what on earth !!!!!!!!!!

just logged on to say how well the support group went (first meeting today). I was made to feel so welcome and not the only newbie which helped in a weird sort of way! so nice to chat to people and no explanation was necessary about why i couldn't stay sat still for more than 5 minutes which i usually have to do (even with family and friends) but i seem to have logged on in the middle of a hugely difficult time for a member and possible nastiness towards this person hope all calms down soon as the person was the first to reply to something i had wrote and seemed lovely and we all need all the support we can get

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  • How lovely that you have found a support group where you are accepted and understood. Unfortunately I don't believe there are any close enough to where I live but this forum is proving to be a life line to me.

    I am hoping that the recent published apologies will sort out the other matter. I have missed diddles blogs too. All best wishes to you. Jane x

  • So pleased you managed to go and enjoyed the meeting - good for you- the first one is always the worse as a newbie LOL . take care x gins

  • Hope you continue to find this support group supportive, friendly, informative and good craic. Glad you felt well enough to go and long may you continue :-) x

  • Hi how do i find the nearest surport group to me plz im in birmingham soft hugs xx

  • Well done you were brave to go on your own, glad for you that it was a good outcome. I found out about a locla support group a while ago but haven't the confidence to go xx

  • where was your support group i'm based in the north east! x

  • Please click on the link below which will take you to our main site. There is info there about local Support Groups, I hope you find one in your area -


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