on my letter saying I was income based - and on this fact I'm worse off as my partner works - but I will try and get the contribution based - some money is better than nothing!!!

thanks for sharing x


I got alot more benefit on contribution based ESA than on income based. I was on about £35 a week more. If you are on contribution based we have to remember now that you can only have it for one year, then you have to apply for income based or some other benefit.


Dont forget also that if you get the contribution based ESA (like me) you dont get free prescriptions etc. Double check the criteria!



i was on contribution based and got free prescriptions! but i also get child tax credits maybe thats why?


Hi I don't qualify for the income esa, but I have been getting the contribution based one. That stops at the end of April, for me as I've had 365 days - check the DwPgov site, if you can make sense of it, I couldn't! worth and they have just changed the rules, only the income based esa can still be given. I do get my contributions paid. We'll have to live on my husband's small income now and the savings we've got for our pension!

Woodbon xxx


Hi the same has happened to me I was told my ESA would stop because I had had it for 365 days too ???Stinks doesn't it


sounds to me like ESA people need to sort out some of the criteria! I am retired and on DLA . I still do not really know if and when my benefits will change and if I will need a medical. As it happens I have many more disabling conditions than when I first had DLA, so with any luck it will be straight forward - if or when it happens! NO life is not that easy! lol


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