What on earth?!!!! Pain overload

What on earth?!!!! Pain overload

So I dropped my little wee iPad on my foot - I'm only 5'3" it didn't have far to fall. So why on EARTH does my foot tell my brain that it's been cut in half with a blunt hacksaw in the absence of even a local anaesthetic?!!! 😡😡. It lies!! Half an hour later my foot still throbs (apparently it's still attached, I checked) and my brain thinks there's been a major disaster and flooding me with adrenaline and the shakes?!! What is up with that? My body is not my own, is what it feels like 😳

On a lighter note here are some homegrown NZ raubritter roses for you all ❤️

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  • Fibromyalgia seems to magnify the pain of any little bump. I hope your pain calms down soon.

  • Well - it's stupid 😟 Stupid thing to have to suffer and it just shouldn't be allowed eh.

  • So sorry....have you tried putting your foot in hot/cold water....may help!!

  • It has been proved that a bit of a swear really helps, as long as little ears aren't around of course!

    Lovely roses and I envy you about to go into summer in NZ


  • Hi Kay oooh yes definitely some good old kiwi swearing occurred and little one was well asleep by then luckily 😊 I rubbed it down with kawakawa ointment (natural maori herbal ointment) and that seemed to soothe it. Probably mind over matter there but hey it helped 👍😁

  • Gorgeous flowers, sorry your foot feels so horribly. I am so clumsy, I totally understand, I hate when I do something to make myself hurt more.

    Now sure what helps that. My dad always told me if it isn't broken, walk it off, he said it worked the pain out. Not sure that would work in this situation. :)

    Good luck ××

    hope it feels better soon. ××

  • Lol your dad's a wise man - that's pretty much how I deal with most everything - walk or garden it off 😁

  • ouch. I managed to get my bad foot caught up in my laptop. Smacked down on my foot and it felt like it was broken for a good fortnight so I feel your pain. I hope you feel better soon x

  • Ouch Leemaree44 It's unbelievable pain, isn't it. I remember years ago dropping an ashtray on my foot & could walk on it for a week, it was so painful I went to hospital because I was sure I had broken a bone, so I do sympathize with you. I hope it feels better very soon and the flowers are gorgeous, what a lovely pink.

    Peace, luv n light

    Jan x

  • I genuinely hope that your foot is feeling now my friend.

  • Lol thx 😊 I have a pretty big bruise for such a tiny accident and that itself is pretty sensitive. So I just don't touch it 😁

  • Good luck my friend (just noticed that I missed a word out my previous post?) :)

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