Do you and if yes... What do you buy your pets for Christmas

I have a snake,,, what to get him. My son suggested a larger rat, but I pointed out he might choke ... My OH who the snake hates and I am sure the feeling is mutual suggested a collar with a bell so he would know where the snake was when he is let out..... I am hoping he was joking... Where would you put a collar on a snake... Any ideas .... And what is your pet getting for Christmas???

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  • Trust you to have a snake VG lol! ;)

    We are quite boring here, only have two little doggies lol! Nothing too outrageous lol! We always buy them a doggy stocking full of treats and toys each. They know the minute we hang their stockings up on the wall along with the family's that there are goodies in there. I love watching their excitement, they go crazy whenever we are near the stockings! It's become a lovely part of our Christmases! :)


  • I don't buy a stocking as its a waste of time because most of them have a toy in them and she doesn't play with them as she's to I just buy lots of different sorts of treats and wrap them up,maybe you could buy some sort of thing that your snake can hide in or climb up,something different for its aquarium...Julie xx

  • Hehe. Yeah I know I just had to be different.... PB I am going to suggest that idea to my OH...he will no doubt suggest a guillotine ornament, but I shall save my poor liitle well not so little snake,,,, he is 5ft long and peruse the Internet for tank ornaments, he has 3 in his tank but can't get into one so a new one could well be in his stocking ..or skin if he decides to shed at Christmas

    VG x

  • 5' long, oh my goodness I need a lie down lol! :O xxx

  • your not the only one lol .... he's bigger than me!!

  • love this post ! so funny whats his /hr name ? i used to work at gatwick zoo as keeper b4 it closed and looked after a very big snake too but she was lovely a big softy! so lovely u have an unusual pet and one that keeps the oh in check!!!;) lol x

  • Oh my so it was you cavorting with the snake on facebook. I am still amazed wondering if VG has actually achieved a mamoth spoof! If not well I like snakes so warm an silky like stroking velvet however 5 ft is a big un. Now for christmas your lovely pet called ........... would like a christmas hat to wear and a feast of mice yum yum.

    Are the shed skins beautiful or are they just a pile of skin.?

    come on VG you will have to tell all whyt and where did youi get her it is her?

    My pets are very tame this year I have just two wonderful dogs who I am potty bout


  • It's a male he is very protective of me , he comes when I call him he is called Leroy, my son named him after a red snake in a cartoon he saw.... I can do anything with him, he even nuzzles my cheek with his head, my OH goes anywhere near and Leroy darts his head forward I think he knows my OH is wary and teases him....

    It's only a corn snake we were told in captivity they grow between 2-3 ft long , unfortunately no one thought to tell our snake, so we had to upgrade tanks more than we thought

    VG x

  • Shed skins are not very pretty just clear with a scale pattern and he usually does a poo in it just for good measure, but you are welcome to come clean him out when he sheds gins, waits with antibacterial cloths and plastic gloves , sorry I don't know about any snake on Facebook ... Looks guilty I don't have a Facebook account....

    VG x

  • Ahh why did I get him, they eat once a week, poo once a week and are quiet and friendly, I was told when we bought him you will lose him around the house and you will get bitten a couple of times until he gets to know you, he has never gotten lost or bitten anyone and is happy to be handled by anyone perfect pet for me

    VG x

  • *shudder* ... I don't do reptiles or spider ..... brr cold shiver down my back at the thought.

    Anyway, I have the wonderful Tara (dog) and the lovely fishes so the fishes can have some bloodworms for xmas dinner and maybe an algae wafer for pudding ... they can have some peas aswell if Tara doesn't eat them all!!

    Tara have a sensitive tummy so no stocking for her but she does often get a new toy or a couple of her favourite treats.

    I don't really do xmas

  • Hi VG we have a little recue yorkie, he loves T Shirts and Jimjams,he even has a Tuxedo he wore to a friends wedding. He goes mad if I say lets get your T shirt ,sits and puts paws up to put it on then runs round showing off lol :-) At night I say right off to bed then and he gets me his jimjams and runs up the sofa to get them on....he is so comical. When we first got him he was 4 and never even knew his name or what treats were...I thought he was deaf. He never even knew walkies! ;-)

    He also has a plastic Mobile phone he used to grab it and plonk it in my ,lap and I would pretend to talk to my daughters dog on it! and he would sit and listen and wait,soon as I said bye then, he would jump up and kiss the phone with a nudge so sweet. My daughters dog died unexpectedly one day , and I was with her ! From that day to this he has never bought me the phone. As if he knew. :-)

    We have a santa suit and a reindeer suit for him and some yes he is spoilt but he is such good company,and if I need my OH and he is outside or in another room he will go and get him. He nudges him and runs off in my direction lol. mumbling under his breath. :-)

    Hope your snake has a lovely pressy.

    Big hugs

    Rainbow x x x

  • Getting my dog another bed for the lounge as she loves laying infront of the open fire.

    She's currently on a sleepover at the vets hospital as has been a bit poorly and worried us, frothy vomit, lethargy and a bad bum ....currently on a drip to rehydrate...we're lost without her

  • I hope she's better really soon Mumof5, that's so sad to hear! Our pets are so precious to us aren't they. One of our dogs had similar symptoms with heatstroke two years ago, it wasn't even a particularly hot day, no sun. We almost lost him. He was put on a drip, rehydrated and they saved him! They can work wonders! I have my fingers' crossed for you, I am wishing her well for you. Try not to worry too much.

    (((hug))) xxx

  • Fingers crossed that all will go well and that your dog gets back home soon. It's horrible when pets are sick and you feel oh so helpless. She will be home before you know it! Good luck! xx

  • I couldnt get her out of her bed earlier and usually you can't stop her bouncing all over. I was trying to move her and her bed was sliding instead...she's a springer and very lively and only 4...she's a real baby too and loves cuddles and waits for us all at different home times....she also knows all her toys by name and will get the right one every time. Vets have said she should be fine but will call us if any change over night. If we loose her my husband would go to pieces

  • I have a cat and this year I've bought him a stocking full of treats and a toy. Last year I bought him an advent calendar, so he got treats every day leading up to Christmas and a toy on Christmas day. He was very disappointed when there was nothing to open on Boxing day! LOL

    I haven't seen the calendars this year or he might have had another one.

  • I have no idea what you could get Leroy unless you buy him an extra bag od pinkies or something(or whatever they are fed on lol). Every pet we have ever had makes it onto the gift list. Right now we have Rambo(by name and nature) and he gets a whole box of new stuff. The only trouble with that is when he was a baby our daughter would confiscate a toy if he tore it to shreds, he learnt well and never wrecks anything. The result of that is he now has full size recycling bin full of toys, a bin bag full of spares upstairs and more for Xmas. Our cockatiel will get a nice new mirror and a honey coated seed stick. Our house sparrow(yes that is what I said) with get a new cage toy as he loves to play on the cage floor with them and a tasty seed ring, job done xxxxx

  • LEROY!!! What a cracking name for a snake VG, how on earth did you come up with a great name like that, I am giggling so much I am almost spilling my cuppa here lol! Oh that's a marvellous name! :D

    Please don't tell me you let Leroy sleep on your bed at night VG, he's not a constrictor type is he, the mind boggles! :O :P

    (((hug))) xxx


  • Alright ... I relented. Tara has a new teddy for xmas ... it has a squeaker in it's belly :P

  • I've just ordered our two dogs, a rope toy with four sausages so they can drive us all nuts over Christmas dragging each other round the house, bless them lol! ;) xxx

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