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can any1 give any tips on how to start packing up a house?

sorry its not fibro related, but thought other people might think i was strange for asking what to them might seem like such an easy thing to do!

i havnt got a clue where to start, i dont know when im moving so i guess i need to leave some stuff out, so what can i start packing away!

i feel so stressed

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Dnt stress,ive,moved home 4 times in a year so im !a pro.

Get some boxes and pack away ornaments and bits and bobs you can live without.

Label every box with each thing and the room its going in.

Try and get a date as well so you can let bills know in advance as well.

Leave kettle etc till last.

Good luck take a deep breath.x


Well thats my advice too i packed up my 4 edroom house in aday all on my own whn i last moved 12 years ago lol

it was hard but i done it i worked from 6 am to 6pm took down all the curtain poles and everything mind you this was before fibro

but the advice here is exactly what i would have said good luck and you will get there love to you diddle x



please dont worry

I would start with little steps one or two boxs at at a time .. ornaments ..books .. CDS.. dvds that you will not miss ..

if you have an attic thats a good place to sort .

some clothes and extra beding and towels ..

kitchen and bathroom last

Then you need to just take it slowly

depending on your cost some moval companys will pack too

I am moving too xx gentle dyslexic hugs


im so scared, iv only moved once which was out of my childhood home into my marrital home, an my parents packed my bedroom up for me (bet they couldnt wait to get rid of me lol)

iv got so much crap that i want to take the opportunity to de clutter aswell, just dont know where to start

gotta call the council tomo to find out how much they can hurry it along, just cant stay in my home, my next door neighbour attacked me an my 2 kids are terrified, we've spent the past couple days sat in my bedroom watching films as we been too scared to go anywhere else


I am in a similar boat to you Ema, we have sold our house and are packing up ready to leave. I pack the ornaments first, wrapping them all carefully in newspaper and then into a packing box. They keep very well when packed like this, all sorts of shapes fit very well in a large cardboard box. Then books the same way. Shoes the same and so on.

It sounds like you really need to move soon away from your neighbour, I hope it all sorts out for you all really soon. Take care.


thanks! hubbie went an brought some plastic boxes today as cant get hold of any cardboard boxes yet. but its like iv just lost my brain!

think im gunna ask if i can store some of my big pictures at hers so they dont get damaged, think its a bit too soon for that tho!

i was half way through decorating the house so think i will have to finish it so the house is more likable if im gunna stand a chance of swopping with some1! the coucil has changed its systems, they dont place you anywhere u have to agree to swop with some1 its so confusing! was lookign at private rent but nowhere that i can keep my dogs


We are living in such chaos at the moment and our buyer is messing us about with so many delays too! There are dozens of boxes, cardboard and plastic, everywhere! I can't move for them!

We have two dogs and they were a massive consideration when buying a new house, we had to make sure they had enough space and were safe too. It was quite a long list to tick all the boxes. (I have boxes on the brain at the moment lol!)

Hope it all goes well for you Ema, here's a hug.


hi, if it was me, i would decide what i need to keep and what to get rid of, before i did any packing, as cleansing the home declutters the mind, and makes for less work and less stress. we don't need masses of stuff in our life to be happy, it makes life so much better when we are all suffering with the fibromyalgia hope this is of some help tc happy moving tc love soma x


ps, another tip ,, is write on each box what it is inside eg= bedroom, bathroom,ect.and fragile if contents are. make a check list and tick off each job you complete tc soma x


i can see things i defo want to keep but have to move them out the way an into boxes to be able to see hat i can get rid off!

i hate the way my mind works

iv asked my mum if she wud help (we've become distant over the past year which is since my diagnosis, i havnt had the best support from her but im hoping by moving closer i wud get more support as the kids cud go over when ever they liked, id be closer to my docters, hubbies parents are closer too)


I hope it all works out well for you Ema with your mum, your move and everything else. :)


thanks hun!

i randomly burst out crying, im not a cryer i usually bottle everything uo, dunno whats up with me!


It sounds normal to me Ema under the circumstances. I am the same at the moment. It doesn't take anything to make me feel emotional. When we are under a lot of stress it is bound to get to us, so don't be too hard on yourself. You've been through an awful lot, you're not well, you're doing really well considering it all, it will get better. Hang on in there my dear.


Moving and getting married are the two most emotional upsetting things so please take it gently............. If you can get the removal firm to pack for you they have done it so many times and are just brilliant. You will still need to pack bit yourself and labeling is so important. I am an x forces wife and have moved many times it is always hard so now with fibro you must be careful not to over do it My thoughts are with you when are you moving? xgins


havnt got the money to get a propper removals person, but asked my dad an hubbies dad, so hopefully they will


I am ur they will be brilliant try and pack little bits and label so you know what is what Good luck hun x gins


Have moved house twice with fibro. My tip is to start sorting and packing as early as possible, not nice rushing round the day before.

Good luck


took me 2 weeks to pack to go on holiday for 1 week, lol! im useless!

i started ish today, havnt packed anything but have filled a few baggs for rubbish an give away, so its a start

think i over done it tho, in more pain than i have for months!


as others have said list and label. look at things you haven't used or wore in last 12-24 months - is there any chance you don't need them? Self-storge places sell the boxes, but if you have a removals company in mind; they often give you some cheaper or free.

