Arrrrgghhhh aarrgghhhhhh!!

I can't believe I'm coming on here to blow a fuse about my counselling session today. I just want to screeaaammmmmmmmm. I won't go into what was said but I feel like I can't keep doing this but I know I have to......aarrgghhhhhhhhhhhhhh. tomorrow I've got my counselling course and I feel like telling everyone to bog off and leave me alone. I'm done with feelings,they are overrated and get in the way! And I'm training to be a counsellor???Its all too heavy!! Am glad my kids have gone to their dads so I can relax(hopefully)and get in a better mood for tomorrow. I am also very very tired. Early night me thinks. I just want to switch off,why hasn't that been invented? A little on off switch when I've had enough for a while. Oh bliss,think I will do some meditation.

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  • Sounds like you have had a frustrating time TM! Perhaps you found out how NOT to be a counsellor today?! Hope tomorrow is better for you anyway, and you are welcome to have a vent on here whenever you choose. It reminds the rest of us that we are not the only ones who battle with frustration ;) Take care and hope you manage to enjoy some quiet time without the children. Jane x

  • take yourself to a quiet beach in your head and imagine nice warm sunshine and a cocktail in hand ...bliss.

    Hope you feel calmer very soon. Gentle huggles :)

  • That switch was invented long ago and is called fibro, it switches your body off for you whenever it feels like. Hope you get some rest xxxxx

  • someone needs to invent a microwave sleep....8 hours worth in just 10 mins, and wake up refreshed....*sighs...if only xx

  • Oh dear I do understand - I had a bad childhood which at 66 I came to terms with long, long ago, and it is not part of my problems. My problems are related to my illnesses and the strange side effects I have from medication which makes my life intolerable, it would make the life of ANYBODY intolerable. But I think counsellors like to hone in on childhood problems because it suits them, I've decided to just tell lies if I have another counselling session and say I had a blissful childhood... Because otherwise counsellors are quite unable to deal with my real problems because they focus on non-existing problems

  • i and everyone who took a counselling corse with me ended up in bits before we got the certificate. You should have a supervisor who you can go and talk to if it gets too much. To be frank we all passed the levels we took but i dont know any of us who went on to do it as a job. I think you have to have the ability to leave all the stuff/ baggage behind you that also includes the clients baggage. i use the skills gain in everyday life but dont charge for the service as i think anyone who needs help shouldnt have to pay the charge as most people who need help cant afford the charges. You need to acess what you want out of it and is it worth continuing loads of people drop ut as its just too heavy to continue.

  • Hi teddysmum43, I am also training to be a Counsellor. I had personal Counselling and then 4 years of psychotherapy on NHS, so am very lucky as all my baggage from childhood etc was dealt with. Even so there are still triggers which luckily I have the tools to deal with. I have seen many students on the course in bits, dropping out etc it is tough going and I do sympathise with you. I have found when I have been angry about issues to do with the course when I have calmed down there is great learning to be had as to how our psyche operates etc. I saw a hypnotherapist for fibro who said the reason my pain was still there was because I was self sabotaging!! Hmm don't think so somehow. I agree with sharonfedup about the charge for private counselling, when I pass I hope to volunteer for a charity. Doing the course has been a god send as I can't physically work but my mind is still alert (although some would say not ha ha) it has distracted me from the pain and kept me motivated. I do hope you are in a better place now. x

  • Thanks for your much valued input everyone. Have been back on the course today and its been awful. I just cannot tell you how awful. I was still so raw from my counselling session yesterday and unfortunately took it with me today. It was massively difficult and things really kicked off at the end of the day leaving us all shocked and upset. The weird thing is with all this emotionally upset my physical pain has been less,I would have thought it would have been horrendous. Still I'm at home with my dogs now with a bottle of wine and a bar of galaxy,it's the only thing I could think of to make things a bit better.

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