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The spirit is willing the body is weak

The spirit is willing the body is weak

Gosh seems ages since I posted anything cheerful on here so going to have an attempt ....

Firstly to everyone on here who has been in flare, worse pain or like moffy has had to go for tests , my sympathies and best wishes and eyes crossed ( my fingers dont cross without pain) that everyone comes through it...and if we are all sent out to work I have the perfect job for all of us... Sorry for whoever I offend in advance...........

Ok so first the good news. Two weeks of dieting I have lost 5lb I am now the weight I THOUGHT I was BEFORE I started dieting, so now the real battle begins.

My neck and shoulder muscles are now out of spasm but my neck is worse... Seems one night Gins crept into my bedroom and swapped her neck for mine, not only will it not turn right but when I move it at all it makes a snap crackling and pop that would make me an overnight star on the rice crispies add.... If any cereal executives are reading this give me a ring.. For an exorbitant fee I will contort my neck for amazing sound effects

Ok now to the insulting bit... 3 years ago my rheumatologist sent a letter to physio and my GP stating I needed neck manipulation.. Yes you have guessed it.... Nothing doing ... So on Friday my Gp contacted physio and asked them to LOOK at me..... Well they phoned... So unless there is a spycam on my phone I don't know about ..they only spoke to me, when they heard about my neck they squeaked down the phone oh no no no we can't help you we don't touch necks....... ???? Huh I thought physios were MEANT to get people moving again... They then phoned my GP and said I ought to go to group pain management counselling. I received a phone call back from my GP who said... Do you really want to go to talk about your pain's in your body not in your head.... At this point I wanted to hug him... But it's difficult over the phone.... So I said you know me I,ll try anything once.... To which point the GP quipped back I know ... That's what worries me...

So a heads up if a fish walks into your local pain management clinic with a neck that only turns right it could well be me and if they start spouting rubbish about mind over matter i shall tell them so..... But boy I would love to be a physio at my local hospital they either refuse to see you. Or when they did 5 years ago they covered my shoulder in acupuncture needles and went to have a coffee... Good job I didn't suddenly fall over and impale myself on them and the last time they fitted my neck up to a traction machine and left me again to have a coffee, fortunately the machine behaved and I wasn't left with a neck like a giraffe...

Well it's a long rambling blog but more cheerful than I have felt since before Christmas

Off to GP tomorrow to play tunes on my neck for him


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hi again VG,

well done on your weightloss! hope it's given you the spurt that you needed to carry on. how much are you targeting to lose? We've got those scales that also do the heart rate, BMI and body fat calculations. Bleagh!! They scare me to death lol.

I feel for you about the physio treatments. My rheumatologist referred me to the physios expressly BECAUSE of my neck! Same issues as you. I had the allotted half dozen sessions on the NHS. It was lovely for a couple of days after each session, but then went back to clunk, bang, wallop, grind. My GP is now asking my rheumy to send me for an MRI as she thinks the arm numbness may well be down to the neck problems (probably osteo). I too had some acupuncture, but at least my physio had the decency to stand nearby lol. So I really feel for you, hun xx

Good luck with the pain management clinics. Mine were helpful in making me understanding how the drugs work, what might help and how to manage my surreal mind when I wanted to grab those pills and go gentle in to that good night. I've just turned down CBT/group therapy, because I feel I can handle myself better these days. Every little helps. You may surprise yourself at what you learn at pain clinic.

Btw, don't forget your xylophone sticks when you got to the GP tomorrow.... :-) :-)


Lol I have the same scales but I couldn't work out how to set up the body mass etc so I just use them as ordinary scales. I need to lose a stone and have done for 4 years and then over christmas put on 5 lb so it's creeping up and I just haven't made it budge so this year is go for it.

VG x


Well done on the fantastic weight loss VG, brillaint effort! :)

I can understand your confusion, we seem to be passed from pillar to post don't we along the way. I was referred to Physio right at the beginning but when they assessed me and found I couldn't move my neck at all (also to the right strangely!), they discharged me saying they couldn't do anything for me. To this day my neck still cracks and moves better to the left and when looking right it sounds like an orchestra of cracks. The pain stopped though so that's a good thing and I just put up with the sound effects.

If you're in pain though, you need help for this. See how it goes and whether it all helps. I am like you, I will try what people suggest for me and see what happens.

I have a BMI function on my scales but it's deliberately disengaged! Don't want to know! I keep using the excuse that I'm tall lol! ;)

I am dieting too, haven't weighed myself, going to wait until Spring when I start my gentle exercise regime.

Well done again though VG, you've done so well! Missed you and so nice to have you back with us.

(((hug))) xxx



Hi VG and well done on the weight loss. My neck cracks like that and sometimes all you can do is laugh. Hubby was watching a movie one night about someone possessed (similar to the exorcist but crap:)) Any way this girl was all folded up and moved her limbs back to normal cracking as she went..Hubby said I should have auditioned for a part ;)


Just been to see the physioterrorist today...I have to say she motivates me, as soon as I can lift my leg up high enough it'll be kicking straight into her backside!


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