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Moved House/ Broken Ankle

I just got back to work and then we had to move house last week, during move I was on kitchen unit clearing the top units, jumped down last 6 inch and have fractured my fibula in 2 places, have reset the bone yesterday and if bone stays in position this week then hopefully can avoid surgery next week. I am a bit concerned now as they have told me to stop taken my ibrufen as can hinder the recovery period of fractures, just got my pain under control for my fibro, so don't know how this is going to work, day 1 and still bearable, fingers crossed pain stays settled, just took 2 tramdol, 2 cocodamol, amtripyline so fingers crossed i get sleep without the 1600mg ibrufen dose tonight xx

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Not a nice thing to happen, no more jumping off units for you then!!

Hope you have a comfortable night, take care, Angela xx


wishing you a good nights sleep,hugs xxx


Wishing you all the best. Your fibro treatment should be OK without Ibuprofen. You are taking all the right ones for your fibro. I hope that whatever the Ibuprofen is for behaves for you and that you have happiness in your new home. No dancing this weekend. Fi xx


Bless your heart or should i say ankle i do hope you managed to get sleep with out the ibubrofen

love to you diddle x


OMG, that sounds painful.

I will keep my fingers crossed for you that you dont have to have surgery.

You take care, hugs, kel xxx


Managed not too bad sleep last night thanks all for support guys x


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