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Dismayed. What on earth !!!!

Hi guys. I haven't been on here since I posted last about court case re my sons and to wish Ken well when he was last in hospital. Been very hectic and rather unwell. Came here today to just say hi and chat. What on earth has happened to this forum and being able to speak freely as long as posts adhere to "guidelines" . Never ever in my whole time of being here as a member have I come across such controlling of peoples posts,banning of people,admin,locking of posts. Whatever has happened to our wonderful admin team,lovely,supportive,hardworking team. What's cropped up in their place. Whatever it isn't pleasant to come back to especially when it has always been a forum where I felt amongst like minded people whom I have trusted and shared many harrowing issues with. This is not good. Give us our admin team back !!!!

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A lot of that I blame myself for. I caused a lot of mess and I feel so guilty and horrible about it. I am so genuinely sorry for all of this since I know a good amount of it I am to blame for. My post explains a little bit more about it if you're interested


Harper xx


I missed all the drama!! But ok I'm starting to get an inkling of what went on....hopefully given a few days this will settle back down. x


I agree jfk71 . I'm quite upset about it all at the minute. Not just about the unpleasantness which is bad enough and spoiling the forum, but the shabby way the admins seem to be being treated. All lovely people, and all very sick themselves, so they truly do not deserve this. A sad time indeed 😒😒😒

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Oh dear what has happened if you don't mind me asking? I hope everyone is okay 😊 thinking of you JFK71, how are you doing ?


Hi god the forum.is in upheaval. Posts being locked,people being banned. Arguing,slagging each other off. I don't really know. It seems people thought admin had been sacked and disrespected and treated like crap,plus lifelong members. Then it seems that's not quite what was happening. Then I got sniped at for commenting and apologising if I had got the wrong end of the stick but had literally logged back on that day after some time away. I haven't gone back on. Too ill and don't need the crap and the bickering. How are you doing. Its been some time since I posted there xxx


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