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What on earth has happened to Leroy?

What on earth has happened to Leroy?

As some of you may remember, a couple of days ago Dame Moffy kidnapped VG's snake.

We thought all was well, and she was getting the hang of snake-sitting.

But now it seems that the addition of large quantities of white wine to the poor animal's diet has got him even more confused than ever, and he doesn't know whether he's coming or going!

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Leroy Leroy .... Mummy's coming Moffy what have you done with my baby

A) he's changed colour

B) that's not his nice cosy tank it's its :o

C ) he's shrunk he should be 5ft

D) he's outside... Too cold and is he behind a FENCE??????

Sorry Moffy but I am not paying the going rate for snake sitting if this is how you he ends up and where is his head does he even have one .....

OMG you haven't eaten him!!!!!!!!!


No No No! Don't worry - all is well with Leroy, but he's taken the FibroAir flight to Hollywood, where he is to star in 'Snakes on a Plane 2'

I think he got a bit ambitious having spent two days with me, Dame Moffy Housewife Superstar, and he kept winding himself round my Oscar (the trophy, not my latest squeeze!)

I don't know who that poor snake in the photo is - perhaps you could send him to me and I'll see if Leroy can get him a bit part in the film! :D

Love ... Dame Moffy xxxx


Dame Moffy's Ssssnake Sssanctuary and Ssstage Ssschool?


I think we should send Sssuperssspy Sssandra to check it out!


Sssssssssooooo funny it actuslly made ne smikebthru my depression lol


I will reveal all about Leroy as KazF didn't actually believe my RL was as insane as it is on here, fact is here is probably saner....

I let Leroy out yesterday for his exercise, he is a rather greedy plump snake for his breed... Anyway he slithered happily onto the washing machine and sat there waiting for me to do some washing , unfortunately yesterday I wasn't doing any so after about 20 mins he threw a hissy fit and slithered off and decided he was going to sit in the cleaning cupboard, unfortunately his spatial awareness is pretty bad even for a snake , he is convinced he is a sweet little tiny thing and a 5 ft snake into a small cupboard of cleaning products was never going to work and with a crash the cupboard door flew open and out came all my cleaning products tied up in a snake, I had to untangle him from the bottles and as I typed to KazF he was sulking in his tank....

lady VG ( snake charmer )


Well if the snake was seen drinking white wine it probably was from the ground as i dropped 3 bottles! xx


Ha I knew it you got my snake drunk and now I have to take him Snakaholics anon... As we don't drink he's doing cold snakey in his tank

VG :)


That explains the desire to drink cleaning products!

And the sulk!


Eerrmm I am afraid he got the sulk off me .... He does a great impression of me in my I am not amused pose

VG :(


Ah so VG means (Queen) V ictoria Grump then?


Exactly we are also the same age and my OH is called Albert


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