Had to go to hull via train then to cottongham to sleep clinc, appointment was at 1.15pm . What a day. Feel like am loosing my mind. Started to feel sick on bus at 12.15 finally got off the bus and did the clinic thing. Got out of the clinic ,,,,fesh air was nice then back on the bus again.,,,, It started , yawn after yawn , then huccups , belching started to feel woosey , can't lay down I'm on a bus. Oh no where am I going to be sick, turned to Tim , "Tim I need to be sick ,al have to be sick in my beanie.",,, Managed to hold it down but for thirty minuets it was unreal its not travel sick because I just wanted to pass out and be sick , got off the bus hoping to feel better , did feel better but my vision started going haywire , everything strange sounds get louder crowds disorientate me,, oh this is horrendous I'm so glad I wasn't alone as I would of just burst into tears and phoned a friend . I can't travel alone I can't stand this any longer . I'm almost tripping myself up when I walk I actually look drunk and feel it too. What this condition doesn't bring with it.. Does anyone else feel as bad as this because I feel so embarresed and I can't stand it,, I'd feel better knowing that this is common because I really need to hear from you lot out there. As I feel like I'm loosing my mind. I can't travell on public transport ok. I can only go for so long without this clicking in. Lights in the princess key centre in Hull were sending me haywire and my hole perception just changed . I had no control over it whatsoever . It's like having a different body ,, I want my old one back it worked far better,,,, ,, damn it ,,x

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  • I have a kind of disorientation thing going on which is why I originally went to the docs cos I thought I was dying. I have now discovered that I cant deal with the lights in some shop cos they trigger it. When it comes on I need to just lie down in a quiet room cos like you said the sounds are loader and you cant deal with crowds, I actually told the doc I felt drunk. Sometimes I thought I was having an out of body experience as when I was talking to people it was like I wasnt there. I must point out that I was not on any meds either

  • Also , ,, it's us a weird exspesrience ,, as you saud,,the body does not feel like your own,, and my eyes , who's eyes have I got ,, when it's happening I'm thinking, is it my glasses or what, I took my specks off and it's the same but worse as I need my specks to see,, oh the whole dam things just awful. ,, x

  • O Hi, thanks that's great news, well not great it's awful to feel this way, but great as in,, I'm not alone . I feel faint and sick with it, du feel sick too. Thing is if it happens when your out ,, were du go, and how you get away from it. It's sooo frustrating . Especially when everyone looks at you as if your drunk. Well it's worse than I ever emagined . All this other stuffs going on and ontop of that its like I've got shell shock lol. My mom rang me about five minuets ago explained my day , and she said , Joanne it's sounds like shell shock , we both laughed but seriously it's awful isn't it. I'm wondering what triggered mine maybe the lights on the bus or in hospital . I feel fine as soon as I got home and in my own surroundings . I'm desperate not to become a hermit . Lol ,, back out for sand trip on Monday to take this sleep machine back. Al try travel sick pills, I'm thinking it may help I will let you know ,, and thanks ,, good to hear from you x

  • you've desribed exactly my bad experience on the bus - but was alone..I got off the bus and walked a little way into the car park, maybe 5 steps, and was violently sick. all those sensory things were there but I couldn't see. I sat at the bus stop and asked a young schoolboy to tell me if my bus arrived - he said he was waiting for it too. the bus came and e helped me on and into a seat [I was 55]. he aksed me my stop and said his stop was 2 before mine but he would stay on. I thanked him but said I'd be ok.

    as the bus turned into my road the driver shouted "stay where you are until we stop. I'll help you off."This he did, telling me that the young boy had asked him to, but it was his pleasure.I said I'd wait 'til he'd gone and cross to my house. he took my arm and walked me over! 2 lovely real gents and I don't know what they look like. I crawled into bed and slept.


  • Oh bless you, you poor darling ,, so good to know someone was there for you. It's like another terrible thing that there's no control over. Is it there, allways there at the back of your mind, when you have to go out. It is now with me . I know I want to be prepared . BIG HUG ,, x I know how you must feel. At least I could still see and not alone , I really am lucky I wasn't alone x

  • Sandra,, PS,,,,I also want to add,, this experience must of been pretty scary,, was this your only experience or the first time. ? (

  • that was the worst time.

    I had 2 other times but not that bad.

    luckily, i rarely use the bus now.


  • this is exactly how i am with my migraines, i have had to get off the bus half way home and phone hubby to come and fetch me. If only i was allowed to drive it would make things so much easier but Consultant says "NO"

    take care xx

  • Hi Irisjoy, migraine,, oh no , but will be happier knowing what it is,,, what do you take for them. I don't have a headache bus guess you may not get one with a migraine. Do you feel sick too? ,,, does it happen regular ,, I'm looking into getting a car , I can't drive but Tim will drive . Think it may be worth the expense because I just daren't use public transport all time ., x

  • Aww I'm not alone,, feel a bit tearful , kindof relived am not alone in this , yet another symptom of FM. Phew,, we gotta expect the unexpected I guess . I still feel a bit jumpy ,, ok but bumps and bangs at home right now just make me jump. And am sat here with Gibbs my cat full stretched on my sofa pretty relaxed , so why the jumpiness ,,, I don't know. Thanks people your my new friends out there ,, I know I'm not going mental now x

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