The british heart foundation [& probably others too] where live will come and pack up your donations thus helping de-clutter.

I hope things go well for you. take small steps.




i dont drive so cant get to self storage places, thats why i cant get boxes from supermarkets!

1 of my big problems is that i have lost a lot of memory so i hang onto stuff for memorys sake! have lost a lot of family so dont want to chuck what was theres or what was given from them! its killing me knowing i have to leave the patio my uncle layed!

i am being a lot stricter as i keep repeating cant take it all with us!


Awe heck dont stress!

Like the good advice so far says, get some boxes and pack away the bits and bobs you have like ornaments. Look at it and say have I use this in a month? and if answer is NO then pack it. Remember to pack things in usefull order as it will make life easier. Always label the boxes, if you can label on all four sides it will help you find stuff. Remember you have to lift the boxes so watch the weight.Use it as an excercise to clearr out stuff you dont want anymore so your new place will be tip top :)

Good luck and I hope you know when you are moving soon.

:) warm thoughts NN


Ok sainsbury and mcdonalds if you ask have cardboard boxes that are nice and sturdy, dont fill them to full as you dont want to carry things that are too heavy and add pulled muscles to your anxiety. I agree with everyone, pack everything you dont need like ornaments cds posh clothes etc and remember to label boxes its important for the other end. But on the actual moving day there are some priorities you must do:- Set bed up and make it up so when you have had enough you can leave the house in a mess and at least have a bed to sleep in, make sure you have unpacked a toilet roll so you dont have to search in a hurry and always have the kettle, tea coffee sugar milk and cups out so you can at least chill out with a cuppa. Dont panic it will not look neat and tidy on the 1st day just unpack the rest of the boxes slow and steady, little and often. Take care of yourself and the rest will fall into place. Happy moving day hun x


sent loads of emails today for offers to swop house! not recieved any replys yet! theres some realy nice houses! scared they wont like mine as its only half decroated, so do i carry on decorating or leave it for them to put there own stamp on the place?

done realy well an getting stuff to chuck with my son, hes so generous with wanting to give his things away bless him!


Best of luck Emma love Claire xxxxx


take photos of things you can't, but would like to, keep - including the patio! be positive about the decoration - you started but decided that people will want to do it their own way [not that you haven't finished!] hugs, sandra.


thanks for the tips xxx

hubbies sed about doing a quick coat or magnolia on the undecorated bit so then doesnt look so tatty an still allows for them to decorate in there own time!

had more shit off the neighbours, all reported! me an hubbie arew going out for the night, not done that in months just scared they will break in or break windows while were out! kids will be at there nans, so im happy they will be away for a bit, might ask if she can have them an extra night so i can plow through some more stuff!


also its my nans birthday so dont think my mums too happy bout having the kids altho they will keep her mind ocupied so might be a good thing for her


just lable each box for each room and make sure that ur kettle and kichen stuff u can get to first


my daughter lily was in a right state when she realised i was gunna leave her! shes 4 an has never ever been like that it was heartbreaking!

an after a few panic attacks i eventually had a good night


How is it going ??

gentle dyslexic hugs


worst day ever today! next door have said to the police that we have pitbulls, so they have taken 2 of the dogs! red whos a staffy cross and princess who is pure bread american bulldog

yet sadie who is still at home is princess pup! so if they think princess is pit why isnt sadie when shes the daughter

grrrr the law dont make sence

oh an im not aloud to press charges on next door who broke my nose!

and its not illegal for the to air horn through our letterbox at 3am


Oh my goodness Ema, you seem to be having as much luck with moving as we are! Our buyer has decided to go on holiday and we are supposed to be exchanging contracts! Stress levels going through the roof here!

My goodness, your troubles are horrendous! People go a bit overboard with some dogs. There is so much publicity about aggressive breeds, that anything that looks remotely like a pitbull is reported. Staffies can look very similar, some are huge aren't they.

The law does seem crazy on some levels these days, I have to agree with you there. I hope you managed to get the situation sorted with your dogs, so hopefully that will be an end to that matter.

Regarding your nose being broken, good grief that's awful! Were there any witnesses?! Surely you can report this?! I supposed proving the air horn through your letterbox at 3am is impossible and that's where the problem is, no proof. It must be so frustrating for you. I hope it all works out really soon for you Ema.


police said because we aggreed to settle it with oppogies that im not allowed to press charges, even tho they sed if they dont just leave it i can change my mind!

they havnt just left it yet now they say im not allowed to change my mind!

vets think red is staffy cross labrador, all my dogs are chipped an have there jabs, red is neutered, an we were looking into the girls getting spayed as you can get a voucher to make it cheaper! so i just hope they can see that we are responsible owners!

iv got 2 young kids for heavens sake, i wouldnt keep anything dangerous around them!


Didn't think things cus get any worse! Feel like I'm in a nightmare.

Police will not assist with a move as they feel they shud stay an talk it out with the neighbours, wtf is wrong with this country, I'm not allowed to press charges on a criminal an there is no help for me to get away to safety!

AND I have to get rid of the snakes as they are not included as domestic pets!


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